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Bill Stanford's house, South Amboy, NJ,

Dad and Kevin were outside making a barbeque and Gloria and I were talking.

"Maybe you are," Gloria said.

"Maybe I'm what?" I asked confused.

"Pregnant," Gloria said staring at my stomach.

Twenty-five minutes later,

I came out of the toilet.

"Well?" Gloria asked.

"I'm not pregnant," I said.

"Oh Vi," she said pulling me into a hug. "I'm sorry."

"Come on, let's go eat dinner."

Ten minutes later,

"What job do you do Kevin?" Bill Stanford asked as he watched the young Australian man swallow some beef.

"I do a wide range of jobs sir," Kevin said being as honest as he could.

"Such as?" Bill asked starring Kevin in the eye.

"Dad!" I snapped. "Kevin does a wide range of jobs, it's not necessary to know what he does."

"I was checking that he wasn't an escort sweetheart," Dad said looking at me.

Gloria and Kevin both burst into laughter.

"Dad! Kevin is not an escort," I said rolling my eyes.

"What are your intentions to my daughter?" Bill asked.

"I love your daughter Sir, and I'm here to ask your permission to marry her," he said looking at dad before looking at me.

"That's fine," Dad said before looking at me. "Violet, what do you think?"


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"What are you doing here?" Kevin asked the man.

"I was in New York and I thought I'd stop by and see how you were," the strange guy said. "Who is that?" he asked indicating in my direction.

Kevin pulled me over to the strange guy.

"Violet, meet Jake Andrews, he's like a big brother to me. Jake, meet my girlfriend Violet Stanford."

"Nice to meet you," he said looking me up and down with a suggestive look on his face.

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