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Sakura sat nervously on the train. A new city. A new home. A new school. Hopefully new friends. She fidgeted with the edge of her school blazer. The uniform is ok she thought. The skirt was gray with pleats, and the top was a white blouse with a green tie that had the Leaf Village symbol at the bottom in red stitching. To complete the uniform the school blazer was a green that matched the tie and also bore a small leaf symbol on the left side. Sakura wore gray knee socks with a pair of black low top converses.

'At least this green doesn't contradict my hair.' she said to herself.

Atop the 16 year olds' head was shoulder length pastel pink hair. She shuddered as she thought about the red sailor style uniform of her last high school. Still though, my old school. My old home. My old friends. My old boyfriend.

'Well there's really nothing I can do about that now.' she said to herself sighing heavily.

She tried remember the train stop number the secretary at the school told her was the one for her school. Not wanting to make her mom worry, any more than usual she said she didn't need her to go with her the first day. Her mom seemed so stressed lately. She now wished she had paid more attention when they went to register her yesterday. There was so much to remember, plus with moving, and unpacking, Sakura decided not to let her mom see how nervous she was, her mom was stressed and nervous enough for the both of them. While deep in thought she didn't even notice the two boys approaching her from the back.

She let out a small gasp as two heads appeared on both sides of her.

"Oi, are you new?" said one voice in her left ear.

"She's gotta be, who at our school has hair THAT color?" said the voice in her right ear.

The new girl turned to her left and noticed a blonde boy with gigantic blue eyes and whisker type birthmarks across his cheeks. Her mouth still open she turned to the left to notice a larger build auburn hair colored boy. He also had birthmarks on his plump cheeks that looked like a swirls and crumbs around his mouth. Both boys were wearing the male version of her school uniform, with gray pants instead of a skirt.

"Hey Shika, it's real, you owe me ten bucks," said the larger boy while tugging on a few strands of Sakura's hair.

Sakura let out a slight yell, as the boy pulled her hair, causing several passengers to turn around and look at the teen riders. A group of older women shook their heads in disapproval of the group.

'Does he not know how long it takes a girl to do her hair?' she thought angrily. She jerked her head away from his hand and was about to let him have it, when the pair of boys strolled away to the back of the train. Her eyes followed the two thought robbers to a group of four other boys that took up two rows of seats.

One was taller than the other two, with dark hair that stood up everywhere. He was wearing shades and had iPod headphones in his ears. Since Sakura couldn't see his eyes, she could not tell if he was staring at her or past her. His uniform fit him nicely in contrast to the blonde's, who was missing a tie and the open coat revealed a wrinkled shirt. Ahh there's his tie Sakura noticed it dangling out of his coat pocket.

Beside him leaning back staring at the roof of the train was a boy with high ponytail, that looked like a pineapple on the top of his head. Because of the way he was leaning back in the seat Sakura couldn't tell how tall he was. He was holding out money for the larger boy as he walked through the aisle. His tie was loosely done around his neck, as if he had given up on even finishing tying it.

In the seat across the aisle was a boy who looked completely opposite of the other four boys. His uniform was neat and pressed. He wore a headband around his forehead that kept his long chestnut brown hair out of his face. The weirdest thing about him was his eyes. They were almost clear and his skin was slightly lighter than the others. He appeared to be reading and not really paying attention to the others. Wonder what book that is she thought quickly.

"Uzumaki," he began. "Sit down you idiot." The blonde glared at him but obeyed.

Sakura's eyes followed to the last guy of the group. His skin was tanned and on his cheeks were burgundy triangular birthmarks. His hair was a dark brown and his build was slightly larger than the weird eye guy's. He was staring directly at Sakura. He wore no tie and the top button on his shirt was undone. The leaf village symbol on each young man's uniform blazer had a family crest carefully stitched on top of it making the coats stand out from Sakura's.

Still slightly angry about having her hair pulled, Sakura did the best she could to show an irritated look at the group. Subconsciously she knew it had no effect on them, but she didn't want to them to think she could be pushed around. What a bunch of freaks she thought, turning back around. In reality she mused, they weren't any different or odd looking than her old friends.

'Don't think of them,' she repeated. Every girl in school must be so happy to have a shot at Gaara now that she was gone. Stupid girls. They broke up months before Sakura moved, but because her circle of friends was THE circle no girl dared to even show interest. The train began to slow as one of the stops appeared.

"Hey noob, you gonna get off or what?" the blonde said with a laugh in his voice, as he and his friends passed her.

The train jerked when it came to a stop, and tossed Sakura forward. Turning to try and regain her balance and keep her bag from spilling, she felt a hand on her elbow pulling her back upright. Surprised, she looked up to find the boy with the weird eyes, holding on the her.

"A-a-arigato" she stumbled over her words and could feel the heat rise to her face.

'Oh great, new school, same clumsy Sakura,' her inner voice screamed.

"Looks like the noob is a little clumsy" chuckled the Swirl boy.

Weird eyes released his grip and continued toward the exit of the train with the rest of his friends.

"I have a name, and it's not noob!" she shouted back.

The entire group stopped and turned to face her. They looked at each other and smiled.

"Looks like the noob also has a spine." said Triangle boy. The boys began to laugh as they stepped down off the train.

"And yells as loud as my mom too!" retorted Pineapple guy. The entire group nodded in agreement laughing.

Sakura was fuming, but knew she needed to keep up with the group in order to get to the school without getting lost. School was normally the place she felt most comfortable. She was smart and liked to learn and to read. Her old group of friends teased her often about being the 'smart one.' She took an advance math and science classes, and had always made A's in her other classes. She really didn't expect that to change here, even though school had started a month ago. Catching up would not be a problem. The school was the same size as her old one, but her horrible sense of direction made her worry that she wouldn't make it to most of her classes. The gang of boys veered over toward the left of the building, while Sakura continued to walk in the front door.

'Room 203. Room 203. Room 203.', repeated Inner Sakura. She really didn't want to look like a total noob carrying around a schedule, so she memorized it.

203 means second floor, and she followed the crowd to what she thought was the stairwell.

'Oh great, good job Sakura, it's the gym. Stupid crowd mentality.' frowned Inner Sakura. Turning and to retrace her steps, Sakura walked in the opposite direction. After a few minutes of twists and turns she found the stairwell. While walking through the crowd Sakura received several "new girl" stares.

'Second Floor, Yes!' cheered Inner Sakura.

'How the hell am I going to remember that tomorrow?' she questioned herself.

'225. 226. 227. Why are the numbers getting higher? Crap. I'm on the wrong end of the school. I bet.'

The hallways were crowded with students who knew where they were going, and now the bell rang. Stupid pride stopped her from getting the tour yesterday.

'Noooo let's show mom we're independent. She doesn't have to worry about us. What the hell was I thinking? More importantly what the hell was she thinking? She knows how easy I get lost.'

'I wonder if I could go home and just start again tomorrow?' she pondered. The halls were emptying and Sakura just stood there trying to decide whether to stay or go.

'Just pull out the map. There's no one around, to see you.' Inner Sakura pointed out.

'Aren't you the one who told me we didn't need the tour?' questioned the lost student.

'Since when did you start listening to me? Remember I told you NOT to break it off with Gaara.' the voice teased. 'If we are still out here when the class ends, who's going to be the one looking stupid.'

'I hate you sometimes.' answered Sakura as she pulled out the map and her schedule. Her nose buried in the map she hardly noticed the boy approaching her.

"Excuse me, do you have a hall pass?" came a voice into her thoughts.

"Uh what?" Sakura replied looking confused, and just noticing the boy. He was tall, over six feet she guessed. Black hair that was cut in a bowl shape, brushed the top of his unusually bushy eyebrows. His tone was friendly, but authoritative at the same time.

"A hall pass. Wait, are you new to our school?"

"Yes, what gave it away, the map, the schedule, or the hair?" Sakura asked smiling.

"All three actually. I am Lee." he smiled back offering her his hand.

Sakura reached out to shake his hand in return.

"I'm Haruno, Sakura."

"A fitting name for you." he said pointing to the cherry blossomed colored hair on her head.

"Could you show me where room 203 is please?" Sakura sucked down her pride and asked.

"Not a problem. This way." Lee gave her a thumbs up sign and began to lead Sakura down the hallway.

Going through the double doors Sakura noticed the numbers to the classroom was decreasing. Lee was chatting about the different clubs and organizations the school offered. Sakura asked if there was a swim team at the school.

"No, we do not have a swim team here." Lee answered apologetically. "Sakura, would you like to have lunch with me and my friends?"

"Uh yeah, That's sounds good." she answered, slightly relieved. One of her concerns was manipulating the cafeteria.

"Well that's not a nice Noob. Telling us you'd have lunch with us and then making plans with another guy." a deep voice said from behind.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Naughty Noob." a second voice mocked.

Lee and Sakura turned and were face to face with Triangle Boy and Shades Dude.

"What are you two doing in the hallways?" Lee asked in an authoritative voice.

"Shino, what do you think we should do to the little Noob?" Triangle boy said.

Shino, Sakura thought, well I guess that sounds better than Shades Dude. Looking them over Sakura noticed the family crests on the coats more closely. Shino's had a pair of wings intertwined with a gourd. Triangle Boy's was a fang with a word written in an older verison of hiragana script wrapped around it she couldn't understand. Ah! A fang, not triangle. Sakura said to herself, a bug, a dog? These crests are old. What clan could they be from?

"Hn." replied Shino.

Sakura noticed the earphones were still in his ears. Wonder what he's listening to?

"Inuzuka, Abarame, you still have not answered my question? Where are your hall passes?" Lee demanded.

"Calm down Lee. We have them here." Fang boy answered. Flashing two passes in front of the hall monitor's face.

"Why don't we just take her off your hands?" Shino asked, walking between the two.

"Yeah she is going to the junior hall anyway." Fang boy laughed and grabbed Sakura's arm leading her away from her guide.

"Wait!" yelled Lee to the students.

"Lee, you know better than yelling in the halls, you're a hall monitor." Fang boy said wiggling his index finger on his free hand in a disapproving manner. Shino shook his head in disappointment. Sakura tried to hold back a laugh. She felt comfortable with the boys for some odd reason, and began to walk with the duo.

Fang Boy turned and called back to the monitor, "She'll have to take a rain check on that lunch."

The trio walked through another set of double doors, Shino took Sakura's class schedule and began to read it.

"Looks like we've got another Shika." he said looking over Sakura's head. The pair of boys were both tall, maybe 5'11" or 6 feet, Shino being the taller of the two. He wasn't as built as Fang boy, but had a muscular frame. She also noticed a small bug crawling on him.

"Really? She doesn't look that lazy. I mean she is actually carrying notebooks to class." Looking more at Fang boy, Sakura realized his teeth even looked like fangs. He was also still holding on to her arm, and Sakura began to pull away. However he was not ready to let go.

"Homeroom?" Fang boy asked.

"Ours. First, Advanced Math, senior hall with Ibiki Morino, Second, English, junior hall with Kakashi Hatake, Third, History, junior hall, Iruka Umino, Fourth, Advanced Physics, senior hall Kurenai Yuuhi, lunch, then Fifth through Seventh Ninja Arts/Physical Training, Dojo, Gai Maito/Itachi Uchiha."

"Ninja Arts? You sure?" Fang boy looked over at him with doubt, then down at the short girl in between them.

"Hn." answered the other boy, returning the uncertain look.

"Uh, I really appreciate this escort, but I do know how to walk." Sakura said jerking her arm away. Not realizing how tightly he was holding her, Sakura stumbled a little. Both boys reached out to catch her.

"Yeah, I see you've got walking down about as well, as your ability to find your class." Fang boy laughed.

Sakura knew she was beet red, and looking down on her sleeve she noticed three bugs walking down her arm.

"Do these belong to you?" She asked turning to Shino, holding her arm out.

The two boys exchanged a look over her head, as the bugs began to fly back to his arm.

"What did you think I was going to scream? It's just a bug." Sakura said hoping that confidence would overshadow the big trip she just took.

'OMG OMG get 'em off get 'em off!! Who the hell carries freakin bugs around?' screamed Inner Sakura as she ran around Sakura's mind.

"Let's go." Fang boy said pushing her into a classroom.

Taken off guard Sakura began to move backwards. She managed to look at the number of the room on the wall and relaxed when she saw 203. That is when she noticed a class full of eyes staring at her and the two young men in the doorway.

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