This chapter contains rape

This chapter contains rape. If you can't handle it, I suggest you come back when chapter 2 is posted.

It was the night of graduation for Harry, Ron and Hermione. The close friends had survived seven years of school and they were ready to start their lives in the world outside the walls of Hogwarts'

"We did it Harry! We actually did it!" Ron yelled as he jumped in the air like a giddy kid at Christmas.

Harry could do nothing but laugh at Ron's actions. Harry was happy to be graduating as well, but not to the extent Ron was. Hermione on the other hand was not as happy in the least. She had passed with top grades as expected, but didn't want to leave Hogwarts'. It was her home for the most part, at least the only place she felt she belonged, despite the names she had been called over the years.

She congratulated her fellow classmates with fake smiles and happiness before quickly finding Harry and Ron so she could take her leave.

"Guy's I'm going back to my room, I want to spend as much time here as possible before we leave." She stated after they gave her a congratulatory hug.

Harry and Ron couldn't understand why she was so down about the situation, after all, most were glad to be done with school.

"Want us to walk you back?" asked Harry.

"No, I'm going to walk the grounds a bit first, then I'll head to my room." She replied

Neither Ron nor Harry were thrilled with the idea of her walking the grounds alone, considering Voldemort was still out there, but in her mood, they were not ready for a fight and as it stood, Hogwarts' was a secured area and presumed safe.

Both relented rather quickly and gave her a final hug before she left for her walk.

She had been walking the grounds for about 15 minutes when she decided to go towards the lake. The lake was a place she found she could relax and reflect on thing without any interruptions. She finally reached the lake and sat down, thinking of her future.

"Where do I go from here? What happens next?" She asked herself as she gazed out to the water.

She didn't have her parents anymore, Death Eaters had taken care of that last year. She had no real family to go to and the burrow was just way too crowded. Hermione was so lost in thought that she didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind her.

She stood to go back to the castle when she was grabbed from behind. The person who had her was way stronger then she was, and by being taken by surprise, she didn't have time to grab her wand from her pocket to defend herself.

"If you want to survive this night, I suggest you listen to me carefully" a deep voice whispered in her ear. "We will be going on a little trip as you are needed for two reasons by the dark lord, If you want to live through this, I suggest you don't try anything funny, are we understood?"

He had his hand over her mouth so all she could do was nod in agreement. She was scared to death, the man had disgusting breath and his hand spelled like a bathroom.

'What would Voldemort need with me?' was all she could think about. The man gripped her tightly, took her wand from her back pocket and started for the gates so they could apparate away.


Snape was finally sitting in the sanctuary he call his rooms, after only staying at the Graduation long enough for it to be over with. To him, graduation was just another day and with each Graduation, a new group of dunderheads made their way into his life.

As he took a sip of his Fire whiskey, his arm started burning. He ran to his wardrobe and pulled out his mask and robes, and within minutes he apparated to face Voldemort.

When Snape arrived he was met with twenty or so death eaters at the entrance "Come Severus, the dark lord is waiting for you."

Snape couldn't see his face but could tell by the voice that it was Lucius Malfoy. The group

Walked into a dimly lit room where Voldemort was sitting on his throne like chair. Severus spared no time and made his way over to him, where he bowed and kissed the hem of his robes.

"Stand Severus" Voldemort hissed

Snape quickly rose, not daring to look up. Voldemort stood and started to walk around him.

"I have my doubts about you Severus, I've been told some information that leads me to question your loyalty."

Severus stiffened slightly "My lord, I can assure you my loyalties lie with you." He replied calmly.

Voldemort listened to Snape carefully, looking for any signs that he was lying and found none.

"Well then, Am I to believe you would prove it to me?"

Severus answered without hesitation " Yes my Lord".

"Very well then, bring in the girl" Voldemort shouted.

Two big men walked in carrying a very frightened Hermione. They walked to the front of Snape and sat her down at his feet.

"I have picked this girl for two reasons, one to prove your loyalty and two, so she can relate my

message to Potter."

Snape was calm on the outside but horrified on the inside. He didn't want to hurt the girl he educated for 7 years, she was the smartest girl he had seen in years, anything he would have to do would destroy her, it was such a waste to have to harm her.

"Severus, you are to have your way with Ms. Granger, we will all be watching to ensure you don't go easy on her."

At hearing this, Hermione was screaming on the inside but she knew he had to do it or they would both be killed. She looked into his eyes and with a nod only noticeable to Severus, she was telling him she knew he had to do it.

Severus pushed her to the ground, unzipped his trousers and descended on top of her. His hair was falling to the sides of his face where the only person who could see it was Hermione.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered as he ripped her knickers from her shaking body and positioned himself at her center. She gave another small nod and he pushed into her, hard and fast. He instantly knew she was a virgin, which made him hate having to do this even more.

She was crying from the pain. When he had entered her, she was dry and her body completely unprepared for the assault that was taking place. He did everything he could to make it end quickly for her sake and within minutes, he spilled into her.

He pulled out as quickly as he entered her and stood. Leaving her crying on the cold ground.

"Very well Severus, you have proven your loyalty, you may go" The Dark Lord hissed with an evil grin.

He gave one last glance to Hermione who was obviously in pain and bleeding but knew he could do nothing. He then apparated away hoping she understood everything that had taken place.

Hermione was pulled into a standing position within seconds of Severus' departure.

"Miss Granger" Voldemort started "Tell Potter to be ready for me in 2 weeks time, it will only be the two of us dueling." and with that the men grabbed her tighter and apparated her back to Hogwart's.

The men released her by roughly throwing her to the ground, followed by her wand. They disappeared with a pop before she could use it against them.

She finally made her way back to the castle after composing herself, limping slightly from the soreness between her legs. She didn't tell anyone of the rape, but only told Dumbledore and Harry the message Voldemort sent her with. She had refused to be seen at The Hospital Wing and made her way back to her room, all she wanted was to be left alone so she could figure things out.

She still hadn't cried since the actual act happened. She knew it wasn't Snape's fault, but the event was still traumatizing to her and allowing tears would show her weakness more so then she already had. Deciding she needed to just go away for a while, get away from the wizarding world, awkward questions that were sure to follow and anything relating to Voldemort, she pulled out paper and a quill and quickly wrote a note to Harry and Ron.

Dear Harry and Ron,

I need to go away for a while, I can't go into details, but its something I must do. Please be careful while fighting Voldemort. I will be praying for you but I know you will be victorious. Remember I love the both of you and will be back as soon as I am ready. I will be checking up on you both while I'm gone. I love you both with all my heart.

Love Hermione

She folded the letter neatly, packed up her things and left Hogwarts. She knew Harry was going to win this war and only hoped she could be back soon enough to comfort him and help him heal from the after shocks of the battle.