Snape waited in his rooms, pacing back and forth hoping she would come to him. He kept looking at the clock and waiting "The meeting must be over by now." he thought to himself.

He left his rooms in search of Hermione, he had to make sure she was physically okay from the attack on her body. He knew she had been a virgin and he didn't even have a chance to prepare her for what happened. She was dry as the desert and he knew he had torn her when he entered.

He searched for hours but had no success. He finally gave up and went back to his rooms for the night, he would talk to her in the morning.

The next morning he found Ron and Harry sitting in The Great Hall alone. The students were leaving today and he had to find out where she was because she certainly wasn't at breakfast.

He approached the duo in his usual manner. "Potter, can I speak with you?" Harry glanced over to Ron and stood to follow Snape.

Once out of ear shot Snape started to speak "I need to speak with Miss Granger, tell me where she is."

Harry shook his head and pulled out the letter he found that morning, handing it to the Professor.

"I have no clue where she went or why, but if you know anything tell me."

Snape took and read the letter with a sigh, he handed the letter back and shrugged "I don't know why she would leave early or where she would go." and with that, Snape turned and went back to his rooms.

A year had passed since that night. Snape searched for months and after about 8, he finally gave up.

She didn't want to be found, that much was obvious and the only news he heard was from the order. She had apparently sent Harry a letter once a month but never said where she was or when she was coming back.

Harry had indeed won the war against Voldemort and everyone thought she would come back directly afterwards, but to everyone's disappointment, she didn't.


She had decided to go back, she needed her friends, she needed support and she needed her life back. She was tired of hiding, tired of being alone with the exception of a sleeping 3 month old baby

boy with dark black hair.

That night had been a nightmare for her, she was violated in a way she never thought possible and it cut into her deeply. It wasn't Snape's fault and she realized that, she didn't have any hard feelings towards him either but until now, she wanted to just forget it ever happened.

She had planned to go back after Harry won, but when she discovered she was pregnant, she

just couldn't face anyone and she was certain that Snape wouldn't want anything to do with the baby. It

had been a year since the incident and she had gone through the pregnancy without support of anyone but herself.

She had taken care of a baby by herself for the last 3 months, getting little sleep, and very small amounts of nourishment. She needed to go back and she knew it. She was having trouble supporting the two of them and her health was declining readily.

She shrunk all hers and the babies things and put them in the trunk. She had managed to save money over the last year to get herself a place. She knew she had to pull herself together for the sake of the baby.

Hermione went into Hogsmead, needing to pick up a few things before she started the search for a

place. The baby boy she name Orias was sound asleep wrapped in her arms. She looked down and smiled, despite the way it happened, she had recieved a wonderful gift from that night and she knew it.

The first place she stopped was the book store. Orias woke when she opened the door and the bell

jingled. He looked up to his mom with those big black eyes she had grown to love.

"Are you hungry baby?" she asked in a soft voice. She walked over to a chair to sit, pulling a bottle from the diaper bag she was carrying. Orias gladly took the bottle as Hermione stroked his soft black hair, completely unaware of the steel gray eyes that were watching.

Draco walked over to Hermione, "Granger, where the hell did you vanish to?" he asked while looking down to the baby in her arms.

Hermione had called a sort of truce with Draco two weeks before school ended.

" I had to clear my head for a while, it just took a little longer then expected." she replied while attempting to cover some of Orias's features.

Draco didn't need to ask, one look at the baby and he knew who the father was, the question was how. It did however explain why his god father search for her for so long without telling anyone why.

Draco fixed his eye's on her once again "where are you staying now that your back?"

Hermione just smiled at him, "I'm actually looking for a place as we speak, just needed to make a few

stops first."

Draco knew that if he let her get away and Severus found out, he would be furious.

"Listen Granger, I still live in the manor, but do have a little apartment that I would be willing to rent to you, if your interested of course." Hermione was delighted, Malfoy or not, she wouldn't have to search for a place, baby in arms. She agreed quickly and he took the 2 to the apartment.

"I'll leave you to unpack, and let me know if you need anything." Normally he would stay but he had a few questions for his god father that he couldn't wait to ask.

Draco got to Hogwart's and went straight for the dungeons. He knocked of the door to Severus's

rooms. Snape answered the door and Draco barged in, not waiting for the invite.

"What is the meaning of this Draco?" Snape asked, irritated at the boy for just waltzing in.

"Tell me the truth, why were you searching for her?" Draco said in a slightly angry voice

Severus knew instantly who he was talking about "Why Draco, is it important?" now Snape was more

curious then upset.

"She came back today and I found her in the book store" he paused for a minute "She has a baby, Severus, a baby boy with black hair and black eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that the baby is yours, but I need to know how and why it happened."

Severus was shocked to the core, a baby, his baby, he needed a drink.

"Sit, and I'll explain" he said in a troubled voice. Severus told Draco the entire story, and to say the least, Draco ended up with a drink as well.

"Do you know where she is?" Snape asked

Draco nodded, "she and the baby are living in my apartment, I rented it to her today."

Still in shock at the news of a baby, he was at least happy he would have the chance to talk to her.

"I'm going there tomorrow, I need to talk to her and find out if the baby is really mine. This may be the

only chance I have to be a father." Draco nodded and stood to leave Snape quarters. " Thanks Draco,

for leading me to her." with another nod he left the dungeons.