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Severus wasted no time in bringing Hermione closer to him and pulling her into a long, passionate kiss, pouring all of his emotion and love for her into it for all to see. There were people crying, some whistling while others just watched in disbelief at the potions professor showing the type of emotions he was.

"I now introduce you to Mr. And Mrs. Severus Snape" Dumbledore announced, enticing the crowd into cheers as The newly remarried couple continued to kiss, forgetting everyone in the area around them.


"NOW!!!! are you serious?" Draco yelled in a panic as Ginny held her stomach.

"I'm no scientist, but I'm sure I know when my water breaks." she replied

"But were supposed to get married tomorrow! Tell the baby to wait."

"You tell him." she laughed

"Ginny, this is serious. Stay here and don't move, I need to get Severus."

Draco ran down the halls at rocket speeds, practically slamming into Severus's door as he skid to a stop.

"Open up!!! Ginny's having the baby." he shouted, glad that the rest of the students were home for summer break. The door flung open revealing a very stresses looking Severus.

"I have my own problems right now Draco" he said, pointing to Hermione, who was also holding her stomach.

"Her too?" Draco asked shocked.

"Yes, now go get Ginny and bring her here, we will go to St.Mungos together." Severus ordered, practically slamming the door on Draco when Hermione started to moan again. Draco took off again, but went to get Dumbledore instead of going right back to Ginny.

The old woman held Orias, doing her best to calm Severus down. "Orias will be fine with me, I took care of you when you were a child, I hardly think another Snape will be to much trouble." the nanny stated. Severus gave a quick nod and started running around his chambers again, making sure they had everything Hermione needed. He dug through the bag, making a mental list of everything.

"Okay, we have Knickers, two night gowns, socks, out fit for baby, books, pink bear, slippers, brush." he said to himself, trying to think of anything they were missing.

"Severus, the baby isn't playing, I think she's in a hurry." Hermione called from the living room, giving Orias a few kisses before they left.

A knock came at the door again and when the nanny opened it, she let out a laugh. Draco had carried Ginny all the way down to the dungeons, refusing to let her walk.

"The baby wont fall out you know." the woman commented

"I know that." Draco replied, "But I want him to stay in as long as possible. Dumbledore is going to Marry us when we get to the hospital, I don't want this baby born out of wedlock."

The conversation was interrupted as they heard Hermione yelp. They turned to see Severus holding Hermione in the same was Draco was holding Ginny.

"Not you too?" the woman asked laughing. Ignoring her comment, Severus walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then giving Orias several.

"I'll let you know as soon as something happens. Now lets get going Draco." he ordered, trying his best to stay calm.

The two men stepped inside the fireplace and floo'd with their women in their arms. Dumbledore was already there waiting for them. He had already informed the staff of the two couples and managed to get them rooms next to each other.

Both women moaned, feeling a contraction at the same time. A nurse came forward and ushered Hermione and Severus into one room, while another nurse ushered Draco and Ginny into the other, Dumbledore following the latter with marriage papers. Severus quickly helped Hermione into a comfortable nightgown and helped her remove her knickers. A healer walked in a few minutes later, waving his wand over Hermione.

"Mr. Snape, Mrs. Snape, I hope your ready because this baby is just about ready to be born." the healer said with a smile.

"What about Ginny?" Hermione asked

"Oh...Mrs. Malfoy, Healer Smith tells me she will be delivering within the next thirty or so minutes, roughly the same time frame as you will be delivering." he replied.

Hermione relaxed a bit and lay back in her bed while Severus was officially stressed to the max. Hermione and Ginny's contractions were coming closer and closer, leaving Draco pacing and Severus feeling lightheaded. A flurry of noise came from the waiting room as Several redheaded people and Harry arrived, waiting for the births of two babies.

About 15 minutes later, Severus ran from the room in search of a healer. "Will someone who can deliver a baby, get the hell in here NOW!!" he shouted.

Three healers ran to him, "Whats wrong Mr. Snape?" healer Smith asked.

"Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that I can see the baby's head." he replied in a sarcastic yet panicked voice.

The healer quickly turned white and ran into the room where Hermione was cursing anything that moved.

"Calm down Mrs. Snape, We are going to help you deliver."

"Thats nice, considering I've already got this far." she said sarcastically, matching the wit Severus had.

Within the next twenty minutes, two separate cries could be heard, causing an uproar in the waiting room.

"My baby had a baby." Mrs. Weasley cried, needing to be restrained by Arthur because of her attempts to run into the room. Draco came out about 10 minutes later, looking paler the normal.

"Ginny wants to see Ron first." he announced

"Why me?" he asked, feeling nervous about seeing his sister considering he hadn't spoken to her in months.

"I don't know, your just who she requested." he replied with a shrug. Ron stood and made his way into the room, leaving Draco to be tackled by Molly.

"Hows the baby? What does he look like? Is he healthy? How big is he?" she asked in a hurry.

"Calm down, both Ginny and the baby are fine." he chuckled. "the baby has strawberry blond hair, a little pink at the moment, he weighed 7 lbs 4 ozs, and he appears to be perfectly healthy."

"oh, what a relief" she breathed, pulling Draco into a hug.


In Ginny's room...

Ron walked over to his sister slowly, ready for a hex or a good old fashion punch, but what he got he wasn't expecting...a smile.

"Meet your nephew Ron." she spoke softly, looking down at the little baby. Ron walked closer, in awe at the tiny little person sitting in his sisters arms.

"He's adorable" Ron commented, placing his hand on the baby's head.

"Ron, I really wanted to talk to you before I had him, but since that didn't happen, I want to get it out of the way before anything else."

Ron gave a nod for her to continue and to his surprise, she placed the baby in his arms.

"I am married to Draco now and have a child by him. I want baby Ethan to have an uncle and I would like to have my brother back, whether you approved of my relationship or not. It's killing me that you wont talk to me Ron."

Ron glanced down to the baby, then to the hopeful eyes of his little sister and melted.

"I wont hold Draco against you sis, and I'll try to even get along with him for yours and Ethan's sake." he replied, unable to pull his eyes off the newest Weasley with a Malfoy name.


In Hermione's room...

"I have a daughter." Severus whispered to himself, holding the little girl in his arms as Hermione watched with happiness.

"She looks like Orias did when he was born." she replied, " jet black hair and everything."

"I wish I had been there." he said with a small amount of sorrow.

"I could always pull the memories and place them in a pensieve for you."

Severus nodded and pulled the baby close to his chest, feeling the tiny girl breathing against his neck.

"Daddy bought you a bear." he said, pulling the pink bear from the bag. A knock came to the door suddenly, but Severus didn't throw the bear like she though he would.

"Come in" Hermione answered. The door pushed open and Harry walked in, pulling Hermione into a gentle hug.

"You graced the world with another Snape." he laughed, " Whats her name?" he asked walking towards Severus.

"Antlia Snape." Severus replied, glaring at Harry outstretched hands.

"I wont bite her, I simply want to see my new niece." he smirked. Severus finally released Antlia to her uncle.

"Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous." Harry whispered, looking at the girl with black hair and a tiny nose.

"Umm, Harry, I actually wanted to ask you a question." Hermione spoke, "Severus and I have decided to make you Antlia's godfather, that is if you want to be."

"ME!! I thought you would pick Draco." he asked shocked.

"Nope, I wanted you this time." she replied with a smile.

"Of course, I would love to be. Thank you." He smiled, with tears in his eyes. "Molly wants to see you too, the entire gang is out there ready to beat the doors down.

Hermione laughed, and for the next few hours, people came in to see the new arrivals, leaving poor Dumbledore going from room to room like and excited grandfather. When everything finally calmed down, and Hermione and Severus were alone with Antlia. The world suddenly felt right to him. He placed a loving kiss on Hermione forehead and smiled down at the baby.

"Thank you" he whispered.

"for what?" she asked

"For giving me the family I always wanted but never thought I'd have." he enlarged the hospital bed and crawled in next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"I love you more then life itself" he stated, wrapping his arms around her again.

"I love you too Severus, more then you know."

The End