A/N: Based on a chapter from "The Gilmore Handbook" by… me… this is Lorelai's "Wizard of Oz" flashback. Enjoy!

Town meetings. What an entertaining concept. Or, boring, Lorelai thought, rolling her eyes. As Lorelai shoved yet another Dorito in her mouth, Taylor banged his gavel on the podium once again. The sound brought her out of her daydream. "People, please, we have yet to get to the big announcement! We'll never get to it if we can't stop yapping!"

"Well, maybe we really don't care what the big announcement is, but no one can tell you the truth," Rory said, rolling her eyes.

"He interrupted my daydream," Lorelai muttered, slumping down in her chair.

Rory reached in Lorelai's bag of chips and grabbed a few. "What was it about?"

"Bono was serenading me, he was signing 'With or Without You' to me while we were on our first date. What on Earth could be more important than a Bono serenade?"

Rory shrugged. "I'm thinking nothing."

Lorelai groaned. "Unless he's telling us that he's actually the one that 'You're So Vain' was written about…"

Taylor continued his speech and Lorelai and Rory mocked every word. When Lorelai's Doritos ran out, she crumbled the bag and dropped it onto the floor, making a mental note to pick it up on her way out. She licked her fingers in a fruitless attempt to get rid of the orange powdery residue that the Doritos left behind. Lorelai turned to Rory and made a face. "This is why I beg you to remind me to get Cooler Ranch Doritos next time we go Movie Night food shopping."

"I did, but you held up the bag of Nacho Doritos, hugged them, and serenaded them, how was I to resist?" Rory replied. "Your maternal instincts really came out when you saw them... the look in your eyes basically said that I had no idea what kinds of destruction you'd cause if I took them away."

Lorelai stared at her now orange fingers and groaned. "Seriously, I am awfully convincing. You'd think I'd remember to bring a napkin to these things, but no matter how many times we come, I end up having some sort of stickiness or a stain on my fingers, and napkinless."

"Lesson learned, then," Rory teased.

As Lorelai rubbed her fingers together, trying again to get the Dorito stain to go away, Taylor pulled out a laser pointer and began lecturing on the town budget. Lorelai imitated Taylor with the laser pointer, eliciting a giggling fit from Rory. She finally resorted to wiping her fingers on her jeans. "They're not my good jeans, they're the jeans that are two sizes too small," she reasoned, turning to Rory as she whispered.

"Okay, at least it's not your heart that's two sizes too small," Rory mused.

Lorelai tried to pay attention to the town meeting, but her stomach was preventing her from doing so. She was definitely still hungry, but what else was new? Lorelai reached for the Hershey's bar at the bottom of her purse. She broke it in half, and handed some to Rory. As Lorelai broke the chocolate squares into tiny pieces, the town began to cheer. Lorelai looked up, shoving the chocolate in her mouth. "What did I miss?" she asked Luke.

"Taylor's announced the cast members of 'The Wizard of Oz'. All they need is a Dorothy," Luke replied. He raised his eyebrows and turned to Lorelai again. "The sad part of all of that was the fact that I understood you when you said that."

Lorelai swallowed and grinned. "Yes, this is completely true."

"Mom, you should be Dorothy! I mean, you could make your own costume… you've always wanted ruby slippers, and it gives you an excuse to watch the movie, over and over! You should try out," Rory suggested.

"I think the air supply in here is getting cut off, you're obviously insane," Lorelai insisted.

Luke stood up and pointed to Lorelai. "Lorelai wants to be Dorothy," he said, sitting back down.

Lorelai was stunned. As Luke sat back down, she turned to him, her arms crossed. "What was that?" she demanded to know.

"Payback for the time you volunteered me for the Stars Hollow bake-off," Luke replied.

"You won that, Luke, and you won a thousand dollars along with it!"

"Lorelai, is this true? We'd love to have you as Dorothy!" Taylor gushed.

Babette nodded in agreement. "Yeah, Taylor's right. She's the perfect Dorothy! Just look at those eyes, and that smile. And her hair is perfect for Dorothy!"

Miss Patty stood up next to Taylor. "Sweetheart, I'll give you voice lessons! You've got some pipes there, I know you do! Come by the studio whenever you'd like"

Lorelai shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She thought back to the idea of being Dorothy. She'd seen the movie already, and she knew most of it by heart. She sighed. Knowing she'd get an outfit out of the ordeal, if nothing else was helping convince her. That and how she knew that the town was going to let her hear it if she turned the role down. She stood up and uncrossed her arms. "I'll be your Dorothy," she consented.

The town cheered, Rory hugged Lorelai, and Taylor tried to regain order in Miss Patty's studio. "Fantastic. The first rehearsal starts tomorrow at eleven. We hope to see anyone who wants to try out for a lesser role, like the Munchkins and the flying monkeys, there as well. See you tomorrow, meeting adjourned," Taylor said, banging the gavel once again.

Lorelai picked up her empty bag of Doritos, shoved it into her purse, and walked out of Miss Patty's studio. Taylor caught up with her, and handed her the script. Lorelai flipped the pages, and the more yellow highlighted lines she saw, the more her brain began to hurt. Opening the script, she stood out of the way so Rory could find her, but when Rory caught up with Lane, Lorelai found a nearby bench and opened her second Hershey bar.

She again broke the pieces of chocolate, thinking about the commitment she'd just made to the town. Stars Hollow was extremely proud of their amateur theater group, and Lorelai knew it. The fact that they'd have an open casting call made her a little suspicious, but she wasn't going to question it now. She had a part, and now she needed to play that role better than anyone else.

Judy Garland's shoes were too big to fill, but Lorelai knew she was going to make Stars Hollow proud. As she ate the last of her candy, pulled out a bag of M&M's, and contemplated how to make her shoes sparkle, Luke walked up behind her, bringing her out of her thought process.

"Hey," Luke said, taking a seat next to her on the bench.

She turned to him and smiled. "Hey. Thanks for volunteering me, I'll thank you right after Rory, God, and the Academy in my acceptance speech. I'll even allow you to escort me on the red carpet, but you've got to wear a tux. And shave," she teased.

"You're not angry at me over all of this?" he asked in disbelief.

She put a handful of M&M's in her mouth and shook her head. "Nah."

Luke raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Really. I'm going to go home tonight, grab a pen and my diary and start writing really nice things about you. 'Dear Diary, I just love Luke. He's such a hunk!'" she teased in her girly voice.

Luke blushed. "Ah, jeez."

Lorelai shook her head, and put a hand on Luke's shoulder, almost trying to reassure him. "I'm really not mad. This could actually be fun."

"All right… as long as you're not mad," Luke said, looking at his feet. "I didn't mean to get you in a huge mess like this."

"But that doesn't mean you're getting off so easily, mister," she added.

Luke sat up. "I'm not getting off so easily? What's that supposed to mean? I'm not trying out for a part! No way, that's not happening," he ranted.

Lorelai giggled. "Although the idea of Luke as one of the munchkins is amusing, I'm thinking you helping me read lines is a much, much better idea," she said, holding out the bag of M&M's for Luke to take some if he wanted to.

"No thanks." He folded his arms. He stared at her, shaking his head. She grinned, knowing there was no way Luke could turn her down for running lines. He sighed, threw up his hands, and let out a groan. "Fine. We're not doing it in public, though."

"Come over my house before I go to practice. My window's stuck anyway, I need someone to fix it… maybe you can help me read lines and fix it at the same time!" Lorelai mused.

"I'll be over at nine," Luke muttered, walking toward the diner.

"Nine thirty's fine!" Lorelai called after him. She laughed a little as she shook her head. She definitely had a lot of work to do. Looking down at the script she'd been handed, she sighed. This was going to be even better, because Luke was going to help her with it.