Bee Dilemma

Sam sat in a store parking lot waiting impatiently for Mikeala to return. "Agghh why do women tell you they will be just a minute in the store and next thing you know it's thirty minutes later and she's still in there."

Bumblebee's engine rumbled lightly as they continued to wait.

I do not know Sam. My scanners show she is standing in a line with other humans.

"Great she's probably in the express lane with one of those idiots that can't count. Gesh how hard is it to count to ten." Sam sighed with impatience before he concentrated on the happenings around the parking lot. "Oh great it's one of those jerks that love to place paper under your windshield wiper"

What purpose is that for?

"It's a way of advertising, but it really is annoying and most of those papers end up on the ground."

I do not see how a piece of paper can cause so much grief.

"It's not a big deal I suppose, but just irriatating to have to pull it from under the blade. Hey Bee I'll be back in a minute, I want to see what's taking so long."

Alright Sam

Two hours later….

Sam and Mikeala walked out of the store finally only to stop slack jawed at the sight in front of them. Bee was transformed into warrior mode, his cannon crackling with energy aimed at a young man.

Human I will be forced to defend myself if you insist on adding one more of those retched papers under my blades.

"Whoa whoa whoa easy Bee, he won't put anymore of those papers on you" Sam had placed himself between Bee and the frightened young man, looking back towards the man "will you" The man shock his head negatively and took the opportunity to run as fast as he could away from the angry robot.

It really is irritating Sam. Bee transformed back into his car form and opened his doors for his young charges. Once they were safely inside he peeled out of the parking lot and made his way towards base.

"Bee we need to drop Mikeala off first."

I must see Ratchet right away

"What for?"

I would rather not say at this moment

Later at the autobot base…

Of all the pit slaggin idiotic things, Bee it's everywhere. I ought to dent your aft for this. Nothing was worse than Ratchet on a rampage. Just how did you manage this much damage?

Bee started to explain how his afternoon at the store went … and then they just kept coming around every few minutes and adding another piece. It was really starting to irritate me so I tried washing it off with some fluid, but it just got sticky and clumped. After that another human came and added another sheet, I stopped counting after the twentieth human. I just couldn't take another piece of paper and that's when it happened. I'm sorry Ratchet, I transformed and all the wet paper some how came apart and blew into all my systems.

Sam couldn't help the snicker that erupted from him.

It's not funny Sam, it is quite uncomfortable not to mention disgusting

Oh pipe down Bee I'll have this cleaned out in an hour or so.

I should have used my cannon on him afterall.

Laughter was heard as the medic continued to clean out the paper from Bee's systems.