Ch.7 Trials and Training

By DarkFayt

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"Normal Talking"

"Demonic talking"


"Kyuubi talking/thinking"

"HIGHER BEING talking"

Jutsu or Sp. Power/Attack being used


As Naruto looked at the faces of the people…children around him and he couldn't help but sigh at how ridiculous it was, "All this emotion over class rankings? I guess it was a big deal in the academy too but this guy here is crying over it?"

It was the end of Naruto's first day at school and they had just posted the class rankings just as the principal had said. Naruto though really didn't care in the slightest for them. Just another useless thing he had found in this world like so many others. School was nothing more to him then a way to pass the time, learn more about the world, and interact with others…but when he thought about it that's what it was to everyone else there to…

"Even if these rankings are that important they are only the mid-semester ones…" said Naruto out loud not realizing it.

"That's true but if you're pretty low in the mid-semester it's almost impossible to catch up." said Tatsuki as she walked up with Orihime right next to her and the rest of the group close behind.

"I guess but I really don't see what the point is? Aren't your grades what count?" asked Naruto as he raised an eyebrow.

As the others began to scan the list Tatsuki said, "It's true that your actual grades are what count but your class rankings are recorded each time with them. Some colleges won't even look at you if you're too low or if you move up and down too much."

Naruto just nodded. He had taken sometime to create several Kage Bunshin and Had them use a Henge to look non-descript. That way he could leave them in the library to read up on whatever they found interesting. Colleges had been one of the things he had looked into seeing that the principal had nearly driven him insane about applying early because of his test scores. Naruto listened quietly as Keigo made another display over Ichigo and Chad being higher the 50 in the rankings.

"I was almost just like this guy when I was a Genin…was I really this annoying? Man, maybe Sakura-chan had a better reason for hitting me then I thought?" Naruto continued to listen until finally he heard a screech from Keigo that sounded strangely like his name before the boy was in his face.

"Wha-Wha-WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE TOP 5!!! YOU JUST GOT HERE TODAY!" Naruto blinked a few times before scanning the board himself seeing that he was in 5th place with Orihime in 3rd.

"I don't know really," said Naruto as he shrugged his shoulders, "I just took the placement tests along with the midterm exams so I would have something to start with since my transcripts got lost," everyone was gapping at Naruto now, "The principal said that I did really well except in math…so I guess that means I must have done well."

"WELL?" asked everyone in unison.

"Naruto, well would be in the top 100 if you started from nothing. You would have had to get nearly perfect scores on everything to even get close to this…" said Tatsuki in an awed voice.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders again before tuning to walk away as he said, "I've got work after school today so I'll see you guys tomorrow…"

As Naruto left everyone that had heard him was whispering one thing or another. Some saying he was a genius, some asking if he could have cheated, Others wondering what this job was, "If he's 5th on his first day then the number one guy better watch his back." said Ichigo as he turned to look at the board again, "I wonder who that is…Ishida Ametatsu…I wonder who that is?"


Naruto for one of the few times in his life was scowling…not only did he have to sit through another session of Urahara taking readings of him but Yoruichi wasn't even there to keep him company through it! "I wonder if this training will even be of any help? Hopefully this won't be anything weird…if Yoruichi was here at least I could ogle her while…wait where did that come from?"

And now he was being lead into the underground training room again, "Today Naruto-san will be the last day I will take any readings for some time. It will also be the first day of your training. For the next 72 hours you will train here with me to awaken your spiritual power to its full extent…or what I believe it to be…"

Naruto blinked at the strange attitude and the fact that everyone from the store was there except Yoruichi, "No more readings? Why's that? And what's with the 72 hour training program?"

"Ah, I have no reason to take anymore readings of you until you finish this training and have had enough time to settle into the new power you will gain. As it is now I am fairly sure what will become of you without this training so I have no reason to bother with more readings unless you succeed here…"

Naruto just shook his head as he scratched his hair, "You're a strange one Urahara but if you think this will help then why not get started."

"Very well Naruto-san, just hold still…" said Urahara as he shoved the tip of his cane into Naruto's forehead.

And that day Urahara swore never to do it again. In an explosion of light that rocked the training ground blinding all present Urahara found the tip of his cane destroyed with the blade exposed but even that seemed mangled.

When the light and dust cleared everyone desperately looked to see what had become of Naruto. Their eyes widened in utter shock at what they saw. 4 glowing spheres larger then a man spun together around a strange crystal clear shard connected by chains thicker then a mans arm. 9 chains in total connected the spheres to the crystal. 2 to a sphere of rainbow colored light, 2 to an orb blacker then the night, 3 to a sphere of gold like the sun, 2 to one of the purest silver light shining like the moon, and finally at the center of them all was the crystal shard…

No one knew what to do or even what to say until the chains slowly began to retract…the crystal in the center slowly spun wrapping the chains around itself until the 4 spheres of light came together and in a small flash of light Naruto was once again standing there with saucer sized eyes until he shouted in a voice so deep and demonic that Urahara's hair almost turned a shade of white, "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

After a few moments of calming his breathing Naruto asked, "What in the hell were you trying to do Urahara?"

If the disgruntled manhad ever been more unnerved in his life he wasn't sure but the one thing he knew was that this was not going to be easy training, "I…was trying to separate your soul from your body so we could begin training…" Urahara then raised the tip of his cane and said, "But it seems something went wrong…"

Naruto's breathing sped up again as he slowly and menacingly asked, "I told you that I was a demon didn't I? I told you that a demon was immortal correct?" receiving a nod from Urahara for both answers Naruto calmly asked, "Then why would you think it was possibly to separate my soul from my body?"

Everyone looked on with strange looks in their eyes, "Look I'll make this as easy as I can for you Urahara. A demon cannot die, we cannot be killed, we cannot become ill. We are beings of pure energy that take on physical form through different methods depending on what kind we are. We can be sealed, trapped, or even banished but even if this body was destroyed another would simply be created in time by my remaining energy. All you did by attempting whatever it is you tried was to separate my energies into their base forms…and to let you know it hurt quite a lot…"

Urahara stopped for a moment until he began to laugh hysterically as the other workers of the shop looked on strangely, "That's not possible Naruto-san! No one is immortal! Its nice that you like to think that but…now tell me what truly happened…" finished Urahara in a serious and deadly tone…

Naruto only grunted as he drew his sword from his back. In a flash that was too fast for any of them to follow Naruto's left arm flew threw the air before landing a few feet in front of Urahara, "Minor injuries to my body heal at an accelerated rate but still in a the way that a mortals would. This way it keeps the body in good shape and it won't require any resting on my part…but higher level ones such as a severed limb heal differently…"

The other people including Urahara were in a state of shock! They had just seen Naruto cut off his own arm like it was easy and even as they watched the blood slowly drip from his severed elbow they couldn't believe what they were seeing…Naruto's severed limb had slowly broken down into wisps of golden energy that began to gather at his bloody arm until…a new arm formed out of nothing the golden energy. As if scraps of paper had come together. No burst of blood or scream of pain…no flash of light. It was just there when the glow faded.

"As I said, I am immortal…even if you were able to completely destroy this body another would form after the energy that makes up my body gathered enough materials to make another. When I first arrived my energies and power was off balance, depleted, and even not working properly. This even kept me limited to my human and demon forms but now…I'm back to normal…mostly…even if this human body heals much slower then my demon one. It seems this new body can only handle so much energy in a given time and that too is a problem. Mostly troublesome…"

After so long of everyone just staring at him Naruto appeared next to Urahara and landed a solid hit to the top of his head and said, "Are we going to train or what? This shouldn't be a surprise for you! You just spent the last 3 days poking me with everything you had! You should know this!"

Urahara held his head as he stood again with a shadowed look in his eye, "You see Naruto-san…the reason I had to take so many readings and tests was…I couldn't find anything about you…all the results came back as being a normal human. Nothing special…I couldn't even figure out how you changed between your forms. Other then your unique energy and strangely structured muscles everything came back human. Blood, bone, tissues, organs…everything human. Far above human levels but still that of a human."

"Hmm, I never would have guessed that? What about the readings you took of my demon form? Those must have told you something?" asked Naruto not sure of what to say.

Urahara only shook his head as everyone else gathered around the two, "That too Naruto-san. Nothing showed up differently other then the brain scan I ran. If you were to be compared to a normal fox the only thing that would be found strange would be your appearance…to be specific your paws, multiple tails, and larger then normal size. Other then that everything showed up normal…not even blood tests."

Naruto shook his head, "How can that be true with what you just saw? I'm anything but normal."

"That's just it Naruto-san, you're not. Everything I found led me back to your youki. This youki as you call it is the key to everything about you…it's like nothing I have ever imagined or dreamed of. Levels upon levels of different energies all mixing together in ways I can't even begin to understand. Dozens of energies I couldn't even identify…when I spoke to you of your energy being a mix of physical and spiritual…I told you that because out of all the energy signatures I could detect within your youki those were the only two I could identify for certain…"

Naruto stood still for a moment as he thought over what he had heard, "I've never seen it that way…I've always seen my powers as physical, spiritual and youki when they're mixed. If what you're saying is true then you were able to count how many different energies there are right?"

Urahara was silent for a moment before turning to look at Naruto again, "I was able to clearly identify over 700 different energy signatures within you. Some spiritual, some physical, and some I couldn't even come close to understanding. All I know is that even when I add all of that up your energy that will effect spirits is nothing compared to what can affect physical things."

Naruto for one of the few times in the last few centuries was shocked, "I always knew there was something…basically different about youki from chakra but I never imagined something this…complex…how could it even be possible to produce so many different energies without even knowing it."

"You must understand Naruto-san…it's not that you do not have enough power. You have more then I could have ever imagined…and it slightly scares me when I think what you could do if you tried," Naruto only smirked at the tone he was hearing. He had forgotten what it felt like to be feared…and he had to admit…it was exciting, "The only thing holding you back here is that the spiritual power you have is being over run by the other energies intermixing. What this training is for is to force your spiritual energy to force itself to the front and mix more evenly with your physical energy and the only way to do that is if you train in a purely spiritual form."

Naruto blinked owlishly for several moments until he said, "You have got to be kidding me right? It's that simple to increase spiritual power?" With a nod from Urahara Naruto slapped his hand over his eyes, "If that's all you needed you should have said so…I can do that at will."

"Uhh?" was the only response from the shop residents.

"It's what many people refer to as will-o-wisps in your culture or Kitsune-bi. Its something fox spirits have been able to do for longer then I dare to guess. We simple manipulate our energies until our spiritual is all that present on the surface. This way we can move invisibly and freely to sneak into areas, steal as we like, or even haunt someone. The small blue flame that's seen is merely the large concentration of our physical energy packed together…I've just always viewed it as useless because I'm incorporeal in that form. I only use it for escape or when I need to get somewhere without interference."

"Ah, yes…Yoruichi told me about that…can you talk a humanoid form or is the blue flame all there is?" asked Urahara as The tall man called Tessai walked away with the Ururu.

"Well yes…I can really look like what ever I want when in that form. I really don't have any restrictions like I do in a physical body but I can't really do anything else other then cast illusions like that…why?"

"If you could please take on that form and allow me one last exam…if we're lucky we may be able to perform an entirely different training program then I had planned…"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders as a flash of blue light surrounded him…when it cleared it was his turn to be horrified. A large metal plate covered his chest with multiple chains connected to it. From the plate a single chain extended to wrap around each of his limbs ending on a cuff either around his wrist or ankle. A fifth connected to a collar around his neck. Finally four of the chains extended from the plate and seemed to be fused with Naruto's sword as it rested against his back.

"What…what the hell is this? What are these chains?" asked Naruto as he struggled to break the bindings from his body.

"Just as I had hoped Naruto! A 'soul sleep' and a 'chain link'. This is more promising then I could have hoped for…even if things are slightly backward. Now how do you feel in that form?"

Naruto stood for a moment before going through several motions. Kicks, punches, stretching…after a few moments he said, "I feel slightly heavy. The chains aren't restriction as much as I would think and the weight isn't coming from them…it's more the atmosphere…"

Urahara took a moment to look Naruto over and after a moment he said, "You see a normal being has a 'soul sleep' and a 'chain link'. These are what stores and carries spiritual power for all beings. Shinigami, Hollow, human, and it seems you as well. At first I had only hoped to increase your spiritual energy like I would anyone else by having you train in your soul form. I didn't think your energy would work the same way as others…with a 'soul sleep' and 'chain link' a whole knew idea for training has become possible!"

"Yah that's cool and all but can you tell me why I'm so heavy?" asked Naruto as he moved around sluggishly.

"Ah, you see Naruto-san…now that you are in a spiritual form your own spirit power is being oppressed by the spirit power in the air. Your first step of training will be to increase you Reiatsu enough to move normally!"

"Wait you mean like that pressure you used on me before? I thought someone had to cause that?" asked Naruto.

"That is different Naruto-san. This world is filled with spirit particles and it causes pressure constantly. You never noticed before because you massive power made it seem like nothing. Now that you have nothing but your Reiatsu your feeling it more so but soon it won't be anything to you."

"Alright so what's my first exercise then?" asked Naruto too interested in what could come of this.

"Your first exercise will be to fight Ururu…the goal is to hit her at least once…" said Urahara as he pulled out a small paper fan.

"You have got to be kidding me? I can sense she's no ordinary girl but you expect me to fight her?" asked Naruto as he noticed some white training equipment thrown at his feet.

"Please put those on…or you could die…" said the small girl as she took a starting stance wearing gloves and a helmet of her own.

"I'm not going to fight…" but Naruto didn't get to finish what he was saying as Ururu shot off kicking up clouds of dust as she headed toward him.

Naruto barely dodged out of the way in time and with a simple sweep of her legs he was able to grab the back of her shirt and toss her a good distance away before standing again himself breathing hard, "That…was too close. What the hell is she to move that fast with such a small frame? And the power in that punch was close to what Sakura-chan was capable of…if I'm not careful here…"

"Did-did that guy just throw Ururu like she was a toy?!" asked Jinta as he looked on in shock.

"Manager…are you sure this is wise to be helping this boy?" asked Tessai, "If this training fails and things turn for the worse would we even be able to stop him?"

Urahara was silent as he watched the battle between Ururu and Naruto continue, "If we fail then we should be able to handle him as long as the rest of his power doesn't return. At the moment he's fighting with Reiatsu just slightly higher then a vise-captain…if he turns into a Hollow at that level we will be fine but if the bulk of his power returns…well we won't have time to contemplate our failure…"

Tessei and Jinta could only swallow hard at the idea Urahara had just implied. Fighting Naruto was not something either wanted to try just watching him fight with Ururu.

"Who would have thought this girl had this kind of power? I can barely block her punches and it seems she's speeding up on me…I'll have to counter attack eventually but this is far more productive then I could have imagined. I can feel my body slowly absorbing spirit particles from around me in response to this…this even gives me the perfect chance to observe my energy flow…"

Left, right, dodge, jump…it was truly interesting to watch Naruto dance around the smaller girl. She was quick and powerful but Naruto had far more experience in hand to hand combat and was easily using sweeping hand movements to wave off her strikes. Ururu had even gotten to the point of trying kicks and other things but none would land on Naruto.

Finally, Naruto had had enough…, "This may hurt slightly Ururu but it's clear you'll be able to take it so please don't be mad at me…"

The other resident of the shop looked on in shock as Naruto disappeared for only a moment only to reappear behind Ururu. With a quick chop to the back of her neck the girl fell limp into Naruto's arms. As he stood there for a moment Naruto couldn't help but smile, "Thank you Ururu…thanks to you I made more progress in these few moments then I have in days. I owe you a treat when you wake up!" finished Naruto with a happy grin as Tessai took the small girl from him.

"So what now?" asked Naruto as Jinta continued to move away from him, "What's the point to all this anyway? I know it's more then simply increasing my Reiatsu…"

"…the fact is Naruto-san, you may have a Zanpaku-to, the weapon of a Shinigami but as of yet you yourself are not. That fact that you posses a 'soul sleep' and 'chain link' means you can become a Shinigami…but there is a risk," Naruto just crossed his arms over his chest as he raised an eyebrow as if saying 'you got nothing', "There is a possibility of becoming a Hollow as well."

"So to become a Shinigami you have to cut this chain on my chest is the right? And then for some reason I either become a Hollow or Shinigami…"

"Uhh, yes but how did you know about that? Not many know this method to become a 'Death God'?" asked Urahara curiously.

"Oh, I don't know but the giant man behind you with the axe gave me an idea about what you had planned after you started talking about the 'chain link'…"

Urahara laughed lightly before saying, "That's right Naruto-san, normally when the 'chain of fate is cut it becomes impossible to return to your human body. After that there is only two choices for a being with spirit power like yours…you become a Shinigami of your own will or the chain erodes and you descend into becoming a Hollow. Its up to you…"

Naruto was quiet for a moment before he removes his sword from his back and turns to Urahara, "Then go ahead and cut them as short as you can…I'm sure I can handle what ever this will be…I'll become a Shinigami…"

"Very well Naruto-san…" with one swing Urahara easily severed all 9 chains from Naruto's chest. As the fall limp around him Naruto suddenly feels weaker as he drops to one knee, "From how short your chains are you should have around 10 hours until you run out of time…"

To Naruto's shock the ground underneath him disappeared in that moment. It only took Naruto a few moment to hit the bottom of the shaft with a loud crunch sound which he noted to look into later how he could crunch when he didn't have a body at the moment. As Naruto began to stand he noticed that his arms were firmly braced behind his back…, "What's this?"

"Bakudo number 99: Kin, I apologize for the arrogance of this Naruto-dono but until this lesson is cleared I have forbade the use of your arms…" said Tessai as he sat holding a strange hand seal across from him.

Naruto slowly stood even though it was slightly hard for some reason and looked up to see Urahara standing there, "Hay, Urahara what's the point of dropping me into a hole with my arms bound?"

"Understand that we must take precautions for the event that you fail! The binding on your arms and the fact that you are in the 'shattered shaft' will not only slow the erosion of your 'chain of fate' but will slowly drain away your Reiatsu…you have 10 hours to either climb out of that pit a Shinigami or we will put an end to you…"

Naruto's eyes widened as he felt something. As he looked down he watched in sick fascination as the broken links on his chains had some how grown mouths and had begun to devour each other! The pain was immense and Naruto could barely bring himself to stay standing from the pain…


(Several hours later…)

Naruto was laying at the bottom of the pit with his head against the dirt with a glazed look in his eyes, "Damn…why does this hurt so bad? These damn chains start eating each other every 20 minutes or so and I can barely stand when they do…what am I even supposed to do here…I thought it would just appear or maybe a feeling but other then this pain I haven't felt anything."

Naruto then stood again and steadied himself as he looked down at his chest. One 3 chains remained and they barely were 5 inches long each, "Not much time left…and ever since he cut the chains my Reiatsu has felt like it's going crazy…even my sword feels different…what would Kyuubi tell me to do?"

"Oh right, suck it up and do the job brat…like that's a lot of help…gwaaaaaa!"

As Naruto began to hunch over in pain he watched in horror as the last of his chains began to eat themselves away until they finally reached his chest…and then nothing. The pain had stopped. The plate on his chest was still there even if all the chains connected to his chest were gone…then he noticed that the chains still attached to his wrists and sword began to glow until…

"AHHHHAAAAAAA!!!" was all Naruto could think to do as a white liquid began to explode out of his mouth and eyes…

"Hmm, so he's resisting…just as I thought he would…normally his sprit form would have shattered and reformed into his new Hollow body and then a mask would form but because of his resistance the mask is forming first to break his control…" said Urahara to stop Jinta and Ururu from attacking Naruto. As they watched as the white liquid began to cover Naruto's face as it swirled around him he continued, "Until the mask solidifies he still has a chance to become a Shinigami…be sure to give him the chance…"


"Hmm, where am I?" asked Naruto as he looked into the dead forest that surrounded him.

"It's about time you got here gaki…we have quite the problem on our hands…and not enough time to fix it!"

When Naruto spun around his eyes locked with Kyuubi's and he couldn't be happier, "Hay, its not my fault! I've been trying to reach you! We'll at least I'm here now…but why is the forest dead?"

"I know…I've been trying to do the same but it seems that because your Reiatsu was so weak we weren't able to connect properly…and now that it's finally high enough you're turning into one of those damn Hollow…just look at this place because of it! The sewer was better!"

"It's not like I chose this Kyuubi? I can't even figure out what I'm supposed to do right now…"

"Follow me and I'll tell you…" said Kyuubi as he began heading into the darkness of the dead woods, "You've had Shinigami powers since we came here but because your demonic powers were so overwhelming they weren't able to surface properly. I think the Shinigami thought that by sealing away the bulk of your power it would be enough to let them grow."

"I take it that it wasn't?" asked Naruto as he continued to follow Kyuubi.

"It would have if it wasn't for the guest you picked up…he's been feeding off almost all your Reiatsu and leaving you nearly none and that's slowed your awakening as well."

"Guest? What guest?" asked Naruto.

"That one…" said Kyuubi as he pointed down into a chasm of white stones.

As Naruto stared down into the scar in the earth his breath hitched in his throat. He watched in horror as a silver and white version of his demon form with two tails walked back and forth within the chasm. Its fur was a shined silver with pure white where ever black shown on his but the color wasn't the only difference between him and this creature. Its heads were covered in the white bone of a Hollow mask as it's claws were black as night…the two heads moved from side to side in an almost odd and animalistic way.

"How?" was all Naruto could think to ask.

"You didn't think all the problems you were having were normal did you? When you used me to kill that first Hollow it was absorbed and brought here. At first I didn't even realize it…that is until it was able to take your hanyo body for itself…"


"Yah, the thing isn't that smart…no more then a dumb mutt but it sniffed out were your other forms were and was able to fuse with your hanyo body. Nearly got your demon body to…after I stopped that it took on this form to get as close to your demon form as it could and while it was doing that I was able to trap it here. This way I could keep it from doing anymore damage but it still got two of your tails while it was free and really messed things up as you can see…"

"So what do we do about the twins down there?" asked Naruto after scratching his head, "Can we kill it or get my hanyo form back?"

"Right now there's nothing we can do about him. Somewhere in this forest is the chain that connects you and me. The chain that represents your power as a Shinigami. If we don't find it then we're both screwed…all chuckles down there is doing is feeding off of any stray energy that makes it's way down there so he's no problem for now…"

Naruto wasn't convinced but he figured he didn't have the time at the moment, "Alright then, lets go and find that chain…I really want out of that hole…" said Naruto as he began heading off into the woods again.

"Kid…you better hurry…you may not realize it but you're already out of the hole…and your friends are no where near ready for what they're facing…"


Yoruichi slowly rose again from the ground as she stumbled slightly. As she looked around her she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Jinta was out cold with blood slowly seeping from his side. Ururu was out of sight but from the strike she took there was no way even that girl would be up again. Tessai was coved by rocks that had fallen loose from the cliff he had smashed into…

As she ran forward into the dust she came upon the form of Urahara using Benihime to steady himself as he looked into the glowing yellow eyes before him. He could only cough up blood as he again fell to the ground and Yoruichi could only mutter a single word…a word that carried all the fear she now held…



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