Title: Final arrangements
Author: Ree
Theme: Post-series (menopause)
Genre: General
Version: Manga/Anime (Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: G

All the characters you know aren't mine.. well I borrowed them for just a small while, and without permission. Any that are mine, I hope you like them.

Final arrangements

Setsuna sat back in her seat and savored her cup of authentic green tea and a Makoto chocolate chip cookie. Across from her sat Usagi 'You would never guess she was Neo-Queen Serenity if you saw her right now.', Minako, Makoto, Rei, and Ami.

Usagi shoved another cookie into her mouth while Rei frowned at her. "How many of those are you going to eat?"

Usagi shot an almost guilty look at her friend. Then, with skill born from much experience, Usagi answered her with her mouth full. "Mako doesn't get that much of a chance to bake anymore!" Then she grab another one off the plate.

Ami shared a smile with Setsuna. "The others will be here in the day before the wedding."

Setsuna's eyes widened. "Hotaru, Michiru, and Haruka are coming as well? Is that wise?"

Swallowing the cookie, Usagi's eyes rested on Setsuna, as the other girls went silent. "One and a half days is not going to change anything. And they deserve the break, too." Her tone broke no argument. Setsuna looked quietly into the face of her queen, and accepted her judgment. Usagi noticed her acceptance, and dropped the stern demeanor. "So, did the English monarchy accept that your wedding was not going to be changed, at least not much?"

Setsuna groaned softly. "Yes, for the most part."

Minako raised her eyebrow. "Most part? I was most emphatic that our queen and king were not accepting any changes, including your catering menu."

Setsuna kept her voice carefully neutral. "They insisted that a member of the English Queen's entourage would control the temperature. It seems that she has hot and cold spells, and they are going to make sure she is comfortable."

Ami cocked her head to one side. "Hot flashes? She is around the right age for them."

Minako looked outraged. "You are going to be in a formal wedding dress, Jonathan is going to be in a tuxedo, our queen is going to be in a formal gown, our king is going to be in a full tuxedo, we are going to be in really short skirts, and they think their menopausal queen gets to control the temperature so that she can be comfortable?"

Setsuna shrugged. "It was that or change the church so she could have her own box. So, the service will be short, and the reception long. They don't plan to stay at that long. The menu is not to their liking."

Makoto gave an exaggerated sigh. "I wanted to make your cake."

Setsuna got another cookie. "I wish I had known you all were coming. I wouldn't have had the caterers do the cake then. I would have loved for you to have made it."

Minako caught the hint, and let the other subject go. "So, what are the plans for the next week? I know there is no way we get the week before your wedding free."

Usagi frowned at Minako. "There will be time enough to discuss that tomorrow. Tonight is a bridal shower. So," She glanced at the presents piled high in the corner. "lets have an evening of fun before we discuss work."

The others nodded in agreement as Usagi snatched the last cookie off the plate. Minako huffed up. "You had the most! Setsuna should have had more!"

Rei picked up the old argument. "It's just because you wanted it."

Makoto got up and set out the next plate. "I made extra." Then she slid a small cake in front of Setsuna. "And this is all yours."

The others gaped at the cake, and mewed in dissapointment.