Finally, everything was over. The suffering had ended. He could no longer feel the pain of the rose thorns, still injecting truth serum into his blood stream. No longer could he hear the screams of the people below, watching the battle of the sky.

His messy hair, streaked with sweat and blood, hung limply around his face, dull obsidian eyes gazing from under black locks. His complexion was paler than normal, if that was even possible. Yet, he was alive…for now.

With a small grunt, the man forced himself to look up at the sky above, away from the still body of Maestro Delphine, whose eyes gazed lifelessly at him, clouded over. The expression of fear still remained on her face, even in death.

With foggy vision, he could still make out ships sailing above, looking tiny compared to the giant ship he was in. Among the ships, he could easily make out the Silvana, who seemed to be preparing a gun. Apparently, they had no idea he was still alive, and in the soon to be destroyed ship.

He found his thoughts wandering to his crew and, as much as he would not admit it, his friends from the Silvana. Perhaps it was the work of the serum, or maybe he knew he was face to face with death. Whatever the case, they were there, and he could not stop them.

Faces from the past swam through the ocean that was his mind. Images of his old friends; Vincent, Hamilcar Valca, and George Head rushed through his mind, so quickly he couldn't help but shed a small tear. Next was his crew. He knew Sophia would be fine, she was strong. Same for Tatiana, although he wished he could have told her that. Now, it was too late.

The gun was ready, and he could almost see the heat radiating off of it, even from this big of a distance. He allowed himself a small smile, more of a smirk, knowing his time was soon. The gun fired. One word escaped his grasp.


A loud explosion shook the ship. The ship started to sink, as Alex Row, captain of the infamous 'kill-'em-all' Silvana, said his last words, before giving into the darkness.

"…To the sky"

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