Umm well hello this is the very first chapter to many, this is a really really serious story that I care about please dont ask me how i came up with it, I'll only tell you one thing, Its real and actually happened. Please enjoy 3

Chapter 1 Love at first sight.

They were both in high school, you know everyone believed in love at first sight. But they were young and stupid, every high school student is. They lie to their parents and say it's just a crush but she and he knows that it was more than that on than very first day that he; Brandon Packard and she; Lauren Petersen met and knew it was fate.

" RING!! RING!!" Laurens alarm clock went off rapidly as she got ready for school. "Why do I always have to wake up this early? I'm not that old! I need beauty sleep mom! She exclaimed. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't care about your first day of high school, so stop complaining and eat your breakfast or you'll be late." Laurens mom said.

Brandon's dad started, "Hey buddy boy! Get up!! You're going to be late for the first day of school!" His dad opened up the curtains and got out the vacuum. He turned it on and made the so much noise that it seemed as if all of New York got up and yelled "wake up!" Brandon immediately got up and ready for school, ate breakfast and ran out the front door. A sigh of relief came over Brandon, right on time.

He was running toward the door when …" Hey watch where you going!" Lauren shouted. "Well I'm sorry but—"Brandon stopped, they looked at each other in silence. "I have to get to class, bye "Lauren went off. He just stood there.

The final bell rang, he ran off too. He was going to be late for class.