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Chapter One: A Strange Visitor

"It's just not fair!" Sarah exclaimed, plopping down onto the grass and clenching a fistful of it in her right hand.

Even the wind seemed to agree with her this time. It whistled in response to her declaration and toyed with the bottom of her medieval white dress. Something cold dropped into Sarah's hair, which was piled up against the back of her head, and she glanced up at the gray-tinted clouds. Another stream of sleet dropped down onto her face, and she stood up with a sigh. She walked wearily over to the small creek that ran beneath the familiar bridge, and gazed down into her reflection.

It had been two years since Sarah had run the Labyrinth, but to her it seemed as though it had been one hundred. She had feared the Labyrinth while she was in it, but now, she longed for the adventure and mystery that the Labyrinth had offered. The reflection that gazed up at her wasn't the same Sarah Williams that had frustrated Hoggle, played with Ludo, or danced with the Goblin King. Her facial features were slightly older, her body shaped more into that of a woman than that of a girl, and her face was touched with just a faint trace of makeup.

"But the character is still the same," Sarah whispered, toying with the hem of her dress as she looked at it in the stream. "I'm still playing make-believe, wishing that something exciting would happen. It would be far more exciting to be in Florida than to be stuck here."

A frown crossed Sarah's face, and she folded her arms across her chest bitterly. Her father, stepmother and Toby had all gone to Florida for the holidays, leaving her alone at home. Her parents had both decided that it would be best for Sarah to stay by herself, for Sarah had no respect or liking whatsoever for her stepmother's side of the family, and after the way she had treated them last time, no one wanted to repeat a visit. Sarah refused to look on the bright side of her situation, however, and could only pout about how lonely she was. She entirely disliked her family for leaving her behind and completely loathed the wretched place she called home.

"They even took Merlin! My stepmother doesn't even like dogs, and yet she took Merlin with her! My mother would never have stood for that!" Sarah declared, trying to ignore the sleet that fell upon her.

Sarah's biological mother, sadly, had passed away three months after the adventure in the Labyrinth, having been killed in a car accident. Sarah's unhappiness wasn't entirely selfish, therefore, but it must be admitted that she did tend to dawdle on the miserable events of life rather than the good ones.

"Why does everything always happen to me?" She exclaimed, flinging her arms out to the side dramatically. "It's not fair!"

"Oh, it isn't?"

Sarah's blood froze in her veins and she jumped, startled by the voice that had just spoken to her. She turned slowly, and a wave of shock flowed over her as she looked at the person who had just spoken to her.

There, seated only a few yards away on a bench, was a woman. She sat in a very casual manner, one leg crossed over the other in a vaguely familiar stance. She was dressed in black silk pants, a silky, flowing red shirt, and black knee-high boots. Her hair was pulled back, but several long pieces of it draped around her face, covering the tops of her ears.

Everything about the woman would have looked fairly normal had it not been for her upturned collar and the magical shimmer that hovered around her.

"Who are you?" Sarah asked, bravely taking one step towards the woman.

The woman smiled, and Sarah half-expected to see pointed, dagger-like teeth. She was pleasantly surprised to find that the woman had completely straight teeth and a beautiful, welcoming smile. There was nothing cold or dangerous about it.

"I am Angeletta. You must be Sarah," Angeletta smiled, uncrossing her legs and standing up.

"I am," Sarah said uncertainly, watching as the woman moved closer to her.

As Angeletta took a few strides nearer, Sarah noted a very distinct glitter covering the woman's fair-skinned face and a slight tint of green on the woman's eyelids. Her eyes, Sarah saw with both fear and amazement, were teal and looked as though they could change color whenever they pleased.

"Truly, Sarah, you needn't fear me. I'm not going to whisk you away anywhere unless you agree to accompany me," Angeletta smiled, stopping and meeting Sarah's gaze with her own.

"You are from him, aren't you?" Sarah struggled to ask.

"By him do you mean the Goblin King?" Angeletta asked, playfully holding out her hand and catching some sleet in it.

"Who else?"

"I'm not from him, but I'm here because of him," Angeletta said and then winced as a piece of ice hit her cheek. "Is there perhaps somewhere we can talk that is out of this…this…"

"Sleet," Sarah finished.

"Yes," Angeletta nodded.

"How do I know you won't hurt me?"

"Because I'm telling you I won't," Angeletta smiled.

Sarah wanted to argue, but Angeletta's smile was so sincere that Sarah could only shrug her shoulders.

"There's a burger place on the next street. Would that do?" Sarah asked.

"A burger place?" Angeletta asked, her eyes lighting up.


"That sounds marvelous!"

"Come on then," Sarah said, and then began to lead the way.

Angeletta gazed about her with great interest as Sarah led her across the street towards the shop. The woman seemed stunned by the cars that drove by and fascinated by all the lights that lined the street. Sarah noticed with some amusement that Angeletta constantly tried to flip her collar under, so that it wouldn't stand up on edge, but she was unsuccessful, and she let go of the fabric as she and Sarah entered the burger place.

"What a delicious smell!" Angeletta declared as the door closed behind them.

"It smells like burgers," Sarah frowned.

"I know, but I haven't smelled that fragrance in so long!" Angeletta exclaimed as she slid into a booth and Sarah slid across from her.

"You don't sound much like Jareth," Sarah said curiously.

"I should hope not!" Angeletta said lightly.

"Why are you here again?"

"Well…Well…" Angeletta began, her eyes following a large burger that was being placed at another table.

"Would you like one?" Sarah sighed.

"If you don't mind, Sarah. I would truly appreciate it," Angeletta nodded.

Sarah gestured to the waiter who promptly came and took her order for one large bacon burger and a large serving of fries.

"I hope you don't mind if I take some of the fries," Sarah said as the waiter walked away. "I only have eight dollars with me."

"I truly appreciate your hospitality, Sarah. I must say…you aren't much like the Goblin King described you as."

"And what exactly did he say about me?" Sarah scowled.

Angeletta made herself comfortable on the booth and then spoke, with a wave of her hand, "That you are an obnoxious child who cares little about others, doesn't know a good offer when she sees one, and constantly declares, 'It's not fair!"

"Why the stuck up, nasty…"

"I agree," Angeletta nodded, holding up her hand for Sarah to stop. "It is because of him that I am here."

"What did he do?" Sarah asked, leaning forward attentively.

Angeletta looked up as the waiter again appeared and watched with eager eyes as he placed the burger and fries in front of her.

"That looks delightful!" Angeletta declared and then moved her hands to the burger. She frowned when she caught sight of her black gloves and carefully began to peel them off.

"You aren't related to Jareth at all?" Sarah asked uncomfortably.

"Not at all," Angeletta said and then put her gloves on the booth next to her. "You don't mind if I take a bite and then let you know what is happening, do you?"

"I suppose not."

Sarah watched, fascinated, as Angeletta daintily lifted the burger to her lips and then took a bite. The woman's mysterious eyes glowed with pleasure as the greasy meat touched her tongue, and she chewed slowly, savoring each bite.

"I wonder why they don't have these Underground?" Angeletta asked, finishing what was in her mouth and then taking a sip of water from the glass in front of her.

"I couldn't at all picture the Goblin King eating one of those," Sarah said.

"True. He never takes his gloves off. Now, to the matter at hand," Angeletta said, pushing her burger to the side and leaning forward, her hands folded in front of her. "I am here because I need you to return to the Labyrinth with me to testify."

"Testify?" Sarah asked, confused.

"Yes. Jareth violated several rules when he captured Toby and you and brought you to the Labyrinth. He therefore forfeited his right to the throne as Goblin King. Hoggle and Sir Didymus have already spoken against him, and now it is your turn."

"Hoggle spoke against him? But Hoggle himself said he's a coward!" Sarah exclaimed.

"He was brave enough to do the right thing. The council would like to hear from you personally before they sentence Jareth."

"You don't look at all like a goblin," Sarah said, sitting back and trying to grasp the intensity of the situation.

"I am not. I am Angeletta Forgae, daughter of Arylyn Forgae, one of the leaders of the High Council. I am Fae, as is Jareth," Angeletta said with a curt bow of her head.

"Why were you sent here, and not Hoggle, Sir Didymus or Ludo?"

"Because," Angeletta said calmly, "if Jareth is banished from the throne, I shall take his place."

"You would become the queen of the goblins?" Sarah gasped.


"But why would they send you then? You are valuable! Aren't they worried you could get hurt?"

"Actually," Angeletta said calmly, picking up a fry and studying it carefully, "they didn't really send me. I sent myself. Hoggle would be coming to you later today to tell you the news if I didn't come."

"Why did you come yourself?"

"To plead with you."

"If you want me to come back with you, I'm already considering it. I don't have much to do for the next two months anyway. I'm not starting college until next spring semester."

"That's not it," Angeletta said, shaking her head gently.

"Then what is it?"

"You won't like what I have to say."

"Look, just seeing you has surprised me enough. I don't think anything else will bother me much," Sarah said, folding her arms across her chest.

"All right then…" Angeletta said, letting out a deep breath and then speaking.

Sarah's eyes and mouth widened with shock, and she sat back, feeling as though she had physically been pushed back into her seat.

"You want me to…" she stammered, breathing rapidly.

"That's right," Angeletta nodded. "I want you to defend Jareth."