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Express Delivery

The starlight glimmered down on the eerie waters, at the end of the world. In their strange light could be see the beautiful figure of the elven princess Destiny Touchstone, floating peacefully in the dark waves. Her knee length, raven locks famed a perfect, face. Well, it was as perfect as a face can be when it's dead. Anyway, peace dwelt in her small smile, because Destiny Touchstone had died in the knowledge that she was not at the end of her life, but at the beginning of a new and wonderful life, of romance and adventure at seas between the worlds.

With a crash of waves and spay, a jawed ship emerged beside the angelic corpse. Will Turner was at the wheel, his brown eyes fierce and steadfast.

Once the Flying Dutchman was bobbing gently on the star-reflecting ocean, he addressed his first mate. "Mr. Tuner how many are we picking up here?"

"Just one: elven, female," answered Bill Turner, the captain's father.

"Look lively, men! Let's find this girl quickly, for we are due off the Irish coast shortly!"

There was a scurry aboard the Dutchman, as lanterns were lit and a longboat was made ready to fetch the passenger. Will rode in the front of the little boat, holding a lantern aloft, as he looked for the girl. At last he saw her floating solemnly in the end seas, her navy dress, lined with silver, rippling like the sea itself. "At last," said Will, and thrust the lantern into Bootstrap's hands. "Here, hold this," he said, before reaching down to pull the elf out of the water.

As his strong, cold, pulse-less hands wrapped easily around Destiny Touchstone's miniscule waist, her long eyelashes fluttered open, revealing startlingly beautiful, violet eyes. "Ah, Captain Turner, I knew you would find me," whispered Destiny Touchstone, in a voice like a lost zephyr over an ocean bay.

Will nearly dropped the elf, in surprise, or annoyance. "Oh, great," he sighed exasperatingly, "Another Mary Sue." He handed her over to Bootstrap, who somehow managed to help the elf into the boat and hold the lantern at the same time.

Will looked strait ahead, as they started back for the Dutchman, completely ignoring Destiny Touchstone, who was shivering behind him. "Ah, Will dear, do you happen to have a blanket you could lend me, or perhaps you could give me your coat? I am so very cold."

"That is usually the case with everyone, who is dead. Get use to it," answered Will.

Startled Destiny Touchstone was speechless for a moment. Then her lovely face softened into sympathy. "Ah, My Beloved," she said sweetly, "It must be hard to be bound to this ship, all alone." As she spoke, Destiny Touchstone put her delicate, pale hand on Will's shoulder and then let it slide down his arm.

"No, it's not," said Will, shaking her off and standing, as the longboat reached the Dutchman, "I'm just on a tight schedule is all." He climbed the rope latter to the deck and left Bootstrap to help the passenger aboard.

Once everyone was on deck and preparing to leave, Destiny Touchstone found herself standing between Bootstrap, who had kindly lent her his coat, even though it didn't seem to be doing her any good, and another sailor. She glanced around for Will and finally saw him come out of a cabin and approach, scroll in hand. As she saw him, her violet eyes seemed to flash and swill with a mixture of colors, which gave Bootstrap the creeps.

Will stopped before them, raised the scroll and began to read. "Miss. Destiny Touchstone Elven Princess of Lesterlon, I am sorry to inform you that you have died, on this the 16th of January 1822. I am Captain Will Turner of the Flying Dutchman and will be escorting you to the other world, where you shall await Judgment…and…" Will's strict voice haltered to a stop, as he peered over his scroll. While he'd been reading, Destiny Touchstone has left Bootstrap and the other sailor and slowly advanced on the captain. Now she was nearly in his face and she reached out to toy with his hair, as she smiled sweetly down at him, for she was a good deal taller than Will. "Ah, Captain, Aren't you going to ask me if I fear death, and invite me to join your crew?" she whispered, leaning even closer to him.

Will release the scroll, with a snap and stepped curtly back. "No," he said with finality, then tuned to Bootstrap. "Mr. Turner, show Her Majesty to the passenger quarters," he commanded. Bootstrap obediently grabbed Destiny Touchstone's slender arm and began to pull her away. Will tucked away his scroll and was just heading for the quarter-deck, when there was a sudden blast behind him.

"No!" cried Destiny Touchstone, as she blasted Bootstrap away in a rainbow flash of magic. "I'm supposed to join Will's crew! He's supposed to love me! It's our destiny!"

Will turned and tried to duck, as another rainbow flash streaked towards him, but it was too late. Caught in her spell, he began to swing though the air toward her. Destiny Touchstone was just about to reel him back to her, when he suddenly grabbed the mast, swung about it and disappeared. Surprise colored her beautiful face and her big eyes grew even larger. "Ah Will?!" she called, "Will, My beloved, where are you?" She was tuning about in a confused, searching circle, when Bootstrap came up behind her and knocked her out cold with a bottle. Will peeked out from the mast and looked suspiciously at the elf. "Is she really out," he asked softly, "That usually doesn't work on Sues, you know."

Bootstrap kicked the lifeless form. "I think she's out," he answered, and looked up at his captain, as Will emerged completely from the ship mast. "Why do I always have to save you from these Mary Sues, William?" asked Bill.

"It's not my fault, if beautiful girls are always chasing me, Dad." Pointed out Will.

His father crossed his arms. "You never should have made that movie. You didn't even get a happy ending," exclaimed Bill, wagging his finger reprovingly. Will didn't answer, just looked down the elven Mary Sue. Bill followed his gaze. "Should we throw her overboard?" he asked.

Will hesitated, "No," he said, at last, "I have a job to do. She must be escorted, but perhaps we can put off the Irish Coast a bit longer and do an express delivery. Take her to her cabin and see to that she doesn't wake up before we arrive." After giving his commands, Will mounted the quarter-deck and set their course. Over the edge and over again.

The End