Summary: After a one night stand with Matt, Amy gets pregnant but he leaves her. Who will help her raise her child? Who'll stand as the baby's father?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy, Allen Jones, Trish Stratigias/Adam Copeland, Lisa Marie Varon, Christopher Irvine, Dawn Marie Psaltis/Jason Reso, Jeff Hardy, Stacy Keibler/Tyson Tomko, Ashley Massaro and many more

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Chapter One: A New Life


Allen Jones barely had the time to begin eating his dinner when his telephone began to ring. I think this is Jay or Chris… or Tyson. If this is another prank call, so help me… Those three would regret it. He thought as he got up from his chair to answer the phone. He lifted the receiver and brought it to his ear. "Can I help you?"


He blinked. "What?!"

Adam Copeland muttered something under his breath about deaf people before he replied. "Amy's giving birth!" He said with emphasis to each word he uttered.

"What hospital?" He asked in tense silence as the blonde man gave him the details he needed. Once the call was over, he quickly put down the receiver, grabbed his car keys and rushed out of the house. Eating dinner could wait. Getting to the hospital to be there for his friend was much more important for him. He couldn't believe the redhead was giving birth. The day she told him about her painful experience seemed like it was just yesterday.


Allen swung the door open but before he could even have the chance to say anything, he found himself hugging a crying Amy Dumas. "Ames?"

"Matt…" She mumbled before she began to cry a lot harder; her tears soaking the brown haired man's shirt. A frown made its way to his face as he brought the redhead inside the house, shutting the door with his foot.

"Tell me what happened." He said as he sat on the sofa with her still in his arms. "What did that bastard do?" He never liked Matt Hardy, her boyfriend, even if he was the brother of Jeff, one of Allen's best friends.

"I'm p-pregnant."

He wanted to congratulate her about the good news but he couldn't do it. He knew there was something more about it… And he knew it definitely wasn't a good thing at all. He was positive that her pregnancy 

wasn't the reason why she was crying that hard. The brown haired man knew that Amy wanted to have kids. "What does Matt think about it?"

Amy lifted her head from his chest. The fact that she looked so devastated and broken was enough to kick a certain Matt Hardy's ass but he fought the urge to do so, knowing the redhead needed him. "H-He doesn't want the baby."

"Asshole." Allen hissed. I thought he loves her? I remember he said that he wants a family with her someday and he can have it now. Why doesn't want the baby?

"T-Then, he…" Fresh tears began to leak from her hazel orbs. "B-Broke up with me…"

"Son of a bitch." He was on his feet now, ready to look for the dark haired man. "Ames, where is he? Tell me!"

She shook her head as she stayed put on the sofa. "P-Please… S-Stay here. Please."

Allen sat beside her once more, silently plotting a revenge on Matt. "Why…?"

"He said he's not ready for a child. He's not ready for the r-responsibility." The sadness on her face was soon replaced by anger and hatred. "He doesn't want the baby."

"But that doesn't mean that he should leave you alone to face this!" The blue eyed man exclaimed. He quickly got his phone from his pocket and called a one of the many people who knew would be willing to kick Matt's ass. "Jeff? You wanna help us make that jackass of a brother of yours regret something?"

End of Flashback

He remembered that the day so clearly. Just a few hours after Amy told him everything, he, Jeff, Adam, Chris Irvine, Dawn and Jason Reso, Trish Stratigias and Tyson Tomko rushed to Matt's house to give him the ass-kicking he deserved for hurting Amy so much. Stacy Keibler and Lisa Marie Varon stayed behind with Amy. They didn't beat him up too much – it took time before the guys agreed to do so – because of the redhead's request. But they knew that it was the right thing to do. Karma will take care of Matt. What they needed to do was to take care of the pregnant Amy.

A sigh escaped Allen's lips as he continued to drive to the hospital. He was very worried about Amy and her baby. He felt relieved when Jason called him to inform him that Trish was allowed to be inside the delivery room per Amy's demand, which she practically screamed into the ears of the attending nurses. Allen couldn't still believe that the day had finally come. It definitely caught him by surprise. Now that she was giving birth, he was happy that he was there for her every step of the way. Their friendship became closer as she shared the ups and downs of her pregnancy with him.


"Do you want a girl or a boy?" Stacy asked as they entered the clinic of Amy's doctor. The redhead, who was already six months pregnant, decided that she wanted to know the gender of her baby. The girls in particular were very excited to find out because they were more than ready to shop for things that they baby might need. Everyone knew that they'd be shopping for more than what Amy's baby would need.

She bit her lower lip thoughtfully. "Any would be perfect actually." Once they were all inside her doctor's office, Amy began to feel excited about her pregnancy.

"Hil?" Trish raised an eyebrow at the doctor, who was also a friend of hers. "Ames is ready."

Doctor Hilary Lopez looked at Amy's face then at the others. A smile soon made its way to her face.

"You're having a baby boy."

Once those words left her mouth, Amy felt the baby kick in her stomach. A huge smile made its way to her face. "He's kicking." Her hazel eyes locked with Allen's blue ones. She took his hand in hers and placed it on her growing belly. "Can you feel it?"

Allen waited for a moment, and then he finally felt it. "This is so cool."

End of Flashback

"Allen!" Lisa let out a sigh of relief when the brown haired man reached the waiting area. Everyone was already there except for Jason, Chris and Stacy. "Thank God you're here."

"Any news yet?" He asked.

Tyson shook his head. "Not yet. We heard her screaming awhile ago but I think Trish was able to calm her down a little."

Allen winced. "It must be really painful."

Dawn shot them a look that clearly said 'duh'. "That's why you have to be thankful you guys don't get pregnant."

"Believe me, Dawn. We are." Adam turned his attention back to Allen. "The three other blondes left to get food."

"That's a good idea since I barely had time to even start eating when you called." He sat down beside him. "I hope Ames is alright."

Lisa patted his shoulder comfortingly. "She'll be fine. Trish is with her and the doctors will take good care of her too. It's their job after all."

Jeff, who had been silent since he got there, stood up. "I have to use the facilities. Call me when you hear the news."

They watched as the rainbow haired man left. Dawn pursed her lips together. She didn't believe his excuse. She knew Jeff too well to believe it. Meanwhile, Allen sat in silence, preoccupied with a particular idea that he was thinking about for quite a long time now… specifically when he found out about the redhead's pregnancy.


"Ames, you've gotta push harder." Doctor Lopez said for another time. "Push harder, please."

Amy screamed in pain and Trish held her hand tighter, not knowing how to make her best friend feel better even just a little. "C'mon, Ames. You can do this."

"It hurts!" She yelled. "M-Matt is gonna p-pay for putting me through this!"

The petite Canadian shook her head. "Who cares about that jackass? What matters is for you to give birth properly. Now, push!"

She pushed as hard as she could and it hurt a lot. Another scream came out of her mouth. She knew that giving birth wasn't easy but she didn't expect giving birth to be this hard. It didn't help her condition knowing that once the baby was out, she had to raise him alone… without a father.

"Push, Ames. You can do it." Doctor Lopez encouraged her more. "I know it's hard but you have to do it."

"I'm trying really hard here." She managed to roll her eyes despite her situation.

Trish wiped her friend's sweat with the washcloth she was holding. "We know that and you're doing a good job but you have to try a little more."

The redhead pushed with all the strength she could muster. "I can see a part of the head." Doctor Lopez informed them. "Push more, Ames."

"Baby, please come out already." Amy pleaded, hoping her son would do so. She screamed once more.


When he was sure that none of his friends was anywhere near him, Jeff took out his phone and dialed a number. He didn't know if what he was doing would result to a good thing or not. He just knew he had to do it.

"Matt." He sighed when his brother finally answered the phone.

"What's up?" The dark haired man asked in reply. "Something wrong?"

A sigh escaped her lips. "Amy's giving birth."

All he heard was silence for a few seconds. "Oh, okay." Matt finally replied.

"Aren't you even going here to visit your son?" Jeff was getting pissed off at his brother now for the lack of concern. He immediately knew that he made the wrong decision to call him.

Matt groaned. "That's good news for her but you know I don't want the baby."

"Asshole. You're heartless, you know that?" Jeff shut his phone, not giving Matt any chance to say anything. "Damn it."


Almost six hours had passed and they still had no news about Amy. Allen, Dawn, Jeff and Jason were the only ones waiting in the hospital while the others reluctantly went home for sleep since it was already very late in the evening. Trish had managed to leave the delivery room thrice to inform them about what was happening. For now, Allen was silently praying for the redhead while Dawn was asleep with her head resting on Jason's shoulder. Jason was listening to his iPod, fighting the urge to fall asleep and Jeff just sat down in silence.

Finally, Trish came out for the fourth time that night but this time she wasn't alone. Doctor Lopez was with her. Allen, Jeff and Jason got their feet as well; Jeff waking Dawn up in the process. "How is she?" Jeff asked. "How's the baby?"

"She gave birth to a very healthy baby." Trish informed them with a smile. Her happiness overpowered her being sleepy and tired. "8.5 pounds."

Allen, Jeff, Jason and Dawn all had huge smiles on their faces as they screamed and cheered in delight. Amy had done. She had given life to a new human being


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