Summary: After a one night stand with Matt, Amy gets pregnant but he leaves her. Who will help her raise her child? Who'll stand as the baby's father?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy, Allen Jones, Trish Stratigias/Adam Copeland, Lisa Marie Varon, Christopher Irvine, Dawn Marie Psaltis/Jason Reso, Jeff Hardy, Stacy Keibler/Tyson Tomko, Ashley Massaro and many more

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Chapter Three: Going Home


The door of Amy's home was swung open. Tyson, Jeff and Adam entered first with bags of groceries in their hands. Trish, Lisa and Stacy followed soon after with things they bought during their shopping trip before Amy and Dylan were discharged from the hospital. These things include more clothes, bottles, toys and the like. "Don't forget her bag." Dawn said to Jason before she went inside the house with their two-year-old daughter, Catt, in her arms. Earlier that day, they picked her up from the blonde man's parents, who took care of her while Dawn and Jason stayed with Amy.

The new mother smiled as she entered the comforts of her own home; the place she missed while she was in the hospital. Chris and Allen, who had the bags full of Amy's things, were the last ones who entered. "Welcome home, Dylan." Amy whispered to her sleeping son.

"Okay… So this is what we'll do." Tyson looked at Stacy, Adam, Chris and Allen. "You guys should go up with Amy and Dylan and help fix all their things." Shaking his head at the ladies who went shopping earlier, he added. "Now you have more things to fix since you bought a lot of things."

Stacy snorted. "Trust me. Having a lot of his necessities is better than lacking them."

Jeff nodded in agreement with the leggy blonde. "Ty and I will fix the groceries while Trish, Dawn and Lisa will cook food for all of us." He grinned, patting his stomach.

"I will take care of my daughter." Jason said as he took the sleeping girl from his wife. "While you, Ames, take care of your baby and get some rest too."

"Are you sure you guys don't need help?" Amy asked.

Trish shook her head. "You need your rest, sweetie. Besides, Dylan can wake up and get hungry anytime."

The redhead smiled. "Thank you guys… so much." She sent another look to Jason. "You can use one of the guest rooms if she wants to sleep."

"Thanks, Red."

While Amy, Stacy, Adam, Chris and Allen went upstairs, Tyson, Jeff, Trish, Dawn and Lisa began their tasks that were involved with food. Jason also took his daughter to the living room to watch the television. "I'm happy that everything's alright." Jeff smiled as he removed the contents from the grocery bag in front of him. "After all those months… Dylan's finally here."

"We're all happy for her." Lisa looked at all the food they bought, wondering what they could possibly cook for a group of eleven people… And five of the eleven people have big appetites. "Do you think we have enough food for all of us?"

"I guess so." Trish's shoulders lifted in a slight shrug. "I mean, we bought enough food for lunch. If we're going to be here until dinner, then some of us might need to make a trip back to the grocery."

Tyson closed the refrigerator. "That all depends on what we plan on later."

Dawn tapped her fingers on the counter. "Are you up to do some grilling?" She arched an eyebrow at the two men. "I think that would be the easiest thing to do."

"Sounds good." Lisa agreed with the brunette. "That's the only way Jeff could cook without burning anything."

The rainbow haired man made a face while the others began to chuckle. "The ones that happened before were accidents, dear… accidents."

"Accidents my ass…" Tyson muttered as he made his way to the back door. "C'mon, Jeffro. Let's start grilling."

Jeff took the necessary things they needed before he followed behind the bald man. The ladies stayed in the kitchen to think of other dishes to cook. While the ones downstairs kept themselves busy, the ones upstairs were doing the same things. Stacy and Allen were busy fixing Amy and Dylan's clothes, Adam and Chris were arranging Dylan's toys around the room while Amy stayed on the bed with her son sleeping beside her.

"Are you sure you guys don't want me to help?" Amy asked.

"Just get some rest, Ames." Adam rolled his eyes. "Besides, we wouldn't be taking so long fixing the toys if the girls didn't buy so many of them."

Stacy rolled her eyes back at him. "We bought enough toys. The more, the better."

Chris snorted. "The boy's not even a week old. I don't think he's capable of playing at this time."

"Why do you think Dawn pulled Jeffro out of the room the other day?" Allen shook his head, deciding to change the subject.

"I was wondering about that." The redhead paused thoughtfully. "I have a feeling it has something to do with me?"

Adam raised his eyebrows as he sat on the carpeted floor. "Why do you think that?"

"I think the reason why they went out was so Amy couldn't hear anything they were talking about." Chris replied. "Or any of us for that matter."

Allen and Stacy didn't say anything as they continued what they were doing. They both had a feeling that they knew what Dawn and Jeff were talking about outside Amy's hospital room. What they both didn't know was they were thinking of the same thing and they were right. The two good friends of the redhead made a mental note to talk to the brunette and the rainbow haired man when they get the chance later that day.



The dark haired man looked away from the computer. "Yes, mom?"

Mrs. Hardy stood in the doorway of his room, holding the doorknob with her hand. "Do you know where your brother is?"

"Yeah… I know…" Matt did his best not to show his mother that he was a bit uncomfortable. "He's with Amy… She just gave birth."

Her mouth nearly dropped in shock. "W-Why didn't you tell me? Why aren't you there with them?"

"I don't want that baby, mom. You know that… And I-I don't want to be with her anymore."

"That's your son, Matthew."

"I don't want the baby."

His mother just stared at him and he couldn't describe the expression on her face. "I expected more from you." She mumbled before she went out of the room, slowly shutting the door behind her. Did I do something wrong in raising Matt?


Dawn stood at the bottom of the stairs. "Lunch is ready!" She said out loud for those upstairs to hear.

"There's something called going up and telling them that the food is ready, Nosy." Tyson rolled his eyes. "I hope you know Dylan is asleep up there."

"And so is Catt." Jason landed as he appeared on the stairs with Adam, Chris, Allen and Stacy behind him. "She's asleep in the guest room."

"How's Amy?" Jeff asked as he placed a huge plate of steak on the table.

Allen got a plate from her table. "She wants to stay with Dylan first. She just asked me to bring some food for her."

The brown haired man proceeded to get food for the new mom while everyone else settled in around the table to begin lunch. Aside from the steak that Tyson and Jeff grilled, they also had pasta and salad for lunch. Once he had the food, Allen went straight back upstairs to Amy's room, a bit surprised to find Amy breastfeeding her son on the bed.

"Whoops… Sorry." He immediately looked away. "I think you'd want your privacy… You wouldn't want people watching you while you do that."

She laughed; her voice sounding like music to his ears. She sounded genuinely happy. "I really don't mind. You could stay if you want. Besides, you're going to see this often anyways since you said you want to be a father figure for Dylan and I'm pretty sure you'll be around a lot."

He nodded slowly as he placed the tray of food on the nearby table. Then, he sat on the couch and opened the television. "Um… I think I'll just watch TV while you do that…"

This time, the redhead giggled. "If that's what you want."

While the two upstairs were having a slightly awkward moment – well, that was the case for one of them – those downstairs were fairing much better… At least that was the case at first. Stacy was occasionally giving quick glances at both Jeff and Dawn. She still couldn't remove the topic they had earlier from her mind. She wanted to know what was going on and she needed to make sure that it won't do any harm to Amy. Her curiosity rose when Jeff's phone began to ring and a strange look crossed his face when he read the caller ID. The rainbow haired man soon excused himself from the table to answer the call.


"Jeffrey." His mom answered. "Why didn't you tell me that Amy gave birth?"

He raked his hair with his free hand. "Mom, can we talk about this some other time? At least when I'm there?" He kept his voice as low as possible so that no one can here. "This shouldn't even be a big deal…"

"This shouldn't even be a big deal?" She repeated. "That's my grandson we're talking about here."

"Mom…" Jeff groaned. "I don't think they would appreciate it if you stick your nose into the baby's life. I know that he's your grandson but remember… Matt didn't want the kid and he cut all his connection from Amy and the baby. I don't think Ames would like it if you enter the picture all of a sudden."

Mrs. Hardy sighed. "That shouldn't have happened at the first place… Matt should be there."

"That was his decision, mom. There's nothing we can do about it."


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