Disclaimer: Eh, I don't own it 'kay

Disclaimer: Eh, I don't own it 'kay?

A million apologies, in my defense, I did have a hardware crash and this chapter was the only one I did not have backed up so I did have to rewrite it, but yeah, some of, okay, a lot of it was me procrastinating. So sorry.

Chapter 10: Welcome to Living


Gohan suddenly jumped to his feet, the papers he had so diligently been working on scattered and the chair clattered to the floor. He closed his eyes and focused on the disturbance that had startled him from his studies, "What is that thing?" he mumbled to himself. The phone rang, breaking his concentration.


"Gohan, are you feeling that thing coming towards us?"

"Yes, it's almost here."

"Oh man, what is it?"

"I have no idea Goten, but we should assume the worst. Are you with Trunks?"


"Okay good, go on ahead and evacuate all the people in it's landing area, I'll get Vegeta and meet you there in a couple of minutes."

"Okay, I'll see you there."


After the odd creature landed, it proved its hostilities and the four Saiyans were forced to engage it. However, they found that none of their attacks had any effect on the being; it was as if there was nothing there to hit. The monster on the other hand, a twisted form of grey that somewhat resembled a giant lizard with no back legs and the horns and eyes of a demon, had no difficulty in attacking them.

"Damn, what is this thing?!" Gohan said in frustration from a distance.

"We have to find away to hit this thing, otherwise we're just sitting ducks!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Yeah, but what are we supposed to do?" Goten panted after dodging a sphere of energy from the thing.

Vegeta yelled, "Enough, we are Super Saiyans, no matter what the thing is it's not stronger than us."

The four charged again but it batted Trunks and Goten away effortlessly. Vegeta dodged the daemon's teeth as it snapped at him and Gohan found himself smashed against a nearby building with a sweep from its tail. He was stunned for only a moment, but it was more than ample opportunity for the beast to come in for the killing blow. Gohan couldn't move in time, he clenched his teeth and shut his eyes. He felt someone's hand on his shoulder and when he opened his eyes, he saw he had somehow been transported away. He looked up and saw a Namek in a grey gi with a black belt, vest, and elbow high, fingerless glove on his left arm.

"Th-thank you."

"No problem kid."

"P-PICCOLO!!" He sprang up and grabbed his old mentor's shoulders, "You're alive!"

Piccolo nodded, "Just about."

"What do you mean?"

"All I have to do now is destroy that thing," he replied glaring and the creature, "You and the others back off and let me fight it alone."

"Well… okay, but look none of our attacks work against it, you don't stand a chance!"

"Yes I do. This thing is in between the living and the dead, although more dead than living, so objects and people of the living world can see it but not touch it, however it can completely interact with the living. So, the only thing that can stop it; is something from the world of the dead." He took of the black glove and Gohan shivered as a dark energy seeped from Piccolo's hand. With a burst of darkness Piccolo teleported in front of the beast and blasted it with a mixture of his and the Death Hand's chi.

The creature was taken aback, but when it saw the Death Hand, it suddenly went berserk. Piccolo fought against the creature's rage, but its power kept dramatically increasing and it became clear he would be over powered. He teleported some distance away and focused on his cursed hand, "Dark Fusion, twenty-five percent!" The mark of the Death Hand glowed and Piccolo's chi increased tenfold as the Death Hand's raw energy transformed the left side of his body into grey, wrinkle-textured skin and his left eye became that of a demon. The two dark powers clashed again, until they reached the limit of that state. The creature roared and transformed, it now had two legs and two arms, with black plates covering it ever so often. It moved so fast that a razor-sharp gale of demonic wind tore through Piccolo, slicing vertically from his waist to his shoulder. "Dark Fusion fifty-percent!" The other half of Piccolo's body turned grey, mirroring his left side as his wound healed itself. The ghostly being screeched and a summon spirit, another twisted form of grey, in a shape reminiscent of a dragon appeared from the sky. Piccolo bit his finger, "Summoning: I offer my blood and one hundred of the wretched souls I have collected and ask for your strength, King of the Dragons of the Underworld, mightiest of the beasts of Hell: Berialyck!" A great black dragon shot out from the cracked earth and on Piccolo's command attacked the grey dragon. Meanwhile, the two Summoners continued to tussle until Piccolo shot a burst of ghost and demon energy that paralyzed his opponent for a second. Berialyck defeated its enemy and returned to Hell to rest and Piccolo transported away.

"Time to end this, Dark Fusion, one-hundred percent." The dark armor covered his entire body, black wings sprouted from his back, Sharp horns grew from his forehead, shocks of white hair appeared on his normally bald head, and six tails thrashed from behind. No longer recognizable, the Namek charged. His enemy shot a massive beam of energy, but Piccolo countered, "Sorrow's Cannon." A twisting beam of black energy, which seemed to wail in pain and fear tore through the grey blast and hit the creature. Piccolo swooped in after the beam, a massive amount of energy focused onto the Death Hand, "Soul Drain." He touched the creature, it screamed in agony and with a blinding flash of light the two vanished.

Piccolo opened his eyes and saw nothing but white, much like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. A figure appeared before him, an almost human-looking man with light-blue skin and dark blue hair. He opened his eyes, revealing golden, piercing eyes.

"Who are you," Piccolo asked.

"I am the being you were just fighting, well, at least this is my original form."


"Is that the Death Hand?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

The man looked grief-stricken as he said, "For I too was one chosen to use the Death Hand, I am your predecessor. They didn't tell me, doubtless they didn't tell you either. Now that you have the Death Hand you will never be allowed to die unless the Council of Universal Order decides you have served the universe sufficiently, which will never happen. It didn't for me, even though I tried for over two hundred centuries. What's worse is, the constant mental struggle between you and the Death Hand slowly drives you insane my predecessor managed to hold out against for several hundred years longer than me, and the one before only lasted fifty years. Then, when your mind can take no more you go on a rampage, although that happens a handful of times prior, this one is different. This one you can't win against, all you can do is watch as you slaughter all your family and friends, and destroy planet after planet until finally you can take no more. Your soul is practically forced from your body, turning you into the mindless beast you saw and fought me as. You become nothing more than a wretched and primitive predator that goes from planet to planet feeding on souls to sustain its existence for reasons unknown. My time is almost up, I impart to you what was left by my predecessor, he was working on a way to avoid the insanity and I continued it, obviously unsuccessfully, I hope you fair better."

He closed his eyes and a string of white went from his forehead to Piccolo's, once the transfer was complete, everything faded away.

Piccolo found himself back on Earth, the beast gone and the new information he had just been given running through his head. He suddenly felt weak, and searing pain shot through him for transforming completely and using so much of the Death Hand's abilities. He clenched his teeth, forcing the power of his curse back to his left hand through blinding agony. When he finally contained it enough, he materialized another of the black glove he had been wearing, a special curse-binding cloth that held the curse in. This done he gasped and allowed himself to pass out. He was finally alive again, but at what cost?

Muhaha, that is the end of Welcome to Dying: One Namek's Struggles in the Bowels of Hell. Why? Um, well he's not dead or in Hell anymore. I'm not sure what the sequel will be called yet though. Maybe The Darkness of Light or Welcome to Living: One Namek's Struggles with the Curse or some variation of that. Don't expect it soon though, I mean look how long this took me. Well, hope you enjoyed.