Note: This is a weird crossover with Xena. It's Xena/Ares and Buffy/Spike. Okay, I guess here's what you need to know to get it: this is set in the last season of Buffy when Faith is in Sunnydale. As for Xena, it's set in the fifth season. I changed a few things, though. One, Xena is not pregnant. The reason I set it here is because I kind of fell even more in love with Ares during this season. But I did not like the whole Xena comes back from the dead pregnant with an angels baby storyline. Don't get me wrong I believe in angels and heaven and hell and God, I just didn't like this storyline.

Don't own Xena or Buffy.


Buffy wasn't exactly sure how it happened. One minute she and Faith were arguing. Not an unusual occurrence with them, the next there was something opening next to him. Something as in a portal. And then they were flying through it.

Instinctively, Buffy reached out for Faith when Faith did the same. Buffy couldn't really see that well, and what she could see was making her dizzy. So, she squeezed Faiths hand and closed her eyes.

When they landed, they landed hard. They were on their backs, staring up at clear blue sky's.

"What the hell was that?" Faith asked, sitting up. Buffy sat up next to her and rolled her shoulders.

"Some sort of portal. Question is, who opened it?"

"Uh, B. I think the question is, where are we?" Faith looked around warily. Buffy found herself doing the same. Obviously they weren't in Sunnydale any more. Buffy stood up.

"So, portal. You think we're, like, in the same reality anymore?" Faith was walking away a little bit. Buffy frowned when she heard something. They were on a slight hill and it sounded like it was coming from the other side of the hill.

"Um, Buffy. I think it's safe to say. We're not in Sunnydale anymore." Faith said when she reached the top of the hill. Buffy walked up next her and gasped. At the bottom of the hill, there was a fight going on. There were several men fighting two women, which Buffy wouldn't have found odd. After all, her and Faith.

What was odd, was what they were fighting with. Swords. One of the women, a very tall looking woman, was wearing black leather and looked to be kicking major ass.

"You have got to be kidding me." Buffy said. Faith grinned.

"Check that out, B. Those girls got skills."

"Maybe we should help them or something." Faith snorted, watching as the taller of the two women flipped clear over the head of one of the men and knocked him out cold from behind.

"Don't think they need it."

"That's probably true." Buffy said. She had never seen anyone fight like the dark haired woman was. Well, she had but she and Faith were slayers. And Spike and Angel were vampires. She watched fascinated as the woman took down one man after another.

The other woman, a smaller blonde was holding her own as well. Buffy's head snapped up when she heard yelling coming from somewhere. Out of nowhere, more men came running.

"Okay, I guess we can help now." Faith said. Buffy and Faith ran down the hill and immediately got into the fight.

Buffy stood back to back with Faith. One of the men came towards her, sword held high. Buffy caught the man's sword hand mid-swing easily and swung his arm back around, smashing his own fist to his face. He went down, hard. Her and Faith broke apart and Buffy ducked under another attack, coming back up and landing a blow to another man's gut, and then an uppercut when he bent forwards. He joined his friends on the ground.

With her and Faith helping the fight didn't last much longer and soon the men who weren't unconscious were running. Buffy and Faith both turned to the two women, who were staring at them warily now. The taller of the two women sheathed her sword.

"Thanks for the help." The woman said finally. "But who are you?" Buffy grinned a little sheepishly. These women were going to think they were crazy.

"Um, that's a long story."

Note: I know this is short, sorry. Honestly I don't think this is going to be more than a few chapters long, though. At least I'm not planning on it to be at the moment.