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Inscribed in the Blade


Chapter One


Sakura awoke to the sounds of heavy footsteps and a loud crash. Her heart pounding loudly in her ears, emerald eyes squinted into the darkness of the room, trying to adjust to the lack of light. Something seemed off… something wasn't right. Her mind was strangely clear, despite the fact that she had just woken from a deep slumber. An ominous feeling of dread crept over her, and Sakura took a deep breath, steeling herself for… for something – she just didn't know what, at least not yet.

A high-pitched scream sliced through the unsettling silence, and her suspicions were confirmed. Sakura broke out into a cold sweat as her mind registered a horrible reality. That scream had belonged to her mother. It was her mother's voice. Okaa-sama…

She sat up quickly, and her left arm shot out from beneath the covers to the side of her futon, fumbling for matches to light her candle.

Where… where were her flints?

Another choked shriek shook through the rice paper walls of her home, and Sakura's heart leapt within her chest. There was no time. Scrambling from her bed, she stood shakily and with trembling fingers pulled the folds of her yukata closer around her. She would simply have to do without light.

Her breathing was irregular and panicked as she raced down the dark halls of her home, and somewhere in the back of her mind, Sakura numbly noted that it was far too quiet. Surely some of the servants had heard her mother's scream? But then where was everybody?

It was with a sudden jolt that Sakura realized that she was scared… no, terrified - more terrified than she had ever been her entire life, and as she finally came to a stop in front of her parents' room, she found herself unsure of what to do.

There was a dim light coming from the other side of the paper-thin door, and with trembling hands, she pulled the shoji door open.

Her emerald eyes widened. A dark figure stood in the center of the room, its back to her. But at the sound of her gasp, it turned around, and their eyes met. It was as if the air around his face was on fire… but it was only the light from the lamp's reflection. His features were illuminated in a haunting, red glow, and Sakura knew that she would never forget the man's face.

His eyes were a deep, wooden brown, his eyelashes were dark and full, and a long scar ran from the outer edge of his left eye to his upper lip, forcing his mouth into a perpetual sneer. Sakura would later think back on this moment with bitter irony. Her first impression of the shadowed figure was that, other than that jagged scar, the man was singularly handsome.

Then, almost as if gravity had intensified only on the spot where she was standing, her head and gaze fell to the floor with rapid speed. Two bodies… her father… her mother… were on the floor; a dark liquid pooled from under them, slowly growing with each passing second.

Sakura screamed.

As if her voice had been the trigger, the scar-faced man moved towards her with sudden swiftness, his sword drawn. Time seemed to stand still, and she could hear nothing but the fast, loud beating of her heart, pulsing in her ears. He lifted the blade high into the air and Sakura could only watch, frozen in fear, as death itself swung down upon her.

She fell into a heap on the ground as a loud clang resounded above her. It was several seconds before Sakura realized that it was her manservant, Kousaka, who had saved her life. He had pushed her out of the way, and was now engaging the scar-faced man in a duel. With a terrible, cold sort of horror she realized her servant was the weaker of the two.

Sakura looked around the room frantically before her eyes finally fell upon the sword her father held in his hand. She crawled past both men, praying that their enemy wouldn't notice, to her father's side. Her heart, which had been pounding so loudly that Sakura could hear nothing else, suddenly dropped to her stomach as she pulled the weapon from her father's fingers. His skin had been so cold.

The sword felt heavier than usual in her hand, but Sakura moved so quickly she didn't have time to think… she couldn't think. If she thought about what was happening… if reality sank in… Sakura forced all thought out of her head.

Her manservant had been cut down, and was lying on the floor, bleeding profusely. The scar-faced man was advancing over his body with frightening calmness, his sword raised against Kousaka's fallen figure in the same way it had been raised against her only a while ago. How long ago had it been? Minutes? Seconds?

The man hadn't noticed her walking up behind him. Sakura's muscles moved with a practiced fluidity and certainty that surprised even herself. She slashed blindly at the man's hand, and his sword clattered to the ground. Blood squirted onto her face, and then he let out a terrible scream. She had cut off his middle finger.

His eyes stared at her, and she stared back… they both stared with a sort of mixed horror. The scar-faced man moved towards her menacingly, but the sound of servants' yelling and pounding footsteps stopped his movements. His eyes filled with fury, and the last thing Sakura remembered before losing consciousness was his cruel sneer twisting into a sick smile, and his whispered promise to her.

"I will kill you."




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