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Day One - Mail

Olivier Milla Armstrong was not a procrastinator. She got her work done in a timely manner, and all would have agreed with that if not for the two envelopes sitting in the corner of her desk. The two envelopes, one cream and one soft pink, had been in that exact location for over a week now.

Said officer looked up from her desk as a knock sounded on her door. "Enter" she called, her eyes focusing back on words scrawled on the sheet of paper in front of her after she recognized the shape looming in the foggy glass window of the door as one of her best subordinates.

"Afternoon, Sir," he grunted, footsteps echoing in the cement room.

She looked back up in time to catch his salute. "Buccaneer?" she responded, returning his salute.

"They're sending me letters now," he informed her.

"Hn?" she mumbled, feigning ignorance.

"It can't be that bad," he said, dropping an envelope on top of the document she was working on.

She narrowed her eyes hidden behind blond hair. "It can. Look it's covered in hearts and roses," she countered, drawing her sword and using the tip of it to shove the envelope in the direction of the others. "Get rid of them, use them for fuel in one of the furnaces," she ordered.

"Yes, Sir," he replied, scooping up the neglected envelops and turning to leave.

"And tell everyone else that I'll start the vasectomies if any more of those letters wind up on my desk," she told him before he closed the door.

"Yes, Sir," he answered.

Olivier smirked at the, now free of clutter, corner of her desk.

The last of her paper work was finished after a lunch of smoked elk, the last of it they had in the store room, and potatoes. She was getting ready to make her daily rounds of the fort when one of her newer recruits came up to her, making a shaky salute. "General Armstrong, Sir," he squeaked.

"Yes, Major?" she questioned.

"An urgent telegram, and mail from a Colonel Mustang of Eastern," he answered, extending the papers to her with a quivering arm.

"Thank you, Major. You may return to your duties now," she said, taking the papers from him and sticking them in her coat pocket.

When she got back to her office she held them in front of her smirking at the name on them. "Mustang, I wonder what kind of trouble you're in now. Maybe it will provide some entertainment," she mumbled, sliding the letter opener across the envelope.

Before pulling the letter from the envelope she read the telegram.

Major General Armstrong,

I have enclosed some details about a situation in Central that needs your specific attention.

Colonel Roy Mustang.

She set the paper aside and pulled the documents from the envelope. To her dismay the papers did not contain a messy scrawl, but the flowery handwriting of her mother. She groaned and slammed her fist on her desk. "I'll get you for this Mustang." She grumbled, hand going to the hilt of her sword.

Her eyes widened with each new line of the letter she read. Her forehead met the desk in a sickening thud after she finished reading the letter.

A knock sounded on the door.

"Enter," she called, straightening up.

"I heard a loud noise," Buccaneer ventured.

"I'll be returning to Central for a few weeks. You'll be in charge," she informed him.

"Sir?" he raised an eyebrow.

"A wedding," she growled. "Arm-e is getting married to some fool named Allen," she explained. "Apparently I've already been given leave. My father still has his influence with the Fuhrer."

"We'll continue working as if you've never left," he reassured her.

"I know," she said, rising from her seat. "If anything happens send me word," she ordered, a glint of mischief in her eyes. She saluted him, and then left him alone in her office.

"Yes, Sir," he replied, watching her walk down the hallway to her inevitable doom.

A.N.-This is for the 60 Damn Prompts community on lj. 60 days in the life of Olivier. Each prompt is the day following the previous one. May contain implied adult content in later chapters. Possible OlivierxBuccaneer in future chapters. If you want to know a specific time it takes place in the manga, lets just say it's after Roy gets transferred to Central, but before Riza meets Barry. I don't know how this chapter got switched with the one-shot from Fruits Basket, that was weird.