Day 40 - Memories


Catherine winced as she watched Olivier hack away at the flower stems.

"What's wrong, Livi?" she asked, concerned.

"Nothing. Everything is perfectly fine," she hissed, shoving the arrangement into a vase.

"Oh, sorry," Catherine said as she left her older sister to her own devices.

Olivier frowned. Catherine's curiosity had just made it worse. Now, instead of trying to forget, all she could do was think about Mustang invading her fort, presiding over her men. She knew she could trust Miles to keep him from causing too much trouble, but it still irritated her that he was at Briggs and she was in Central.

"I hope an icicle falls on him," she muttered.

Buccaneer chuckled from the other side of the counter. "Maybe he'll lose an arm."

"Or his life," she hissed.

"That would be too easy," he reasoned.

She nodded, glad he couldn't see her smile.

She finished another arrangement, and then straightened up. "Now that Catherine's here, we can leave the rest to her."

He clumsily untied the apron, only to have Catherine approach him. "You're leaving?" she pouted.

"Yes, we're leaving for the day. Aunt Laurel's garden needs tending, and we have other matters to attend to," Olivier snapped.

"The shop closes in a couple hours, I could come help with the gardening," she offered.

"No, we'll manage just fine."

Catherine's shoulders slumped in defeat at her sister's snappy tone."Well, don't forget to come home for dinner," she called as they walked towards the door.

Buccaneer gave her a wave over his shoulder as they left.


Buccaneer watched from across the back yard as Olivier tore viciously at the weeds.

He cleared his throat, and she looked over at him.

"What's the history between you and Mustang?" he asked, half-expecting her to throw her sword at him.

She grumbled down into the dirt for a moment. "There is no history."

He raised an eyebrow. "Like Drachma there isn't."

"Drop it, First Liuetenant," she ordered icily.

"I'm sure I could ask your brother," he thought aloud.

She scowled, knowing that her family would blame the animosity on Mustang tearing the head off of her favorite teddy bear as a child. "He stole a great sniper right out from under my nose," she confessed.

"Hawkeye?" Buccaneer guessed. Her skills were infamous even from the short time she spent at Briggs during the joint training, and she always seemed to regard Olivier with mixed feeling.

Olivier nodded, scowling at the memory of Hawkeye turning down the offer to be stationed at Briggs.

"She's the one that can hardly defend herself against a sword, right?"

Olivier nodded.

"Useless," he muttered, glad to cheer her up even the slightest bit.

"Not cut out for Briggs at all," she added, chuckling to herself as she recalled past sparring matches with the sniper.


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Chapter Omake/Parody:

"Don't forget to come home for dinner, the cooks are making stew," Catherine called.

Olivier frowned. How had Catherin guessed it?

"Fuck yeah," Buccaneer cheered, grinning at the prospect of having his favorite dish for dinner.

"All right, we'll be there," Olivier called over her shoulder, knowing that if she didn't agree to go, Buccaneer would sulk for the entire evening.