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Sasuke POV

"Yo, Sasuke wait up!" I heard a very loud obnoxious voice calling out to me as I was walking home, 'Why do I, out of all the people in the world have to have this guy as a friend.' I turned to have the dove almost crash into me, "what do you want dove I have to get home and start on my homework and I really don't have time to deal with you" I asked not in the mood to deal with him "what!? Dude forget the homework me and the guys are going to celebrate Neji's 18 b-day by taking him to a stripper club" Naruto chimed his eye brows going up and down. I frowned "no thanks" and with that I started walking again. "man, Sasuke your so boring you seriously need to get laid!" the narutard yelled out, my brow started twitching, 'yes Naruto scream it out for the whole town to hear' I looked around and noticed people stopped what they were doing to stare, 'don't people have anything better to do.'

Normal POV

"well I better tell everyone he's not coming" he stopped to think a bit, 'hmm, maybe he does need to get laid,' while Naruto was consumed in his thoughts, he didn't notice the banana peel in the sidewalk, he tripped on it and landed on his face 'son of a-' he lifted up his face to be slapped in the face with a magazine that was blowing in the wind. He peeled it of his face and read the article on the page it was turned to.

'Mail Order Lovers, hmm this might just be what Sasuke needs, lets see what it says hmm, blah blah,, blah, some guy named orochimaru, blah, simple to order just fill out the order form at the back of the magazine and it will arrive in 1-2 days, AWSOME!"

Naruto pulled a pen out of his pocket and turned to the last page, "okay let's see Sasuke uchih-

Let's get these teen hearts beating faster,

So testosterone boys and -


"Yo' Naruto hurry up man or were leavin without ya'"

"Chill man ill be there in a sec"

"you got Five minutes or were leavin' yo' ass"

"No worries I'll be there"

He closed his phone, I really need a new ring tone, he looked down at the paper and decided to just hurry and put what ever down anyway its not like he was paying, he circled a few things, and shoved it in the mail box which was conveniently on the way towards his next destination.

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