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Ch 10 smile pretty for the cameras

Sasuke's gang sat at the lunch table listening to Naruto as he ranted on and on about virgins and emo temes and other things of the sort.

"sigh well its not so bad, I mean I would feel kind of weird if he was the only dude in the group who's gotten laid, ya' know?" he said while graving his fork and stabbing the mush on his plate the cafeteria tried to pass off as food before it could crawl too far away.

"dude…did your food just…move?" Kiba questioned with a bewildered and disgusted look on his face .

Naruto smiled lazily, "yeah it does that sometimes…" he then promptly proceeded to smother it in hot sauce. The whole group fell silent as small squealing noises were heard coming from the mush and Naruto smiled sadistically at the sound.

"…dude your not gonna eat that, are you?"

"why wouldn't I?," Naruto questioned while taking a huge bite of it, "anyway, back to what I was saying"

"dude you do know that you and Sasuke are the only virgins in the group right?" Kiba said while smirking up at Naruto.

Naruto started chocking on the 'food' as what Kiba had said processed.

"what the fudge are you talking about dog breath?"

"yeah you two are the only ones left"

"when did this happen!" Naruto screeched as he pointed an accusatory finger at Kiba

"well I got drunk at a party during the summer, shikamaru had a threesome with temari and ino-

"twice" shikamaru interjected before laying his head back down on the table and falling asleep again.

"uh, right twice, shino slept with some chick from the bug museum-"


Kibas left eye twitched at being cut of again, "yeah twice"

"well I know chojis still got his v card right?" Naruto questioned with a hopeful look on his face. No way the dude had lost it before him! All he cared about was food and…well, food…

"actually chojis gotten the most action out of all of us really," Kiba said while scratching his chin in a thoughtful manner, "guess most chicks are chubby chasers now in days"

Naruto sat there, a forlorn look on his face as he just sat…starring of into nowhere.

The silence seemed to stretch on forever before Naruto spasmodically twitched, causing everyone to jump from the sudden movement, then slumped in his seat. His head was bowed, words being mumbled from the lifeless lump.

"me and the teme are the only ones left…choji…beat me…." Naruto whimpered at the last words before his head shot up with a determined fist held proudly in the air.

"fine! If that's how it is then Ill at least beat the teme!" Naruto screamed before jumping onto the table they were seated at causing the cafeterias full attention to be placed on him.

"who wants to be the lucky lady to take my virginity!" Naruto screamed out into the audience while pointing his thumb at his puffed out chest.

The cafeteria fell silent, small crickets chirping in the background. A person released an awkward cough.

"DIBS ON THE FUNNY BLOND!" a random female voice was heard from the back of the cafeteria.

"hey that's my man back off bitch!"

"I saw him first!"

"ill fight u for him slut!"

"get him!"

Naruto released an "uh oh" before a stampede of females ran his way carrying him off…somewhere, as Narutos cries for help became fainter and fainter as their distance increased.

"well…hey shikamaru ill trade you this microwave pizza for your "spaghetti"

The teacher stood in front of the class, starring out into the sea of wasted semen that had created the idiots seated before her.

She really hated her job…

She sighed before directing the students attention to her when she coughed exaggeratedly into her closed fist. Once she was sure everyone was paying attention she smiled and spoke up.

"well class today we will begin with the poems I assigned as homework yesterday, so do I have any volunteers that would like to present first" as soon as she had finished speaking an arm rocketed into the air, the said appendage belonging to none other than Sakura Haruno. The girl bounced in her seat as she flailed her arm around and continued to chant "oh, miss pick me, pick me!"

The teacher sweat dropped as she stared at the girls too enthusiastic reaction.

"um yes, miss Haruno, please, come up to the front of the class" the teacher said while moving to situate herself behind her desk again and grumble about her horrible life while lighting a cigarette and proceeding to smoke in class…

The girl hurriedly scurried to the front of the class and beamed a too bright smile at the class before clearing her throat.

"ahem, my poem is called 10 more reasons why I love Sasuke-kun"

Multiple groans of not this again and for the love of god and heads being slammed into desk could be heard reverberating in the classroom as the poem began. Sakura continued on with her poem undeterred, almost like she hadn't noticed her pears reactions, or maybe she really hadn't…

"could it be the way Sasuke smiles, or the way his nose scrunches and his face contorts in Love as he tells me "your annoying" Sakura spoke with a dreamy look marring her features as she pressed her poem to her chest and continued her endless monologue about Sasuke's greatness. But soon the poem started getting down right creepy.

"and sometimes I collect strands of Sasuke's silky soft hair and roll them into little Sasuke h-h-hairballs" she said while making a rolling motion with her fingers as her voice broke with the emotions building up from her 'wonderful' poem. She closed her eyes and fisted a hand over her heart dramatically when her poem was finished. A screech broke through her dramatic moment as a seething ino jumped up standing on her seat and pointing an accusatory finger at Sakura

"billboard brow you totally plagiarized my poem!"

"pu-lease ino pig, like your puny intellect could ever have enough capacity to come up with a poem as amazing as the one I hold in my hand!" sakura proclaimed as she snottily stuck her nose in the air.

Ino turned red with anger and before Sakura knew what hit her she was tackled to the ground by a pissed of ino. Ino scratched at Sakura's face as Sakura managed to stand up with ino on her sholders, scrawny legs wrapped around her throat, air not reaching her lungs properly. Sakura reached up trying to pry her long time rival in love off her beautiful shoulders. The off balanced Sakura staggered around the room because of the added weight. Thinking fast she decided to slam the insane ino against a wall to get her off but instead of backing into a wall she backed into a glass window. The window shattered, seeing as the school had bought the cheapest glass they could, and they both fell out.

The class sat still as they heard the thud of the impact of the two hitting the ground.

"…yes they're finally gone!," everyone in class cheered as they thought they had finally disposed of the two psychos.

"hey, you guys its okay, where fine" was heard coming from outside the window, sounding strangely like Sakura, a perfectly intact Sakura to be precise.

"hurry someone throw a desk at them" was whispered by someone in the class.

"Ill sacrifice my desk for the betterment of our class!" someone cried before flinging their desk out the window, nailing Sakura in the forehead a deep voice in the background announcing a K.O. as Sakura fell to the ground.

Hinata walked next to Sasuke as they made their way to the restaurant that Sasuke worked part time at, her mind visibly elsewhere as she, on numerous occasions tripped on her own two feet, falling twice as Sasuke reacted too slowly to catch her before she hit the unforgiving sidewalk, to her chagrin. Why couldn't he be like the shojo boys that somehow always managed to catch the clumsy but lovable protagonist?

She sighed as a small pizza restaurant came into view. The place was small and quaint, varnished to look like some sort of stereo typical Italian pizza place, oh look their was even a little chubby plastic Italian man with a gaudy mustache positioned next to the door. Hinata tapped the little plastic man with her pointer fingers knuckle a couple of times before walking into the small shop.

She scanned the restaurant looking at all the color full paintings of Italian monuments and such. The atmosphere was homey the customer count at a low considering it was a weekday so she guessed there wouldn't be much to do today. She followed Sasuke to the back were he dropped his backpack in a corner and pulled out two white aprons, holding it out to her as he slipped the other around his neck.

Hinata gingerly grabbed the apron from him, her hand accidently brushing against his causing Sasuke to snatch his hand away and walk of into the back mumbling something about clocking them in. Hinata sighed and shook her head as she tied the apron on. Sasuke had been really …whishy washy today, one minute he was shy and virginal the next he was being cold and distant, it wasn't helping at all and she really needed to talk to him about Orochimaru….

Sasuke returned from the back holding a giant pan covered in giant doe balls. Hinata stared at him as he walked over to the counter in the back and placed them there before smothering the counter top with flour.

"you ready to get started Hinata?" he asked in his usually bored tone, his back still facing her. Hinata frowned and stepped up next to him standing a smidge to close for Sasuke's comfort.

"yes master Uchiha" she murmured which caused Sasuke's face to turn a light shade of red. He cleared his throat and shock his head, "I thought I told you not to call me that.." he mumbled before grabbing a French roller and beginning to work on the first ball of dough. Hinata smiled and giggled as the color didn't want to seem to fade from his face and his scowl seemed to deepen.

"phew" Hinata wiped at the imaginary sweat on her brow as she was exiting out the small shop with Sasuke. The work wasn't difficult, waiting on tables cleaning and making pizzas wasn't fairly difficult but standing on your feet for hours on end could tire anyone out. She pressed her forehead against Sasuke's back and smiled when he stiffened slightly.

She had spent most of the time at the pizza shop like this. Finding any opportunity to invade Sasuke's personal space and exploiting it. She hated to admit it but teasing Sasuke, watching the blushes spread on his cheeks, seeing him stiffen… was fun, not to mention he looked adorable when he blushed.

Hinata giggled at her final thought and looked ahead to see that somehow they where already at Sasuke's front door. He unlocked the door and stepped in kicking his shoes of at the entrance before heading into the kitchen. Hinata remained in the hall scanning the small hallway discreetly as she removed her shoes. Orochimaru or one of his goons, more than likely Kakashi had been here. They had to keep tabs on her to make sure she was doing her "job" so more than likely they had installed surveillance cameras in the house. She had to tell Sasuke about this if she wanted his help she had to tell him about her situation. She turned and saw Sasuke heading into the bathroom.

As he was closing the door she placed her hand between the door and stepped inside with him closing the door behind her.

"hey, what are you-" but Sasuke was cut off as Hinata pressed her lips against his. Sasuke's mind went black as her lips slowly moved against his. He pressed his palms to her cheeks as he reciprocated the kiss. She dragged her hands up his chest and slowly started backing into the direction of the bathtub. She broke from the kiss and brought her hands to one of his leading him into the bathtub with her. Sasuke followed her numbly his body moving of its own accord. He watched dazedly as she closed the curtain and turned on the shower. He shivered as the water hit his back and Hinata surged forward pressing herself fully against him.

Gods this girl was beautiful. Her arms came up and he watched as two eloquent fingers popped the first button of her uniform shirt

Orochima and Kakashi starred transfixed on the screen in front of them as they saw Hinata make her way into the restroom after Sasuke and seeing the door shut with what looked like a considerable amount of force.

The two turned to each other blank looks on both of the men's faces.

"…you don't think?…" Kakashi questioned leaving the implication of his question to hang in the air.

The two continued to stare at each other for a few more seconds the implication of what they had seen slowly sinking into their brain.

"QUICKLY MAN SWITCH TO THE CAMERA IN THE RESTROOM" Orochimaru hollered at Kakashi while sprinting out of the room. Kakashi picked up the multiple remotes on the table, not knowing which one operated which tv and which camera yet.

Kakashi doing the only logical thing a human would do started pressing random buttons hoping by some act of god he would find the remote. He heard the door slam against the wall indicating lord Orochimaru had returned with… a bag of popcorn?

"so did you find the remote, we have installed the audio bugs right?" he asked while shoveling a handfull of popcorn into his giant mouth hole.

"uh well, sir…I have no idea what im doing actually…and I don't think they've installed the audio yet" he answered while ducking behind his arms expecting a hard blow from the snake man.

The man only sighed while grabbing a giant stick from behind the couch they sat on and using it to push the button on the tv causing the image on the tv to shift to a misted image of the restroom with two silhouettes behind a duck patterned light blue curtain, random clothing strewn on top of the curtain rod and the ground.

"its so hard to find good minions these days" Orochimaru sighed while handing Kakashi his stick

"hold my stick"

"yes sir"

"…stroke it"

"…excuse me?"

Sasuke starred transfixed as the buttons seemed to come undone almost in slow motion, the edges of his vision blurring to the point to where all he could see was the enticing girl in front of him slowly unclothing. The dampened fabric slid of her shoulders, pooling on the tub floor. She pressed herself against him causing sweat to dampen his skin and his breath to hitch. She slid her hands down his clothed chest and caught the hem of his shirt bringing the black t-shirt over his head and threw it over the curtain rod.

Sasuke swallowed hard as the current situation started finally sinking in as the inicial shock wore off.

Hinata was seducing him.

Only one word could describe how the Uchiha felt in the current situation:

"Fuckkkk" Sasuke groaned as Hinata pressed her upper body on his her lips resting against the shell of his ear.

"Sasuke…" she breathed into his ear causing a shiver to travel down his spine.


"I need you to listen carefully, I have a strong suspicion that we're being watched"

"man! This isn't any fun why didn't we install the audio?"

"many pardons sir but we had to leave before they got back which left no time to install them"

The leader visibly pouted obviously peeved with his subordinate. Honestly could the man do anything right? First he doesn't install the bugs then he cant seem to find the remote and now he's royally failing at kissing his ass! Orochimaru puffed out his cheeks and glared at the white haired man.

"fine then since I cant hear them then you talk for them" Orochimaru proclaimed with a evil smirk

"your not serious are you?"

"did I stutter, go on, I think this is the point where they should be having a wild tryst in the shower"

"…ohhh, Sasuke" Kakashi said awkwardly in a monotone voice while cupping his hands to his left cheek.

"…yeah I'm leaving"

Sasuke's eyes widened as he craned his neck trying to look at the girl. She shifted and directed with her eyes towards the opposite end of the bathroom pointing out the general location of the tiny camera. She leaned back towards his after he had turned in the direction of the camera.

"I spotted one when we first got home and noticed that one when I walked in here, more than likely every single room in the house has one" she said while drawing small circles on his abdomen with her index finger.


"they want me back so their making sure I do my 'job' properly" all this said between her ghosting feather soft kisses against his neck.

Sasuke swallowed the lump forming in his throat and brought his hands to rest on her bent elbows trying to think past what she was currently doing to him. the pieces started to slowly connect in his brain and he groaned at the implications.

"so your job is this" he breathed out as she dragged her nails down his abdomen and let her fingers idle at the hem of his boxers that peeked over his black jeans.

"more or less, please Sasuke…I don't want to have to force myself on you but I have no choice, I cant, no wont, go back to them!"

And Sasuke felt her shake against him as a tiny sob escaped her lips. His heart clenched at the sound and instinctively he wrapped his arms around her burring his face in her wet hair. What ever this girl had gone through before meeting him must have been horrible and he would be a cruel man if he was the reason she was sent back to that hellhole.

"what do we do then?"

Sasuke slowly brought his arms to the brim of his shirt as he awkwardly lifted it over his body as Hinata laid on his bed starring at him apologetically. His blush intensified as the garment hit the ground and he was left shirtless in the beautiful girls presence.

Hinata sat up in the bed as the first peek of Sasuke's skin was revealed. She was shocked to say the least as she noticed just how toned Sasuke's body was and although she had seen him shirtless before she just never had paid much attention to this, probably being to distracted by his erratic and spasmodic behavior.

Hinata slowly smiled as she saw just how embarrassed he was, standing awkwardly one arm lightly rubbing the other one as he tried to look at anything but her. She shifted to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed and out stretched her arms before her towards Sasuke, trying to calm the poor boy.

Sasuke's blush only intensified as he saw Hinata outstretch her arms towards him with a serene smile adorning her face. He mentally cursed his unmanly behavior and decided to finally react normally, he had to keep in mind that he was doing all this to help the girl, so it was time to get his act together and smile pretty for the cameras. But it was just so difficult when he had never really been in a situation like this with a female, much less one this gorgeous. He brought his eyes to her and noticed just how…enticing she looked sitting on his bed, wearing one of his t-shirts that was slipping off one shoulder considering the garment was much too large for the light girl, her hair dampened from the shower, fanning out around her.

The blush returned, but lightly, this time being accompanied with a trace of lust that was apparent in the inexperienced boys eyes. His eyelids lowered slightly as his body fell into a mesmerized state and he made his way towards the bed and positioned his body right in front of her, leaning his weight on his arms which were placed on the bed as support.

She brought her arms around his shoulders and weaved her fingers into his locks of hair bringing him closer to her body. She laid back onto the bed, bringing Sasuke with her, and brought her lips to rest against the shell of his ear whispering a soft apology before bringing her lips to his throat, lightly tracing up and down it before bringing them back to his ear and nibbling on his earlobe earning a slight moan. She felt a shiver travel down Sasuke's spine as she wrapped her long legs around his abdomen.

Sasuke groaned as he felt her bring her body up and felt her grind against him, as she brought her mouth back to his neck and lightly nibbled and sucked on the sensitive skin. Her administrations sent bolts of electrical pleasure straight to his groin making his body react without his consent.

"Hinata I-" but his sentence was cut short as he moaned again as she brought her mouth down onto his clavicle and then lower onto his left nipple and nibbled it lightly before she licked her way back up to his neck and continued her earlier administrations, all this while she continued to grind against his now hardening member.

A light sheen of sweat started to gather on his body as the temperature in the room seemed to intensify. His eyes were tightly clenched as he tried to suppress the groans that were building up in his throat, but they swiftly opened when he felt Hinata's mouth move away from his throat as a gasp escaped her lips and fanned against his dampened skin sending another shiver traveling down his spine.

"ah, s-Sasuke…" Hinata moaned as she shut her eyes and curved against him her labored breathing fanning against his dampened neck. She flipped there position and brought herself to lay against him as she slowly brought her hand to idle at the hem of his boxers. His breathing was harsh and deep as he stared up at the ceiling bringing his hand to her hair and slowly running his fingers through her inky strands marbling at the softness not completely prepared for what was to come and just as she started to pull his boxers down the bedroom door slammed against the opposite wall startling the couple.

Sasuke quickly wrapped his arms around Hinata and brought her behind him trying to hide her frame from the intruder.

Narutos body slowly staggered into the room an almost empty sake bottle gripped in his drunken grasp.

"hey there you guys!" Naruto slurred as his eyes slowly landed on Sasuke and Hinata on the bed. "you guyssssss you wont believe what just happened to meeeeee"

The bubbly drunk spun around the room sending sprinkling droplets of alcohol all over the couple and fell flat on his ass starring off into the distance.

"…today was a good day" he giggled before falling back and into a deep slumber.

"…what the hell! Who is that idiot Kakashi?" Orochimaru hollered as the steamy pre-love making scene was abruptly brought to an end.

"I believe that is the Uchiha boys best friend, Naruto Uzumaki sir" he announced as he lifted the remote and changed the scene to the kitchen where the couple had wandered to after the boy had barged into the room.

"well can we kill him off or something, I don't want him doing that again" Orochimaru proclaimed as he shoveled handfuls of popcorn into his mouth and pouted some more.

"no sir he has main character immunity"

"he's not the main character!"

"yes he is"

"says who?"

"the manga is called Naruto"

"but this is fan fiction, this story is clearly under Sasuke and Hinata so they get the immunity"

"you'd be surprised"


And with that the argument ended and they went back to watching the monitors.

Hinata slowly traced the rim of her mug with her index finger as Sasuke stood by the kitchen cabinets awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

So the mood had been royally killed and not knowing what else to do they wandered into the kitchen and brewed some coffee. Sasuke released along sigh and brought his eyes to land oh Hinata as she played with her cup.

She was really something else and honestly he really didn't know what he felt for the girl. She was gorgeous beyond belief and just knowing she was willing to do anything for him sent a blush to his cheeks but he really couldn't put a word to what he felt for her.

She brushed her hair behind her ear and he looked away now examining the refrigerator.

He was glad.

Glad that Naruto had barged in when he did. It may seem girlish to some but really he didn't care. He did honestly want his first time to be special, with a girl he considered amazing and all the useless emotions that came with it being with someone special, not just some random tryst after prom sort of deal. He picked up the pot with the brewed coffee and padded over to Hinata filling the empty cup.

She brought her head up and smiled at him and sure enough his heart skipped a beat and a blush formed on his cheeks. He quickly looked away and grabbed a mug from the cabinet and poured himself a cup. He sipped gingerly at it and enjoyed the relative silence and the company that Hinata provided.

He sighed and mentally jotted down that he owed the dobe at least two punches one for barging in when he did and one as a thank you, maybe coupled with a cup of ramen.