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The young girl ran ahead of Shizuru, but was soon tackled down by a giant (to 5-year-olds) dog. The two burst out laughing, and pushed the dog off him. "Duran, no! Bad boy!" Shizuru cried out, pushing the dog off her younger sister.

The younger girl wiped the drool off, gave Shizuru a weak smile, but started to cry. "Ittai…Shizu-nee…it hurts…" the girl cried out. Shizuru desperately looked around the girl's body and found a scrape on the girl's elbow, which was most likely there because of Duran. Shizuru frowned, and fell to her knees.

"No, no…it bleedin'…does it hurt a lot?"

The girl nodded, her eyes full of tears. "Too much…owie…" She looked up to her sister, and smiled. "B-but…I'll be a big girl too, like you Shizu-nee!"

The two girls smiled, and Shizuru bent the small girl's elbow straight, and blew on it carefully. Doing a little made-up dance, Shizuru recited her little chant that always made the girl feel better.

"Pain, Pain, Fly Away!"

They both giggled, and a little breeze swept through them. Shizuru brought the girl's arm up to her mouth, and kissed the scrape.

Soon enough, they went back to their home, and their mom put a Band-Aid on the girl's elbow. She smiled instantly as if it had healed, took Shizuru's hand, and ran off again.

Their mom let out a small smile.

The two laughed as Duran took the honor of chasing them around their make-believe land, where the younger sister was the prince, and Shizuru was the Princess, and Duran was the big bad dragon.

In this place, everything was perfect. The small backyard, the small part that was full of trees which was the magical 'forest', the fake playground-castle where Shizuru was being 'guarded', and the younger girl's pocket bike which was the steed.

"Hime-chan, I will save you!"

Shizuru grinned, and Duran ran off to fight off her younger sister, or basically slop his drool all over her. "Ack!? The Beast attacks! Don't where Hime-chan!"

The younger girl pushed Duran and made a run to the playground-castle, with Duran nipping at her heels making her stumble every now and then, but she still made. The small girl jumped up and grabbed the ledge, and pulled herself over to Shizuru.

"Yey! I made it up Shizu-nee…I mean Hime-chan! Lookey, I made it up! I mean…I'm here to save you Hime-chan from the big bad Duran!"

The young girl's bright emerald eyes amused Shizuru, it basically told her that the younger girl wanted to be praised more than saving her from the big bad 'dragon'. Giggling, Shizuru helped her sister stand up.

"My Prince, you have gotten to the castle. Before your reward, you must get me out." Shizuru said with 'elegancy', closing her eyes and looking away as if 'disappointed'. Cracking her eye a bit open, she saw that the other girl wasn't moping around, but was moving around, looking for an exit.

Duran, or the dragon, was 'flying' around the 'castle' barking with joy. Shizuru saw a little grin on her sister's face.

The girl grabbed Shizuru's hand, "Shizu-nee! I will slay the dragon!"

Shizuru tilted her head, hoping that she wouldn't really kill the dog, and watched her intently.

The girl jumped down, in front of the dragon and put a hand. "Sit boy!"

The dog obediently sat, which made the girl grin. "Never mind the slay, I shall tame him!" she yipped, and jumped on Duran's back. Riding him around to a ledge, she let Shizuru get on the back of Duran and wrap her arms around her waist.

They rode around the playground to the otherside of the backyard where there was a little pond, and both got off laughing, before turning to each other.

"Hime-chan, I saved you from the big bad Duran! And he no more bad, he good now Shizu-nee…I mean Hime-chan!" Shizuru giggled at the girl's mistakes, and laced their fingers together.

"My prince, as a reward, I will give you my hand in marriage."

For a moment, everything was silent since the girl stared at Shizuru, but that all left when she grinned and 'played' along. "Ah yes, Hime-Chan, will you be Queen?"

Shizuru smiled. "Yes, Natsu-chan my Prince, I will become Queen, and you will be King."

Natsuki grinned. "Yay! Shizu-nee, we finished the game! Ah! I'm hungry too, Hime-…Shizu-nee, let's go in and clean up so we can get snackies from Mommy!"

The older sister smiled, and nodded.

Before they went in, Natsuki turned around. "Oh yea, Hime-chan, as proof of our marriage, here-" She picked up a flower and gave it to Shizuru, who had a big smile and took it. Natsuki smiled, and kissed Shizuru cheek.

"Let's be together forever?"


The two held hands and ran inside to annoy their mommy of their game and for snacks.



Not just sister mates. Inspired by Candy Boy, and if you haven't watched that 8-9 minutes of glory…


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