Natsuki sighed, looking at her homework. Oh god, yes indeed, it did confuse her. She sucked at English. Especially AP English. Damn this stupid school…

The teenager sighed, leaning back in her chair, and looked around her dorm room. Her roomie hadn't come back yet, and it seemed empty.

Sighing, Natsuki pushed the chair back and stood up to go to the kitchen and opened the Refrigerator. And oh boy, did she have some mixed feelings about it.

If she lived alone, she'd be able to eat anything. But she'd probably be dead from all the sweets and fat she would have digested. And if she lived with…with her, she wouldn't…no couldn't and was not able to do anything to the stupid ingredients inside the damn fridge.

Damn that woman and her need to cook for the two.

Natsuki sighed, and grabbed a bottle of Tea. Oh, yeah, they both liked Tea, just different kinds. Natsuki liked the Tea that was basically considered a 'soft drink', and the other girl liked the Tea that was basically…Tea.

Chuckling at her own thoughts, Natsuki jumped onto her bed and pulled her headphones, and put her music on loud. After listening to music for a bit, she turned the volume up to its loudest, but moved it down so the headphones layed around her neck, and she opened the balcony.

The cold crisp air blew onto her face, and she took a swig at her Iced Tea, and looked at the sky. In a few months, she'll be back at home with her sister.

Who hasn't come back yet.

"Damn it…Shizuru get your ass back here! I can't do anything right without you!" Natsuki mumbled silently, softly kicking the railing on the balcony.

"Ara, Natsuki, is that true?" Natsuki blushed, and sighed, when Shizuru hugged her from behind.

Grinning, Natsuki rolled her eyes. "Of course not. I can do anything I want to do without you," Natsuki turned around to see her twin still in her uniform, while she was in boxers and a band T-Shirt, and smiled, "Not. Honestly, I need you somewhere in my life."

Shizuru smiled. "Aww, how sweet? When did my cute, devilish, tomboy grow up to be a cutie pie?" she said and squeezed Natsuki's cheek, which flared up.

"Mou, Shizuru! Stop with th-" Natsuki sneezed, and rubbed her arms which were covered in goosebumps.

Shizuru pulled Natsuki in, closed the glass door, and hugged Natsuki. "Cold still?"

Blushing, Natsuki pushed Shizuru gently away, and turned her red face away. "Nope. I'm perfectly fi-" Damn this coldness. Its fall and I decide to stay outside at night. Baka… Natsuki thought as she sneezed away.

Shizuru laughed, and brought back a box of tissues, handing it to Natsuki, who took them and went to her table. Shizuru's work table was next to hers, and their beds were across from each other.

Natsuki grabbed a sweater and pulled it on, and put down her Iced Tea and started at the only homework she had left. Damn Latin and the fact that most of the stupid English words were based off of them. Damn. Them. All.

Shizuru started to strip, and Natsuki looked away hastily with a blush, scolding Shizuru that changing in front of others was a bad habit. Shizuru merely grinned and hugged Natsuki in her bra and teased her more.

The twins bickered a bit, mostly jokingly, well, Natsuki serious, and Shizuru always teasing. Finally Natsuki leaned back in her chair blowing at a strand of hair falling on her face waiting for her sister to hurry so she could be tutored.

Shizuru quickly changed, and moved her chair over to Natsuki's, unlike the other girl, she had finished most of her English and History. However, the two were complete opposites.

Sometimes they pondered if they really were twins, Shizuru's hair was chestnut brown and she had the most mesmerizing crimson eyes, actually, the only crimson eyes Natsuki has yet to see, and Natsuki had midnight blue hair and the most gorgeous emerald eyes.

Not only their looks, but Shizuru was completely elegant. Like a Princess.

And Natsuki was completely rough. Like an untamed Prince.

If someone got into an argument with either of the twins, Shizuru would easily scare that person with a deathly glare, comeback with a logical, and completely evil comeback, and Natsuki would either cuss that person out, or beat the crap out of that person.

Shizuru like fast cars. Natsuki liked fast motorcycles.

Shizuru loved English and History, Natsuki loved PE and Physics.

But they did have a few things in common; they shared a like for many poems and art pieces, music genre's, and even games. And they were both good at Calculus. They both tutored each other and looked over each other's weaknesses, and they both needed each other.

And, they both were indeed related. They had gotten blood tests too. And it was positive. Same blood.

Its funny to them, they have the same last names, but no one realizes they are twins.

Nobody. Except their close friends. Its not like they hide it, since they spend a lot…no….they try spending every moment of their life together. It was their Senior year, they would graduate from this Academy, move for different Colleges, and eventually split up.

Natsuki sighed, not really listening to what Shizuru was talking about, zoned off to her poignant thoughts, until Shizuru's voice broke her out.

"Do you get it?"

Natsuki froze, Shizuru would certainly be pissed if she wasn't listening. She quickly anazlyed the paper, understood the concept, and smiled before briefly summarizing what she thought Shizuru had said. Which she did, because Shizuru smiled and went off to finish her own homework and have Natsuki go help her with Physics homework.


"Oh god, I'm tired…"

Shizuru stretched out and yawned, closing her book. After homework, Natsuki dropped dead onto her bed, and she had started on a newly gotten book Natsuki had gotten her last weekend.

Shizuru got up, and by instinct went to Natsuki's bed.

Natsuki, on instinct, moved over to let Shizuru in, and the two slept silently.

Neither snore, neither breathed hard, and neither…actually slept.

Who knows what exactly they were thinking of, but there was one key idea.

Each Other.



I write this in the dangers of the morning…4:23 AM. I . Need. Sleep. Oh crap hahaha