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Summary: Sequel to Life of the Slayer: Sunnydale's Little that the Hellmouth has been closed and Spike has something new, the Slayer thinks she can live a normal life with her little family...but the Hellmouth has to more offer yet, along with a few surprises and old friends...

Life of the Slayer: Hellmouth Horrors

By Secret Slayer

Chapter One

Troublesome Tykes

Six months ago...

Everyone had ran. She couldn't blame them. If love wasn't standing in the way, she would have done the same, but the fact was, that even the thought of her little girl couldn't drag her away from her vampire. He was her other half. She wasn't going to abandon him, she was going to drag him out of the Hellmouth and back to the bus. Back to their little girl and back to their home.

"Buffy, you have to go!" Spike yelled over the deep rumble.

The mysterious amulet Spike wore around is neck , which had appeared at the slayers doorstep just yesterday, exploded into a great golden light, dusting any enemies in the crumbling Hellmouth.

"No!" she shouted back sternly, "You've done enough. The First is dead!"

Spike opened his mouth to argue, but a strange sensation jolted through him. He stumbled forward slightly and Buffy caught his hand before he fell any further forward. A bright flame engulfed their laced fingers as Spike groaned with pain.

"Spike?" Buffy said softly, but he folded over with agony. "Spike!?" she repeated, this time more concerned than before.

His head snapped up to look at her and for a split second something changed in his eyes. They flashed a heavenly white before returning to the sharp, clear blue they were normally. Suddenly the bright light that leaked from the amulet was sucked straight back in like a vacuum. The clasp of the amulet perished and the chain around the vampire's neck fell to the floor along with the heavy talisman. The Hellmouth stopped rumbling as soon as the heavy object clattered to the rocky ground.

Buffy glanced around in the sudden darkness and then her gaze fell back on Spike, his face a mixture of pain and confusion.

"Spike?" she echoed once more.

"I can feel it Buffy," he stated in amazement, his hand going to his dead heart.

"What? Your heart?" she asked, her hand automatically being placed over his, to try and feel what he was feeling.

He laughed quietly and shook his head, "No luv, my soul."

Soul? What does he...Oh God.

She looked at him sharply and a small smile rested gently on her lips, "How?"

"Must have done somethin' to deserve it," he answered.

Buffy was lost for words. Silent tears trickled down her cheeks as she clasped to his hand, which just moments ago, was aflame.

"Lets get back to the bus," she finally said.

"The Bit must miss her dad by now," Spike laughed.

With a supportive arm around the weak vampires waist, Buffy helped him climb the narrow stairs to above ground, where Sunnydale, Phoebe and the gang waited.

Present Day...

"Are we nearly there yet?"

"Not yet," Buffy replied tiredly.

The view outside the Winnebago was a blur as Giles drove down the busy high way. Normally the gang would have gone in separate cars, but it was decided it would be best to share the long journey together.

"Are we there now?"

"No," Spike said irritably.

The large vehicle shook and rocked as it sped down the road. Xander sat with his head in his hands as the nausea swept over him. The last time he had been in a Winnebago, he had felt awful, this time he felt worse and this Winnebago was ten times nicer. The whole gang had agreed it would be a good idea to buy one and therefore had all contributed some money to buy a descent one. Sadly it didn't matter how stylish or pricey the vehicle was, Xander the carpenter and handy man, still felt awful.

"How about now?"

"No," Willow sighed in annoyance.

The blonde whined and slumped back in the chair.

"But I'm bored."

"Anya, will you please shut up," Giles snapped.

Anya huffed and folded her arms childishly, "It's not my fault your all so incredibly dull," Anya grumbled loudly.

Willow, Tara and Dawn, who sat opposite the ex-demon, rolled their eyes in unison at Anya's not so discrete methods.

All heads, except Giles who was driving, turned as one of the bedroom doors creaked open and small feet pattered across the vehicle floor.

A little girl with a head of golden hair tied scruffily into bunches and eyes as crystal blue as the summer sky trudged out of the room. She dragged a small cuddly bunny beside her and her pink dressing gown hung loosely open, revealing her fairy princess pyjamas. Unknown to the four year old, all eyes remained on the sleepy child as she walked over to Spike and tugged on the corner of his leather coat.

"You all right Bit?" Spike asked, swooping the girl up by her arms and settling her on his lap.

She nestled into her father's chest and yawned.

"Cant sleep," she mumbled.

On the seat next to Spike's, Buffy sat. The slayer sighed and looked at her daughter.

"Sweetie we could be another hour..."

"Mummy," Phoebe interrupted sternly, her little voice as British as her fathers and her grandpa Giles, "There are monsters in my room."

Buffy's eyes widened with horror and Spike chuckled.

"I'm sure she doesn't mean the real kind, luv," he said softly, glancing at the darkened room his little girl had just appeared from, "Probably just a bad dream, eh Bit?"

She nodded and squeezed tighter to her favourite cuddly bunny.

"That's a very disturbing toy," Anya suddenly said, "No wonder she's seeing monsters. I bet they have fluffy tails and hoppy feet."

Everyone glanced at her oddly.

"One day you'll understand," Anya sighed.

"So, how long are we staying in L.A?" Dawn asked Buffy.

"I miss Sunnydale," Xander groaned, but then frowned, "I never thought I'd say that."

The slayer sighed and stood up. She moved to a counter around the edge of the vehicle and picked up a small brown envelope. She tipped it upside down and the remains of the amulet poured out onto her hand.

"As long as it takes to find out more about this and how it gave Spike his soul. I want to get out of L.A as fast as the rest of you," she told everyone.

"Are you w-worried you might run into Angel?" Tara asked, holding onto her girlfriends hand.

Buffy nodded and glanced at Spike and Phoebe.

"Don't see why you cant just tell the sod..."

"Spike!" Buffy hissed, "Language."

Spike rolled his eyes and clamped his hands over Phoebe's ears. She giggled as he winked at her.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, I don't see why you cant tell the sod about the Bit here," he told the slayer.

"I just really don't want to have that conversation," she sighed.

"Bollocks, you just don't want to hurt Tall, Dark and Forehead's feelings."

Phoebe sensed the sudden build up of tension in the room and wriggled uncomfortably on her father's lap. She huffed and folded her arms.

Spike removed his hands from her ears, confident the last of his bad language had been said, and tried to calm down. Even though he knew he had the love of his slayer, the history between her and his grand sire, would always haunt him.

"But I thought we were going to Wolfram and Hart," Willow suddenly said, "Angel wouldn't go anywhere near that place."

One and a half hours later...

Angel walked down the long corridors of the evil law firm. His evil law firm. He had owned it for about six months now and so far he had failed to do hardly any good. The most he got out of it was the fact that evil was never one step ahead, he knew what was coming, normally because inadvertently he was doing it.

"Hey boss," came a cheery voice from beside him.

"What is it Harmony?" he asked irritably.

"Buffy and her little gang just walked in," the vampire answered, pointing to the screen of her computer, "Ooh look, there's Blondie Bear."

Angel frowned and rushed over to his receptionist's desk. He leant across the shiny surface and saw the black and white image of just Buffy walking towards one of the offices.

"Where did the others go?" Angel asked the bubbly blonde.

"Not sure," she answered, "Blondie Bear went with Slutty the Vampire Layer and I think the others were heading towards the lobby."

Buffy held onto her little girl's hand tightly. She didn't want to bring her inside, but she couldn't leave her alone either.

"Phoebe stay close," Buffy whispered to her daughter.

A demon surrounded by special security walked passed the slayer, vampire and child and snarled at Phoebe, baring gleaming white fangs. She flinched at the awful sight and Spike went to move closer to her, but she vanished.

"Oh bloody hell," Spike sighed.

"She's going to have to stop doing that," Buffy told Spike, "I'll try and find out who we need to talk to around here and you find Phoebe before she gets herself in trouble."

"I'm on it, luv" Spike sighed, turning around and heading off down a corridor.

Angel stopped dead in his tracks. He grabbed the arm of a nearby staff member and turned him around to face him.

"Who let a child come in here?" he growled.

The male member of staff swallowed hard and tried to hide his nervousness as his angry boss gripped onto his arm tightly.

"I-I'll go and find out," the man stuttered nervously, pulling away from the vampire and scurrying down a corridor.

Angel sighed breathlessly and walked towards the seemingly lost little girl.

"Er...little girl, are you lost?" Angel asked awkwardly, crouching down to her level.

"There was a demon and he scared me," Phoebe explained, "Then I did my special magic trick and poof," she made an explosion motion with her little hands, "I ended up here. I don't know where my mummy and daddy went."

Angel looked at the little girl curiously. She was human, every sense told him that, but there were some serious power vibes coming from her too. Plus, she knew about demons. This wasn't your average little girl. Angel stood up and held out his hand.

"Why don't you follow me," he said softly, "I've got a nice friend who'll make you a nice drink."

"My mummy said not to go off with strangers, especially vampires," Phoebe told him, stepping back slightly.

Angel sighed. How on Earth did such a small vulnerable looking girl know about vampires and demons? And what was this special magic trick she mentioned earlier?

"I'm a good vampire," Angel tried.

"I know," Phoebe said, "I can see a pretty light in your eyes. My daddy has the same."

Angel's brow furrowed in confusion at her words. She sounded like a small child, but the words she spoke held far more knowledge than any child he had come across. Something suddenly caught his attention and he glanced upward.

"Oh no," he gasped, "Please no."

Spike strode into the new area of the building.

"Look who it is," he smirked at the less than happy Angel.

"What the hell do you want?" Angel snarled.

"I was looking for the Bit. Guess she ended up here," Spike gave a small displeased look at his daughter and she smiled sheepishly at him, melting his anger away immediately.

"What are you talking about?"

Spike rolled his eyes and stepped towards Phoebe, but Angel intercepted him and blocked him from getting closer to her.

"Why do you want the girl?" Angel asked him.

"Because, you stupid git, the girl happens to be mine," Spike answered, moving around the vampire as he stood speechless, "Angelus, I'd like you to meet Phoebe. Me and the Slayer's daughter."

Angel up until that point, had thought it impossible for a vampire to faint from shock, he had of course been wrong. He fell to the floor, dead to the world, with a loud thump.

Spike smirked triumphantly.

To Be Continued...

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