"Gibbs?" She barely whispered into the darkness from the doorway at the top of the stairs. Light from the kitchen, rooms away, lit the first few feet from her. She peered down into the thick blackness. There was no movement that she could see, she couldn't even make out the upside down boat in the middle of the floor.

She felt an instant chill run from her feet, up through her body. She shut the door quickly, still uncertain. She stepped back from the door, her hand slid away from the handle. She turned around and looked questioningly behind her into the kitchen and the lounge, but there was no one there, no sound. She stood silently, still.

She wondered if she shouldn't have come over in the first place. Gibbs had to deal with Kate's death on his own terms, he didn't have time to help her grieve as well. She knew he would try to help her, and maybe that was selfish.

She picked up her black jacket from the bannister and didn't bother to slip her arms into the lacy depths. She hurried to the door and locked it behind her. Stepping quickly to her hearse. She had the engine started and was down the driveway, slamming her door shut and snapping her seatbelt in place. She pulled out onto the road, and took it out of reverse. The vehicle groaned and strained into gear. She gasped in shock as headlights blinded her. All she could hear was a single bang, metal twisting, screeching of tyres on the road.

Gibbs swung his car into his road, he'd stayed at NCIS as long as he could. But the sympathetic looks were growing old fast and he had to get out of there. He hadn't eaten, hadn't had anything to drink. His stomach hurt, or his heart he wasn't sure which. He saw the flashing lights of ambulances and police cars as soon as he had turned the wheel. He slowed to a crawl and parked. His hands gripped the steering wheel, it was too dark to see what the vehicles were from his car. He unclipped and swung to door open so hard that it almost bent the hinges back. He feared the worst, the accident was just outside his house, the car was an unmistakable black hearse. Even in it's completely totalled state he could still see whose car it was. The little black angel which sat on the dashboard lay shattered on the roadside.

"Abby!" He yelled, his voice so loud that everyone working at the scene turned to look. He ran to the vehicles, a policeman tried to hold him back but he skilfully pulled out his NCIS badge and showed it whilst slipping through the barricade. No one tried to stop him from then on. He looked into the hearse. There was blood on the windscreen, keys still in the ignition, the front of the vehicle had collapsed. The other car was a heavy set old ute, hardly a dent. Shards of glass glittered the road and crunched underfoot. Drying pools of blood glistening in the dark. His eyes searched for her pigtails, his ears searched for her fast talking. He peered into the ambulances, two people from the ute being attended to in the first, he sped to the second one.

Three medics were working on her, blood covered her face and arms, her leg looked broken. He tried to breath properly, his heart raced, he was losing her. "Abby." he whispered. One of the medics looked down at him, "Do you know this woman?" "Yes! Yes." He said frantically, "We're closer than family." he didn't know how he could fix this. A wave of guilt came over him, she'd come to visit him, and now she was dying.

"Is she going to be okay?" He almost couldn't believe he'd said those words, they sounded like someone else.

They were taking her pulse, readying to go to the hospital. She lay still, eyes closed, the only movement she made were those caused by the three medics prodding at her and bumping the stretcher. One of them slipped out of the ambulance and ran to the drivers seat. The closer one answered Gibbs finally, "She's lost a lot of blood, looks like there are a few broken bones, internal injuries and there could be some brain trauma. We're heading up to Bethesda now."

Gibbs took a sudden step forward to get into the ambulance. "Sorry," he held up his hand, "There isn't enough room." He looked apologetic. Gibbs nodded. "I'll follow in my car."

He didn't know why he had explained himself. Normally he'd have said nothing, or perhaps just pushed his way in anyway. He sprinted to his car and started the engine, and waited for the ambulance to pull out before entering the road behind them and matching their speed. Maybe it was because he didn't want to take up any of the time they should be using to help Abby, or any of the time to get her to the hospital.

Everything seemed loud. The air in the silent car seemed loud. The lights outside seemed too bright, the siren of the ambulance was a blur in his ears. He grabbed his mobile phone from the tray next to the gear stick, and dialled Duckie's number automatically.

He waited in pained impatience for his old friend to answer his home telephone. He knew it was late, he knew he was asleep. It seemed an eternity. "Come on Duck." a strained look on his face.

"Hello?" Duck's sleep wrenched voice appeared.

"Duck! Abby's been in an accident, I'm on my way to Bethesda behind the ambulance."

"Oh my God, Jethro. What happened?"

"A car accident. Outside my house. I just got back from NCIS." He was breathless, as if her were running and talking.

"Look, I need you to come down the hospital..."

Ducky Cut him off. "Of course. I'll be right there."

"I'll see you there."

Gibbs hung up. Maybe Duckie could help in some way. Maybe he would know which doctors should be doing what, and he could translate any news, give the real implications of her injuries.

Gibbs' fingers were white, all the blood gone from his hands and he squeezed the wheel tight, willing Abby to fight. And they'd thought that today couldn't possibly get any worse.