Bending the Rules


They shouldn't have been doing this.

Gaara had paperwork to work on. Hinata had students to teach.

Of course, neither cared too much. He was Kazekage. She was his wife. They could do whatever the hell it was they wanted, except, of course, destroy their village.

They shouldn't have been tangled up with each other atop his desk.

He had to meet up with the council later. She had to tutor three students after class.

They shouldn't have been pulling away clothing to touch flesh. They shouldn't have been pressing lips to that same just-uncovered flesh. They shouldn't have been moaning each other's names. They shouldn't have been greedily touching each other in the broad daylight that they should have been working under.

They should have been working in different parts of the city. They should have been doing paperwork or teaching students. They should have been fully clothed.

But, he was the kazekage, and she was his wife.

And, he was pressing his lips to her throat. And, she was moaning his name as he removed yet another garment of her clothing. And, he was kissing yet another uncovered piece of flesh. And, she was clawing at his so she could press her lips to his bare flesh. And, they were touching each other in the broad daylight.

They shouldn't have been doing this.

But, being the kazekage's wife and the kazekage, himself, they could afford to bend the rules once in a while, right?


This Gaara x Hinata fic is for CobaltHeart. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.

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