Disclaimer: Characters from the Robin Hood Universe belong to the BBC and are used without permission but with no intent to defraud.

Author's Notes: Set after episode 2.01. Betad by the wonderful mayalaen. There's a sequel - a proper-length fic called Sorry - which is posted as well.

This story contains SLASH so if you do not like it - or don't know what it is - then DO NOT READ. Thanks :o)


"Are you all right?" Will asked, settling down beside Allan, the warmth of the fire flickering against his face.

"'Course," Allan replied brightly, the bruises still vivid on his pale skin. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Will shrugged and leaned against him, surprised when Allan shifted away.

"Leave off, mate," Allan said softly. "They could see." He doesn't look at Will, his blue eyes fixed on the flames.

Frowning, and a little hurt, Will got to his feet. "Fine," he said. "Sorry."

He stared down at Allan, wanting to say more, but as usual couldn't find the words.

He walked away.