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"Hey I'm talking" normal speech

"Shut the hell up gaki" demon/inner person or an extremely angry woman

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu jutsu being used

"Hmm I think sasuke is gay," thought

Naruto of the kitsunes

Chapter 1: the fox, the ninja and the damn bloody mob of angry villagers.

In a dark and hidden room you could see two creatures talking to each other.

"Have you understood the mission?" a male asked the little one

"Yes rokubi sir" answered the little creature

"Good go then young kit and bring back the oni-kage or we are all doomed," said the rokubi

(A/N this is not the bijou rokubi its just a rank)

"Yes sir" answered the young fox

He slowly left the room thinking "hmm I wonder where I shall start looking in that place it pretty huge and those stone faces is scary"

Five days later in konoha

Kage bunshin no jutsu shouted a young kid in an arena where people had come to watch the fights. It was of course the chuunin exams so only a complete idiot would miss it.

"That trick will not work on me drop-out" said a boy with white eyes

"You never know until you have tried it neji," the blond said

"Hmm you may try to fight fate but you will never win naruto so you can just give up here and now"

"Forget it if you don't take this seriously, then I have to beat it into you" said naruto

The clones attacked while the real naruto thought of a plan

Some feet away on top of the wall sat a little fox observing the match it looked like the blond would lose "this kid got no chance in hell to win he is to weak"

Suddenly a small earthquake hit the town of konoha and knocked the small fox down from the wall and into the head of the blond ninja everybody in the arena noticed the fox but what surprised them the most was its tail or should I say tales. Yes tales the fox had four crimson red tales swishing behind it.

People started to shout about killing the fox of course the killing intent on the fox petrified it.

"Please help me and I will make it up for you" the fox pleaded the blond ninja

"What the…. The fox can talk!?"

"Of course I can talk all kitsunes whit four or more tales have the gift of speech, so will you help me?"

"Eh of course I will tell my clone to dig you a tunnel"


Suddenly the ground broke open and the fox ran down the tunnel.

Two days later after the attack of sand and sound in a wooden area

The young kitsune walked up to the young ninja and sat down

"Thanks for helping me again"

"No problem but why did you want to hide in my apartment"

"Well let just say I'm glad that I got out of the streets god I hate mobs"

"Let me guess a villager found you looking for food and then started to chase you?"

"Yea" he sighted

"So you said that you would make up for me helping you"

"Yea I could help you get on good terms with the oni-kage"

"The oni-kage who's that?"

"You know him as kyuubi"

"Kyuubi!? Why would I care about him he wrecked my life when he attacked konoha"

"I know that just let me into your mind and we will sort things out okay"

"I don't know isn't there another way?"

"Well there is one and its called the kitsune kage bunshin no jutsu and it will give kyuubi a temporary human body other than that there isn't any other way"

"Ok I guess it would be easier to let you into my mind I don't want to alert anbu with kyuubis presence"

"Good just relax and I will take care of every thing"

The fox walked up to naruto and sat in between his legs


"As ready as I will ever be lets see the fuzz ball"

As he said that one of the kitsunes tales touched his forehead and every thing went dark….

A/N so this was the first chapter and here is the options for the votes

No Kekkei Genkai



Sharkagan (combined sharingan and byukagan)

Ingan (form another story can not remember the name of it) (sharingan for seals)

Animal shape shifting (ability to change into an animal and grow animal parts like wings

Blood curses

A. Lycanthrope

B. Vampire