Holy shit i cant believe I'm STILL getting authors alerts on this thing and reviews!

Well i guess i that you guys deserve a explanation on why this thing hasn't been updated in over 2 bordering 3 years.

Well what can I say school work changing school and warcraft killed this story but that would be a white lie the truth is actuly really simple I forgot where I was going with this story sure those things was a part of the reason but not the main fault.

As my name suggest(however badly spelled it was) all my storys is not thought through I write them as I come up with them and trust me a have thought up over 100 storys for just naruto in my head borrowing from a lot of other fanfics and other sources like books and movies hell you could ask me to create a short story(it wont be good) with just some basic premis and I will think it up!

Yea thats right I got loads of free time being the sterotypical gamer... exept I dont live in my mothers basement.

But the problem liens in just that ability when I start thinking of a new story I forget my old one for example im thinking up a story right now where by some chanse of fate naruto had ended up being the king of the whole dragon world(AU ofcorse), a tripple crossover with eragon naruto and Wario Ware inc.(setting naruto and eragon just using ashley as a character) and... damn I cant freaking remember the third one! Gha! *smashing my face on the table*

you see what im trying to say? I cant freaking keep my own mind in check its like its a breeding ground for a hord of very horny plot bunny's that is at it 24/7!

well this will not mean I have abandoned it I may read it to see what I can come up with and go with that.

If there is an auther out there that actuly want to help me with ideas to this thing then go right ahead and pm me and we could discuss it.

Well I have no idea what more I can say than that so peace out!