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Amber eyes stared vacantly out of the murky train window. Barely paying attention to the blurred and muted landscape passing by.

The man's thoughts were competely occupied by one, hyperactive pink bundle of energy.

A pink bundle of energy carrying his child.

An uncharacterisitcally mournful sigh passed the man's lips and his hand clenched around a tattered scrap of paper.


Yuki Eiri did not beg.

Standing outside the motel, said Yuki Eiri a.k.a Eiri Uesagi, raised an eyebrow to the platinum NG president stood next to him; wondering how he ended up here. The man merely smiled and gestured in a manner designed to be as theatrical as possible.

"Cut with the dramtics Seguchi." The blonde muttered scornfully.

"I am wounded my dear brother in law, I am merely assisting you in your endeavour."

The blonde sighed and muttered once more.

"Fine. Now explain what in Kami's name we're doing here."

Gesturing once more to the building Seguchi spoke

"Well from information I...gathered...as per your request Eiri-san...I have tracked young Mr Shindou here. Apparently the owner is very well-aqquainted with our missing singer. "

Eiri made a move towards the entrance but was held back by a small but incredibly firm hand.

"Let me handle this Eiri. You have a.. distinct lack of people skills."

As if on cue the president swept forward, fur coat billowing out behind him and entered the establishment; followed by a surly and over-tired Eiri.

The only reason I'm on this wild-goose chase is for Shu...The blonde thought, heart clenching painfully at the image of his missing lover.

Stepping through into the reception the author's eyes glanced upon a small, petite, brunette with almond eyes. Those same eyes narrowed; a small fake smile on her undoubtedly pretty face.

Touma's words echoed in his head

"Well aqquainted with our missing singer."

How well aqquainted? A hot flash of jealousy swept through his system.

His introspective thoughts were cut off as Seguchi began to talk.

"Konnichiwa Sato-san. I believe you have information regarding one Shindou-san."

Here, her eyes darkened.

"And your here to.. what? Call him back home like an obedient puppy?"

Before Seguchi could reply, the now angry young woman had turned to the author,

"And you. How dare you come in here asking for Shu-chan. After he's cried for you, because of you."

The author's eyes flashed dangerously.

"And you have no idea how much I regret that, how much want to apologise..to explain.." His voice had softend by the end, the fire dimming to a soft ember.

The young brunette, scrutinised him and Eiri had the distinct impression she could read his soul. He quickly burshed off that absurd thought.

Eventually she sighed, almost in resignation and gestured them both to follow through to her office. She flopped into the rather comfy chair behind her desk, a look of weariness on her features. Both men remianed standing.

Seguchi's well practiced smile came into full view as he began to speak.

"Now I do believe you have information for us Sato-san?"

"Hai. I know where Shu-chan is" Eiri bristled at that endearment "But why should I tell you, especially the one he's trying to hide from. He's somewhere where he could be happy, maybe even find someone to love him and to love back. Give me one good reason to tell you. Just. one." Her eyes flashed challengingly.

Golden met almond in a rush of emotions uncharacteristic for the reclusive blonde author.

"Because I made a mistake. I've made a lot of mistakes when it came to our relationship." He paused briefly " I've made a lot of mistakes and I want him know.. I need him to know how much I regret that. That despite everything I've said or done..I..I...love him." A great weight he hadn't realised he was carrying, seemed to lift off his chest" And he deserves at the very least to be told that. To be told the truth...and if he doesn't feel the same anymore.." His throat felt tight" If he's found someone else..someone better..then I'll let him go. But he should at least be given the privelage of knowing everything I didn't tell him when i should've. I. Love. Him."

Almond eyes stared once again at the author and with another sigh she fished out some paper from the piles of clutter. Writing down an address she handed Eiri the little scrap.

Unbeknownest to Eiri his companion's eyes had narrowed with emotion at his speech, swirls of sadnesss and longing mixing till they were replaced with the familiar placid stare. Another set of eyes however had noticed.

"He's staying in the Hattoji Furusato region. We grew up there as kids."

Eiri's hand grasped the paper tightly and almost ashamed at his lack of control and determination at finding his Shu-chan he spun and walked out of the room pausing breifly.

"Arigatou Sato-san"

Then he was gone.

Outside the motel he waited for his brother in law..although he'd be dmaned if he'd admit any kind of relation to him out loud. He did help find Shu though...

The closing of the door awoke him from his musings and to his surpise he found the president looking shaken. It was quickly gone though and the blonde turned to Eiri with a small smile.

"Shall I phone for transport for two then?

The author shook his head.

"This is something I must do on my own.Gomen."

He turned to walk away but stopped

"And Nii-san" He missed the look of shock and of sadness on his companions face. "Arigatou,"

No, The author thought as he walked away, Yuki Eiri did not beg. Or plead for that matter. However, he conceded, Eiri Uesagi would do whatever it took to find Shu and bring him and the baby home.

End Flashback

The author's eyes narrowed once more determinedly as the night finally settled in over the passing landscape.

He was going to find his lover and his child and to hell with everything else.

And that's chapter 3 of Epiphany, can you feel the suspenseful suspense?

Will Eiri find and convince Shu to come back home?

Has Shu found someone else?

Why is Touma so shaken?

Is Eiri an alien?

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