This is a one-shot but all of the generators are real :)

"Edward.." Bella laughed from my computer. "Come and look at this."

Curious, I left my couch and lifted Bella from her chair, seating myself underneath her and then looking at the computer screen.

"And what's this?" I asked, completely confused at what she was laughing at.

"It's your Jedi name!" she exclaimed, pointing at a name at the top of the screen. "Culed Kichi. That definitely sounds Jedi-ish."

"My... Jedi name?" I asked, still confused at the relevance.

"Yeah. You put your name in and it turns it around to make it sound like names in the movies."

"Why?" I asked, curious as to where she found the humor.

"Because it's funny! Oh! let's see your Pokemon name, did you ever collect Pokemon cards?"

Pokemon. Ugh. Emmett had been a huge Pokemon fan, always challenging us with those 5 dollar pack of 7 paper cards. It seemed like every other month someone discovered about 100 new Pokemon. There were originally 150 of them, but then Professor some sort of tree would "discover" about 500 more. How do the people not notice the 500 Pokemon before?

"No.. I wasn't a big Pokemon fan."

"Well, let's see what your name is." she typed in my name and a screen popped up. "Congratulations, Edward! You are Drownerd!" she announced.

"But that sounds nothing like my name!" I challenged. "And my natural enemy is a... Loeon? What the hell is a Loeon? Why don't you use your name?" I offered, trying to get her to stop using mine. She clicked the "Back" button and thn typed in her's.

"I'm a...Loeon..." she mumbled. We both sat in silence until she spoke again. "Okay... do you want to be a fairy?"

"A...fairy?" I asked.

"Yeah. Let's see your name as a fairy." she clicked a link and began to type in my name.

"But how would this generator know what a fairy's name is if the existence of fairies hasn't been..." I stopped talking and covered my mouth with both hands. Bella heard this and looked at me in awe.

"You mean... fairies...exist?" she asked, her hands no longer typing. I tried to fight the grin that was growing as hard as I could, but she saw and rolled her eyes as she continued to type.

"Not funny, Edward. Or shall I say Moth Demonglitter!" She announced, going into laughing fits. "You like to collect crystals to put on your dresses!"

"The whole name generating thing is stupid and pointless." I complained, trying not to ruin her fun but not wanting to continue playing the stupid game.

"Fine, fine. How about this one? A Slushy Valentine's Day Name? That can't be embarrassing."

How could that NOT be embarrassing? I was going to interrupt her typing but she clicked enter and the name appeared on the screen. We both stared at it in awe.

"Cutie...mouse..ears?" I asked, too dumbfounded to begin to explain how ridiculous this was. I looked over at Bella to see her reaction and she was gripping her stomach laughing, trying to be quiet about it.

"!" she announced, trying to gain her composure. "Your gangster name."

I put my fingers on my temples. This was immature and ridiculous.

"Wankmaster Ice." Bella said, nodding her head while trying not to laugh again. I sighed and turned off the computer.

"Enough with the names."


"Edward, it's probably time to take Bella home." Emmett reminded us. We had been upstairs for quite some time and I had lost track of it.

"Thanks Emmett." I called down, lifting Bella and carrying her down the stairs.

"I can walk on my own, Cutie Mouse Ears." she teased.

"That was so dumb..." I mumbled, but then I felt Emmett's hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Edward. I'm Cutie Banana-Bottom."

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