Once again, this is for the little contest I have with ketchupblood on LJ to see who can write one fic a day the longest. This is day two. TeFu for Ketchup. Ick. I fail. Had to reformat some of this because of fanfiction refusing to allow some characters

Tezuka was busy typing a school report when he suddenly noticed the keyboard was not typing in the characters he ordered. Instead, it started to read, "Hello Kunimitsu ♥" Tezuka stared at the screen, waiting a few minutes before pressing in a few more characters experimentally.

"You ar-" He paused. The error was still there? A few more letters -- "-e at a public computer. Yudan sezu ni ikou…ne?"

One name ran through his head. Fuji. He immediately shut down the computer and attempted to log onto another one, soon leaving that one as well when the welcome message read "Well, that wasn't too nice, was it? " Tezuka threw all hopes of working and headed home.

At Inui's house, one Fuji Syusuke was smiling quite widely.

Once again, I FAIL. Crappy less than ten minute fic. DON'T KILL ME