Elphaba Thropp watched her father as he settled her younger sister into bed. The girls' small bedroom was cool in the late fall air and both girls had blankets piled high. Elphaba winced when she heard thunder crack outside. Frex turned and gave her a sympathetic look. "Would you like a story?" He asked Nessarose.

Nessarose could clearly care less, and was more intent on falling asleep, however she nodded, as a small kindness to her sister. She knew Elphaba liked loosing herself in fantasy worlds.

Frex began and a story of brave Princes and beautiful Princesses and wicked Witches and magic quickly played out, as always with the happy ending. A fairy tale ending when good prevails, and evil is punished. A tale where the boundaries between the two are clear.

As her father left the room, Elphaba whispered. "Papa?"

He turned. "Yes?"

"Will I get a fairy tale ending?"

He closed his eyes, Frex knew his daughter was no fairy tale princess. He knew, what with her new powers, showing themselves at the most innopertune times, she was far closer to the Witch of the story. But how could he tell an eight year old girl she was more Witch than Princess? "Who can say how things will end Fabala? Just mind what you're told and keep quiet and all will end fine."

She calmed for a minute. "Do you think I'll ever meet a Prince, Papa? Or a Knight or..."

"You're more practical than that. You're more realistic. Sleep now, girl." He shushed her, unable to tell her she may meet a Prince, but he would never want her.

Years Later

Elphaba let herself curl closer to Fiyero. He was closer to sleep than she was, but she couldn't resist the urge to gently poke him in the ribs.

"Urmph. Fae, what was that for?" His voice was thick with sleep.

"When I was little, my father would always tell us- well I suspose he was telling Nessa, but he didn't mind if I listened- fairytales. In the stories, the Prince and the Princess always lived happily ever after... I just can't help but think you didn't get your Fairy Tale Ending."

He smiled at her. "Who says I didn't?" Playfully he shifted so he could kiss her lips. "In my Fairy Tales, didn't you know the Prince always realised he loved the Witch?" He kissed her again.

Happily Ever After, in deed.