Bene Merenti

By: Chaed

Rating: T

Summary: During the Mansion Incident Wesker is murdered by his own creation, the Tyrant. The mysterious virus saves him, but can he cope with the effects?

Disclaimer: Ain't mine, will never be. But you can't stop a girl from dreaming, right?

A/N: Bene Merenti is Latin and means 'success to those who deserve it'. This story can be read as stand alone, however, if you want some additional info on Wesker's virus you may also want to read Ab Initio.

Chapter I

Albert Wesker was watching the security monitors in front of him, wondering for the umpteenth time why things had developed so terribly wrong. Perhaps wrong was the false adjective. Not corresponding to his plans was more appropriate.

His plans had been reason to change every few minutes, ever since the helicopter had landed. From the point that Brad had left, the wild chase through the forest, his team's slow understanding of what was going on.

When they had reached the Mansion out of breath - but very much alive - Wesker's thoughts had solely focused on Vickers' cowardly disappearance. Back then there seemed to be no chance of escaping the horrors of the virus anymore, no helicopter that could bear him into safety once his work here was done.

His worries had ceased with time and he was finding new alternatives. Wesker had needed a break, a short pause to gather his thoughts and decide on the further course of action. Now, safely situated within one of the Spencer Mansion's surveillance rooms Wesker could watch as STARS fought their way through what must seem to them like hell.

He had Chris Redfield on one of the monitors moving through the upper floors of the Mansion, currently investigating a deserted hallway. He had been seperated from the main team during their flight from the MA-39s, which had torn Joseph Frost to pieces, before scaring Vickers into absconding from the unknown enemy.

Wesker had thought about possible escaped beasts before they had descended into the woods, but he had hoped them to be one or two, not an entire pack. It had left Alpha team with an easy decision, and considering the location of the derelict that had been Bravo's helicopter, provided Wesker with the opportunity to lure STARS into the Mansion without arousing any suspision.

He had later told Jill and Barry that he had seen the building during their flight and both had immediately believed him. They hadn't flown over the Mansion at all, but both had been too shocked by Joseph's and Chris' loss.

Wesker hadn't arrived at the surveillance room in time to learn of Redfield's escape, or how he had entered Umbrella's secret hideout, but he guessed it had been the same way the MA-39s had gotten out. He'd caught sight of Chris the moment he had entered and turned on the monitors, a little surprised to see him unscathed and apparently free of infection.

Wesker smirked. But of course, that's why he had brought them here. They were the best, had grown to be the best under his own tutelage and were now facing their final exam to see who was better. They, or Wesker's other occupation he used to work on when not with STARS.

It proved to be more interesting than he had at first anticipated. Jill and Barry had split up by now, probably searching for Wesker. After they had left into the dining room to investigate the sudden shot that had been heard he had grasped the chance and made way for the labs.

They had probably encountered one of the virus carriers. At least, neither of them showed anymore mercy when the infected crossed their path. Wesker was still undecided to whom the shot had belonged to, but it was not important.

In the hallway at the other side of the dining room was the corpse of Kenneth Sullivan, one of the members of Bravo team. Though Wesker hadn't seen Barry's and Jill's advancement, he was positive that they had found their former colleague. Speaking of whom, Sullivan had been recently resurrected by the virus and was now aimlessly wandering the corridor.

To Wesker's relief there had been no further mutations to the T-virus, and the carriers behaved just like the ones at the Training Facility. They were slow, with no impressing brain functions. They were easy to avoid and not worthy wasting bullets on them.

The members of Alpha team were slowly realizing this too. In the beginning they had emptied clips into the undead, but soon found out that a headshot was the most effective way to dispose of them, if circumventing was no option. They were also running out of ammo slowly, which might be an explanation.

He leant back in the chair, brushing through his hair and allowed himself a moment of repose.

The way down to the surveillance room, which was located just before the laboratories in the basement had been easier than his worst fears had forecast. It could have been worse, a hundred times.

Despite the rotting bodies of scientists that were dragging themselves along the lower levels he had ran into few threats, considering the research that had been done here. In total he had to eliminate two MA-39s and seven human carriers. His ammo stand was notably better than that of the other survivors and he hadn't been forced to use any of the BOW rounds yet.

The Hunters were still firmly enclosed in their cages and Wesker had checked the electronic mechanisms, at ease to see that they were fully functional. None of the employees had gotten the stupid idea of venturing close to the creatures during the initial infection apparently.

The Chimeras, the Spencer Mansion's pride, were another story altogether, but thanks to Wesker it had a happy end too. Three specimen had escaped their enclosures. They were causing havoc one level below him. He had electronically locked the door that led to the lab the others were held in – to make sure none got far should more escape – and eyed the screens that showed the other three constantly, waiting for them to proceed into rooms he could trap them in. It was only a matter of time.

Given the circumstances, all might turn out to be well in the end.

Patience was a virtue he possessed, after all.

He had tried to guess Alpha team's survival rate, or better said the time that remained until their deaths. Even if they managed to overcome the terrors of the Mansion – which Wesker hoped they would – he had much more in store for them than just 'zombies'. He would lure them down into the labs, even if it meant going out himself and doing it personally (sooner or later he would have to leave the security room anyway in order to collect the samples).

None of them would be suspicious about his absence. He would tell them that a mysterious sound had caught his attention while waiting in the main hall and that he had gotten lost in the maze of rooms and corridors during his search. When he had found his way back, they had been gone.

It might sound a little unworthy of 'the Captain' who is always so calm and collected and sees through the thickest mist, but facing the undead is not on everyone's day-to-day routine. They didn't need to know that Wesker was one of those few, to whom it applied. He would let them think that he was just as shocked about the discoveries as them and wanted to bring Umbrella down – which to some extent was even true.

Though Umbrella's fall was not the main reason for his actions, it inevitably accompanied them. The Training Facility he had had to dispose of, as much as for Marcus' sudden resurrection aswell as for some of the pesky STARS who had managed to infiltrate the building. Umbrella had proved to be incapable of containing the danger. They had lost two teams on just the train and it had been too risky to wait for anymore troops.

The Spencer Mansion, even though on another scale was more or less the same. Experiments had gotten out of the labs – out into the forest – and he couldn't let them reach Raccoon City. That would be a catastrophe too big to contain from the public. Not only would it mean the end to Umbrella, but to all other companies which had similar work going on, and to one of which Wesker would switch over after this mission.

Meanwhile, Jill Valentine, brave Jill had triggered one of the mansion's various traps. Wesker leant closer to the screen, but the image was too fuzzy to recognize her expression. The roof was descending, caused by the retrival of a shotgun in the previous room and the female STARS member was caught with no possible escape. Both doors had locked automatically.

Wesker was a little disappointed by her early fail. He would have wanted Jill to survive longer, go out in a blaze against one of the more dangerous creatures. But the swift falling of the roof predicted otherwise. There was no way out of there, not even if Jill screamed her lungs out.

For a moment he contemplated whether he should watch her die, but before he could decide the door toward the outer hallway was kicked open and Jill was pulled out by a knight in shining armor.


Behind them the roof crushed the empty air that should have been Jill and Wesker wondered whether it was time to unleash the more serious dangers upon them. He wouldn't want his STARS to perish because of some silly mechanism they accidently triggered. They had been brought here to prove their skills in fighting after all.

First chapter to a story that will reveal one of the biggest mysteries around the RE universe: Wesker's survival in the mansion. Stay tuned for more chapters!

If you want additional info on Wesker's virus you can also read my other story Ab Initio, which kinda is a prequel to this one, detailing the events during RE0 and Wesker's aquiring of the mysterious virus.