Next, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The following is a preview to a "webisode" I do not actually plan on writing. Following this are the summaries of the three I do plan on writing…someday. Right now, I plan on returning to my King Kong/Doc Savage/Black Panther crossover before going back on another hiatus due to the holidays, my work, and my research project.

Xander walks into Giles' office.

"Hey G-man," Xander says. He is wearing an outrageously colorful eye patch.

Giles stands up.

"Good to see you," Giles says before he makes a face. "Good lord! That eye patch is the most appallingly awful one I've seen you in yet."

"Oh, sorry," Xander says. "I'll take it off then."

Xander then slips off the eye patch and reveals the eye underneath. Giles' jaw drops.

"Now, over the years I've had all sorts of questions to ask about you," Xander says. "Where oh where shall I start?"

"I'm not who I used to be Dawn," Buffy says.

"Because you remember who you were," Dawn says.

"Yeah," Buffy says. "I mean, those women weren't me, and I'm not them, but I was them, y'know? It's like, I'm Buffy, but I'm also this ancient, immortal being. And, I'm back to being the one girl in all the world. I mean, let's face it, I am never, ever going to have a normal life, in this one or any life to come."

"Did you ever think you would, even after the other girls were called?' Dawn asks.

"Maybe not, but I was thinking maybe I could kind of settle down with someone, even had someone in mind, if I could get him to notice me like he used to."

Dawn looks very uncomfortable upon hearing her sister's words. Buffy doesn't seem to notice.

"I mean, what kind of guy am I ever going to find now?" Buffy says. "Where's a guy who can understand someone with centuries of memories. And don't even mention Angel or Spike."

A handsome, young looking man is being attacked by six vampires in a winding Rome alley. Suddenly, Buffy drops among them and in rapid succession stakes four of the vampires.

"Back off, slayer!" one of the remaining vampires, a formidable looking one standing over six feet tall and probably weighing around 250 pounds. He speaks with a German accent. "Or I tear this boy's head off!"

The "boy" then throws the large vampire over his shoulder. Before the large vampire can even sit up, Buffy stakes him. The last vampire, who is even larger than his companion, implodes into dust after the young man produces his own wooden stake from his jacket pocket.

"Uhm, it looks like you were already prepared for vampire pests Mr…." Buffy says.

The young man, who very sharp eyed viewers would recognize as the Romance cover man Buffy rescued in "Once More with Feeling", smiles, takes Buffy's hand, and kisses it.

"Immortal," the man says. "I simply go by the name of The Immortal."

The actual stories I am planning to do next…

Dragon Ascendant

A Virtual Buffy "Webisode"

Buffy's dangerous cat and mouse game with the Immortal is complicated by two jealous exes. Meanwhile, Dawn returns to a "rebuilt" Sunnydale High for information from the new librarian.

Buffy the Dragon Slayer

A Virtual Buffy "Webisode"

The climactic battle between good (led by the Warrior, the Goddess, and the Adept) and evil (led by the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart) begins in Hyperion Alley.

Tougher than Hell

A Virtual Buffy "Webisode"

Dawn, Willow, Conner, Spike, Illyria, and Xander are in for a huge surprise when they go to Hell to rescue Buffy and Angel.