One-shot, contest entry, for ComputerFreak101's contest, pairing is MalikxYuugi, Liberashipping.

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Malik, Yuugi had decided, was a rainbow of flavors.

When he was happy, he tasted like oranges. Of course, this was helped by the fact that when Malik was happy, he liked to eat oranges. To Malik, oranges were a "happy" food. And Yuugi didn't mind the taste of oranges too much, if they were on Malik.

Cherry was Yuugi's favoritle Malik flavor. When Malik tasted like cherry, Yuugi knew he wouldn't get any sleep that night. It didn't bother him a bit though, even if he had trouble walking in the morning.

Cherry was also his favorite because that was Malik's flavor the first time they kissed. That had been at the end of Battle City.

Then there was banana. The flavor of Malik's anger. Yuugi knew this because there had been many times when Yuugi had kissed that anger away, humming thoughtfully at the taste of bananas on Malik's lips.

And he couldn't forget strawberry, he reminded himself. Strawberry showers, he smiled to himself. In the shower, Malik tasted like strawberry. Of course, this was due to the strawberry scented shampoo that ran down his face, but who cared, really? Strawberry kisses were almost as lovely as cherry kisses.

And mango. Oh, the lovely taste of mango. This flavor Yuugi had come across one night while they had sat together watching movies. Romance movies, at that. It was the flavor associated best with Malik when he was feeling romantic. The flavor of complete and total love.

Yuugi was sure that in the realm of the dead, mango would be the flavor of absolute love among them.

Malik, Yuugi had decided, was truly a rainbow of flavors.