So, from the summary, you are probably here either out of curiousity, or you thought that I was talking about Mello. Not really surprising. But this particular story is the tale of someone far less known: Beyond Birthday. I wanted to do a story for him because A. The book comes out in February and I can't wait that long, and B. I love Beyond dearly, and there's not enough fanfics about him. I took artistic liberty with his birthdate and some of the events, so don't complain.

This is based on a picture I saw on DeviantART called "The Favorite" by panatenshi. It's CUTE. Also dedicated to RobinRocks and thenightwanderer for being the only people to mention/write about Beyond-kun so far. Luv to you!

I do not own Death Note or any of the characters, no matter how much my friend Aki thinks I'm like L. SPOILERS for most of Another Note, some of the beginning of the manga, Chapter 58/Episode 25, and L, Mello, Near, Matt, and Watari's real names.


L was seated against the wall of Wammy's House, watching the younger children play and enjoying the security of solid stone at his back. He smiled as several of the little girls got tangled in a jump rope, the older ones immediately moving to help them. They were all taught that while they had to be independent, they also had to support each other in order to succeed. L was by far the oldest there; at nineteen years old, with mere months until his twentieth birthday, he was leaving soon. But at this moment, in this place and time, he simply wanted to enjoy where he was.

He was seated in a semblance of his normal position, though instead of his knees being pulled to his chest, they rested sideways on the ground. His hand absently picked at the hair of the child currently using his lap as a pillow: sixteen-year-old Beyond Birthday. Beyond's arms were loosely hooked around the older boy's knees, successfully keeping L in place. L's right hand wound softly into the boy's hair, his other arm snugly across the boy's side.

"Beyond? You didn't want to go play?" L asked, already knowing the answer.

"No." Beyond said contentedly, shifting to look up at L. The detective was once again disconcerted by his eyes, which flashed red for a split-second before returning to their dark red-onyx color.

"You have almost the same color eyes as Near." L commented offhand. Beyond laughed. L smiled in return. It made him happy when the children he cared about were happy. It wasn't that he didn't love all of them equally, but Aisha, Beyond, Near, Mello, and Matt were different.

Beyond continued to look at him, finally saying with a hint of sadness, "Are you really going to leave, L?"

"Is that it?" L asked gently, smoothing Beyond's hair. He was always startled by how similar the boy looked to him, from unruly dark hair to a slight slouch to the scars of insomnia under his eyes. "That's why you're upset? Beyond, I don't want to leave, but I really have no choice. I can't stay here and do the work I need to. I'll come back and visit all of you, I promise."

Beyond shut his eyes, mumbling, "I wish you could stay."

"I know. I do too."

They were distracted by a slim, dark-haired girl coming around the corner. She smiled when she saw them, saying with a laugh in her voice, "I thought I'd find the twins back here!" She came over, sitting next to L and leaning her head on his shoulder. "How are you, L, Ryuzaki?"

"I'm fine. Ryuzaki and I were discussing my departure." L said. Beyond frowned, but the girl didn't see. "How are you, Arianna?" L inquired.

"L! You're supposed to use our fake names!" the girl cried.

"Fine, Aisha. How are you?"

"Good." she replied, smiling. She was about a year younger than L, and the brightest child at Wammy's. If anything were to happen to L, which was possible considering his job, she was to take his place. If something were to happen to her, it would pass to Beyond, and so on, and so forth.

Beyond sat up, looking at a spot somewhere above Aisha's head with glowing red eyes. L blinked, as Beyond's gaze shifted to somewhere above L's own head. The boy frowned, lying back down and returning his head to its' former place. L glanced at Aisha, asking only, "So, how are your classes going? Last year, right?"

"They're going fine, but Mr. Wammy says I'll need extra classes, to keep up with you, L." she said cheerily, but her smile seemed a bit forced. L watched her expression silently a moment, before nodding once.

"If Watari believes it is for the best…" he murmured. Aisha nodded as well, before standing.

"Mello and Matt were looking for you." she added. "I completely forgot. Sorry, L."

"That's fine. I will go find them." L carefully removed Beyond from his lap, standing. He helped the boy to his feet, and both headed in the direction of the front doors. Aisha stood silently, thinking of everything L had said, especially her work, and his eminent departure.

Don't leave us, L. Can't you see that we need you?


They found Mello and Matt in one of the game rooms, playing Mario Kart on Matt's Gamecube. Matt was winning, obviously. The only course Mello was any good at was, surprisingly, Rainbow Road, the hardest one. Matt kept falling off the sides, and Mello never did, oddly enough. Seven-year-old Near was sitting in the corner, working on a fifty-piece blank puzzle. Someday, he'd be able to take on five-hundred or one-thousand piece puzzles, but for now it was best to start small.

"L!" Mello and Matt yelled simultaneously, dropping the controllers and running over to hug him. L embraced both, smiling happily. He truly did love these kids, more than he would ever admit out loud.

"Aisha said you wanted to see me…?" he prompted lightly.

Mello frowned. "You're leaving soon, and we wanted you to spend time with us!" the nine-year-old demanded. Matt nodded fervently in agreement.

"Play Mario Kart with us! We can make it three-player!"

L laughed aloud, sitting down with the two and taking the controller delicately. They offered the fourth to Beyond, but he refused, preferring to sit and watch Near work on his puzzle.

It was hours later when they finally called it quits, the three youngest boys being too tired to stay awake. Beyond carried Mello back to his room, as L took Near and Matt. Wishing his older reflection good-night, Beyond went back to his own room afterwards, sprawling on the bed and staring at the ceiling. A week, possibly a bit less depending on when Watari wanted to leave. Damn. He blinked, his eyes bleeding bright ruby as he tried to burn holes through the ceiling with his intense stare. It was a glitch in his vision, he was sure. That was why he couldn't see it.

The door opened very slightly, and his eyes immediately reverted back to their normal red-onyx. Mello poked his head in, frowning.

"Ryuzaki, I couldn't sleep." he said. Beyond smiled, motioning to the child to come lie with him, and suppressed a sigh. Fake names. Blinking at Mihael Keehl, curled to his side, he wondered what the point was. Of course, not everyone was like him. Not everyone could see people's names above their heads, or the strange numbers he could somehow interpret that told how long one had to live. He didn't know why he could do any of it, but he knew for certain that no one else at Wammy's had the ability. Not even L. But, gods, how he hated that fake name. Ryuzaki Rue, what a joke. His own name, Beyond Birthday, suited him just fine, but it was a rule. No one knew him as Beyond except for L and Mr. Wammy. They were the only ones, besides him and his eye tricks, who knew everyone's real name, and yet… No one knew L's real name besides L and Mr. Wammy. He never told anyone. And his was the only one Beyond couldn't see. He couldn't see his name or his life. It was as though a blur descended on his vision when he looked at him. The numbers and letters all bled together into a fog.

Sure, Beyond couldn't read his own name or life either, but that was irrelevant. He knew his name. Rolling over, he glanced at Mello, who had gone to sleep hugging a pillow. Oh, well. He'd worry about it in the morning. For now, it was time to sleep.