Chapter 5 : Exposition

A huge gust of wind block Sokka and Sukki from the path of the fireball, and the next thing they say was Appa and hundreds of more bisons flying towards them, an airbender on each of them. Forjan was on Appa, and he raised huge boulders from the ground below to throw at the warship.

Sokka, Sukki! Where's Aang?! The bisons showed themselves to us just a day back, and well, we thought we could lend a hand this way.

You saved our lives sir! But the Fire Nation is on our trial. Order your troops to keep the warship at bay while we search for Aang. The Gason river is almost upon us, and we don't want to be trapped there.

Yo have my word son. Good luck with your work, and we will do our best. If it is freedom that we seek, I will fight for it as long as blood flows well in these veins of mine!!

Sokka steered the Balloon faster, and he searched much more desperately. In a distance, he saw a great war, being fought between The warship and the bisons. The warship was terribly outnumbered, but it's raw power still overpowered it's foes.

Below, Katara, Zuko and The Boulder were making their way towards the river. Aang was bound to be there, and they were sure he wouldn't have the strenght to cross it at the moment. Katara looked back, and she saw an awesome sight. The Fire Nation warship had reinforcements now, and the bisons were striving to fight back. The balloon was out of sight then.

The Boulder shouted to them, and they saw footsteps which were made very recently. They progressed forward, and they found what they did and did not expect to find. Aang and Toph were tied up, and in front of them stood a red faced Heden.

So, we meet again! This time, I won't let you escape, even if it costs me the avatar!

Then why don't you let him go, you coward. You are much more of a coward than my father!!

With that, Heden launched two bolts of lightening at the three of them. Katara blocked the first with water from the river, while Zuko sent the bolt back to it's origin, Heden. Heden jumped high, and then send balls of fire at them which the trio evaded skillfully. The Boulder launched rocks at his young foe, and Heden used fire to destroy them all. Taking the chance, Katara threw her hands high in the air and raised a large portion of water, which she turned into ice, and send them towards Heden in the form of icicles. Heden was forced to evade them, when he faced a great inferno made by Zuko. There was a yell, and then, Heden absorbed all of the fire and sent them at the trio at his full strength. At that moment, a huge boulder rose in front of them, shielding them and they all saw Forjan in front of them.

I won't let you do that. Now, face me, and leave them all alone!

So, I am outnumbered by a bunch of peasants who can't afford daily food eh? Nevermind, if it weren't for you, I would be facing you alone just like you wanted. But today, your wish cannot be fulfilled!

Heden continued his blasts of fire at the four freedom fighters, and they too managed to evade them all. Heden got sick of it, and then raised a huge wall of fire around the four, engulfing them in a much greater inferno. The heat was overwhelming, and hope was dying out.

Just then, a huge roar was heard behind Heden, and he saw a scene he could have never imagined. Two dragons, red and blue were flying towards him, and General Iroh, the traitor was on one of their backs. The dragons extinguished the fire and saved the four warriors, and then sent a much overwhelming blast of fire towards Heden. Heden wasn't able to block the attack, and then, he was burned to death.

I hope I made it in time Forjan.

You did Iroh, and we are grateful.

From near the river, they saw Sokka and Sukki reaching towards Aang and Toph.

So, you beat us to them. Haha!! Well, the Fire Nation is retreating by the way. The dragons scared them much more than we expected. was that they just saw the mighty Sokka flying in his great warship!!


At last, the world was freed of the clutches of the terrible Fire Nation, and it's residents lived out peace yet again. The world would once again, remain in peace for much longer, and the avatars would help keep balance between everything. But apart from that, we find Aang and Katara, alone near the river where the great battle was fought.

So, now you know why I did all this. I didn't know Sokka was coming to rescue you, so I guess I made my move much earlier.

Katara...I don't know what to say, but I am sorry for what I said before. I didn't realize...

That's alright Aang, I would have done the same thing.

Well then...

Aang couldn't reply because Katara had already closed her lips on his, and they cuddled together, and kissed for what they thought was for an eternity. The future was bright for the couple, and what we have learned is very clear from this great incidence. Always have hope, and learn to forget...and forgive...


I thank all my readers for encouraging me to write this story, and I am very happy with the last chapter. I will continue to write more stories, and hope you would help me in the future too.