Now it is common knowledge that when you kiss someone a choir is supposed to go off in your head and a light should fall down on you. Sometimes fireworks explode. This is the widely accepted rule and most people follow these guidelines.

Naruto was one of these people. He kept looking for that one person who would make the fireworks explode and the choir to sing their lungs out. He just...wasn't prepared for that person to be Sasuke.

It had been an accident that they kissed anyway. Unlike the first one though, Sasuke was the one to press his lips to Naruto's. Sasuke had turned to face Naruto when he tripped, lost his balance, and landed on Naruto, their lips meeting for a moment.

Naruto blushed as Sasuke pulled away quickly, not knowing why his heart was beating so fast or why his stomach seemed to have hatched a bunch of butterflies. Sasuke acted in a very un-Uchiha like fashion by stuttering an apology and hurrying away, hands in his pockets. Naruto watched him go, his fingers unconsciously brushing over his lips.

Despite the Uchiha's reaction to the kiss, Naruto wanted another one, but not for romantic reasons. He needed to "scientifically" find out if Sasuke could cause fireworks if they were together long enough.

Deciding that tomorrow was as good as any other day, Naruto rushed back to his apartment to try and think of a plan to get the Uchiha to kiss him again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke closed the door to his home as quickly as possible, without seeming suspicious, before he collapsed against the back of the door. His hand clapped over his mouth, trying to hold back something that wasn't coming. He slid to the floor, putting his head between his legs. Sasuke stayed like that, hoping the world would stop spinning some time soon. He lifted his head slowly as his hand ran through his hair. He took a deep breath as he stood back up, walking to his bathroom and throwing water over his face.

When Naruto and his lips had met, Sasuke's world had gone crazy. He had wanted to pulled the blond closer, had wanted to press his body desperately to Naruto's so that he could forget everything he was. Sasuke had wanted Naruto to make him forget Itachi.

That thought made him sick again and Sasuke could feel something coming up. He let the water run to wash away whatever left his body. He slumped to the ground, his forehead resting on the edge of the sink. He tried to calm his breathing down, with the water running down the side of his cheeks. Sasuke wasn't sure if it was tears or water.

Forgetting Itachi was unacceptable. After what the bastard had done to him...taking everything way. His own brother had killed his family, relived the process when he showed Sasuke and had done- Sasuke couldn't even think about it.

Once he felt his breathing calm down enough Sasuke stood up and leaned against the wall. He chuckled at his reflection in the mirror, his hair plastered to his cheeks and bile lightly running from between his lips.

He left the bathroom like that, changing into pajamas and climbing into bed. It was early, way to early to fall asleep, but nevertheless Sasuke closed his eyes and fell asleep instantly, Naruto and Itachi haunting his dreams.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto woke up the next morning with a bad feeling in his stomach. Something was going to go wrong today. The blond quickly pushed that thought out of his mind and got ready for the day. No missions were scheduled for today, which was both a good and bad thing. Naruto could talk to Sasuke freely, but now he had to think of an excuse for why.

Leaving that till later he set out on his search for Sasuke, asking if anybody had seen him around. The majority of people looked at him strangely, as if wanting to know why he wanted to find the traitor. Naruto left their questions unanswered as continued on his search.

At the end of his list to check for Sasuke was his house. He knocked on the door lightly at first. When no answer came Naruto started to knock on the door harder until he was practically pounding the door. Just before his hand came back down to hit the door, it opened and Sasuke stood there, with his shorts unbuttoned, no shirt, and his hair tousled from sleep.

Naruto could feel the nosebleed coming.

"What do you want dobe?" Sasuke asked annoyed. He rubbed his eyes, realizing what he was wearing (or lack thereof). He decided to pretend he didn't notice, wanting to see the blonde's reaction. He smirked as he saw the lingering gaze going up and down his body. Sasuke pretended to sigh impatiently and snapped his fingers in front of Naruto's face. "Dobe!"

Naruto came back to reality with an almost audible pop. "Oh, um..." Naruto internally cursed himself for not coming up with an excuse beforehand (somewhere in his mind a voice claimed to have reminded him to find one but Naruto ignored it) "I was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with me."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms. " Like a date?"

"I suppose...though dates usually consist of hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Did you want to do that Sasuke?" Naruto asked, his lower lips slightly jutting out. Sasuke glared at him for a moment before sighing in exasperation. He moved away from the door, allowing Naruto to enter.

"Let me get changed." Sasuke called behind him as he walked to his room. Naruto wandered to the living room and sat on the couch. He could hear Sasuke moving around and he fidgeted, wanting to talk to him.

The best way to go about this would be to explain the situation, gauge Sasuke's reaction, and then act according to that reaction. Naruto was pleased with himself for coming up with this plan when Sasuke appeared in front of him, a hand in his pocket, the other lying uselessly at his side.

"Are we going?" Sasuke asked. Naruto's brilliant plan flew out the window as he saw Sasuke's outfit. It wasn't much different from his usual attire, but Naruto could have sworn that his shirt didn't ride up that much, or that his shorts were that short. Naruto could almost feel the drool running down his lips.

He quickly caught himself and jumped up, trying to break the spell Sasuke had put on him. Damn kiss. Had it never happened Naruto wouldn't be here right now, wanting to see if Sasuke could make fireworks. And now that he was here all Naruto wanted to do was jump the brunette and kiss him senseless.

Or maybe that was the hormones.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sasuke held back a laugh as he saw Naruto's face when he walked in front of him. Sasuke had decided that he would let Naruto distract him, for today at least, and had dressed accordingly. His shirt was tighter than usual and his shorts were just a smidge to small. Sasuke was almost uncomfortable, but the look on Naruto's face was worth it.

"Did you have anything planned or are we going to walk around all day?" Sasuke asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Was there something that you wanted to do?" Naruto asked, tilting his head slightly to the side. Sasuke shrugged and shook his head. Deciding to mess with the blond he said, "As long as you're there I'll be fine."

Naruto blushed and looked away. Sasuke faked a smile and grabbed Naruto's arm. "C'mon, lets get out of here." Naruto nodded and let Sasuke pull him out the door. Once outside, Naruto's brain seemed to start functioning again. He grabbed Sasuke's arm, effectively making Sasuke trip (again) and fall into Naruto's arms. This time Sasuke's face was level with Naruto's chest and he could have sworn he saw something pink and Sasuke's cheeks when he fell.

But that could have been from embarrassment.

Sasuke straightened himself and fixed his shirt, pulling it down ever so slightly, knowing that it would ride up twice that when he started walking. "Dobe." he insulted and took the lead in their walk.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto was surprised on how much fun they had. Everything was spontaneous, since neither knew what they were doing, and the spur of moment decisions made Naruto see Sasuke in a different light. He even almost caught him laughing.

As they continued to walk down the street, a shrill of laughter reached their ears. Both boys turned around to see Sakura and Ino giggling and waving at Sasuke. Naruto blushed as Sakura winked and Sasuke grumbled something under his breath.

"Sasuke-kun! How are you?" Ino asked, pushing a stray hair out of her face. Both girls made their way over and turned full attention to Sasuke. He kept up a polite, indifferent tone as he answered each girls' questions. Finally Sakura asked, "What are you doing today?"

Sasuke glanced at Naruto waiting patiently behind the girls and answered with a smile, his eyes narrowing. "I'm out with Naruto today."

Naruto's eyes snapped up at the mention of his name. Sasuke pushed through Sakura and Ino as he put an arm around Naruto. The blonde's face flushed.

"Oh, like a date?" Sakura asked with honest curiosity. Ino smacked her on the arm.

"No silly. They can't be on a date because they aren't gay. Their just friends, right Sasuke-kun?" Ino said, smiling with a desperate edge.

"Actually," Sasuke said, gripping Naruto's shoulder tighter, "We are on a date." He grazed his lips over Naruto's for effect. Both girls gaped for a moment before laughing nervously.

"Oh, really? You're dating Naruto, Sasuke-kun?" Ino asked through clenched teeth, a smile hiding her anger.

"Well, not yet. I haven't asked him." Sasuke explained, his eyes still narrowed with a small smile. Sakura could have sworn he was smirking.

"Were you going to ask him Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked. Sasuke shrugged.


Sakura looked from Sasuke to Naruto as if hoping one of them was going to jump up and yell 'APRIL FOOL'S' (which wouldn't make sense since it wasn't April) and everyone would be on their merry way.

She looked at them desperately, but Sasuke had his arm around Naruto and Naruto was blushing, looking at the ground, but his hand was entwined with Sasuke's.

Ino was pulled out of her daze first and grabbed Sakura's shoulder, shaking her slightly. "Well, enjoy your date." Ino forced, glaring at Naruto with such a stare that if looks could kill, he would have died twice. They left and Sasuke relaxed his grip on Naruto's shoulder. He looked curiously at Naruto, wondering why he hadn't said anything.

Naruto was still looking at the ground, thoughts rushing through his head. When Sasuke had grazed his lips over his a small, but audible, explosion had gone off in his mind.

His firework.

They can't be on a date because they aren't gay.

Ino's words also played through his mind. Gay? Naruto? The only way those words would be in the same sentence was if the words 'isn't' was between them.

Sasuke shook Naruto slightly and he came back to Earth. "Are you alright?" Sasuke asked, concern lightly laced with his words. Naruto nodded and turned to him.

"Kiss me again." Naruto said, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and the statement coming out more like a question. Sasuke's eyes widened ever so slightly.

"What?" Sasuke asked, just to make sure he heard right.

"Kiss me." This time Naruto's voice was confident. The blond was expecting Sasuke to ask why so when soft lips pressed against his gently, he jumped. Naruto's eyes fluttered shut after a moment and his hands intertwined with Sasuke's raven hair. He gasped when arms wrapped around his waist to pull him closer.

They stayed like that, their mouths meeting earnestly in innocent love. Sasuke slipped his tongue between Naruto's lips, lightly licking his bottom lip upon his entrance. Naruto gave a small moan and rubbed his body against Sasuke's. When Sasuke kissed back fiercely something exploded in Naruto's mind.



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