Title: Pieces

Pairings: IchiHichi

Rating: T+

Disclaimer: KivaEmber does not own.

Summary: Sequel to Fragments. All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put King back together again. IchiHichi

A/N: The sequel to Fragments! This is in Hichigo's (Shiro's) POV, it was kinda hard to put myself into Shiro's POV but I tried. Hope you enjoy the sequel to Fragments!


"For others to succeed, others must fail."

--- Mandy, Grim Adventures



All the King's horses

He was his. His and his alone. He trailed black nailed fingers down the teen's stomach, grinning when the sleeping substitute Shinigami unconsciously shuddered at the cold touch, russet eyes twitching under his eyelids. Only he could be King's master, whispering soft promises and threats into his ears, breaking him into tiny little pieces and laughing when the King crawled back to his feet.

Only he could break the King so easily, only he could put the King's pretty broken spirit back together to break it again, and again, and again. King suited being broken, but King wouldn't be King broken so the albino Hollow scraped the pieces back together and whispering soft little nothings so that King would face him with burning bronze eyes promising that he would take back his throne.

But each time the King is broken, he loses a few pieces when putting him back together.

And all the King's men

His previous struggles get weaker and weaker each time, the raging inferno in his bronze eyes dulling to smouldering embers and complying with his demands without a fight more often then not. The albino Hollow pulled the sleeping substitute Shinigami closer to his body. King is slowly becoming the perfect little pet despite his protests, and he knew that the redhead was damn well enjoying it too.

Couldn't put King

He nuzzled the top of the human's head, inhaling his scent blissfully. Once he breaks King for the final time, and leaves the pieces loosely tied together, he would be able to finally raze Seireitei to the ground with his precious little King beside him; then those Shinigami will know that they have lost, when their icon of strength bowed and spread his legs to him.

He inwardly cackled at the fantasy, stroking soft tanned skin. It wasn't long before King would shatter beautifully, individual pieces littering at his feet shining so prettily with bronze eyes blank and him raping that pretty mouth of King's. His blue tongue darted out and swiped his pale lips.

It was time to break him again.

Back together again.



Shiro's thinking naughty thoughts! It changed from what I was originally going to put but I like this better.