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"Is everyone ready?"

Shades called out to the group as they finished packing their horses. The four of them, Shades, Carl, Gabriel, and Melannen, were going to Rome. Shades and Melannen were going to join the Holy Order and aid Van Helsing and Carl in their quests to fight evil. Now, they were off, riding to the sea, where they would return to Rome by boat.

But soon after the ship landed, things started looking down.

It was raining, which was not, to say, unusual, but it was also a full moon night. Shades was uneasy, her wolfish sense of smell catching the scent of werewolves on the wind. Before long, a pack of the creatures showed themselves to the group, and Van Helsing drew his revolver. Melannen spread her wings, her glorious figure becoming intimidating, and Shades drew her silver-bladed sword. Carl cowered, as usual.

The werewolves attacked furiously, and proved to be quite a match for the group. Van Helsing and Shades were bowled off their horses, and Melannen was soon forced to take flight. She feared for the others, and knew she had to do something.

Sing, a voice in her head commanded her, No foul creature of darkness can stand the sound of an angel's voice!

Hardly thinking, Melannen obeyed, singing the first thing that came to her mind.


And the spirit of life,


And a voice,

With the fear of a child,


The werewolves stopped attacking, their feral yellow eyes locking onto the gold figure. Melannen continued to sing, undaunted.


There's no mountain too great!

Hear their words and have faith!

Have faith.


He lives in you,

He lives in me,

He watches over,

Everything we see.

Into the water,

Into the truth,

In your reflection.

He lives in you."

Fear now entered the eyes of the werewolves as the recognized the voice as that of an angel. They did not attack Van Helsing or the others, although they were stopped dead by awe and wonder.

"He lives in you,

He lives in me,

He watches over,

Everything we see.

Into the water,

Into the truth,

In your reflection.

He lives in you.


So wait.

There's no mountain too great.

Hear their words and have faith.

Have faith."

The werewolves fled, whining and howling, and Melannen broke off. The others snapped out of their trance at once, and the Golden Angel floated gracefully to the ground.

And the rest of their journey began.

Author's Note: Ok, so that's the end of our tale.

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