Good Night and Good Riddance.

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Chapter 6: Smile Like You Don't Give A Damn:

"That felt so good!" Lacey exclaimed as she and Rey got backstage. She turned and looked at her father's best friend. "Thank you, Uncle Rey." She hugged him.

"Any time, chica." Rey replied, patting her head affectionately, the way he used to when she was a young child.

"I'm gonna go talk to Lyssah." Lacey said, turning to head down the hall. "I'll see you around."

"Alright, Lace. Stay out of trouble!" he called after her.

Lacey walked down the hall. She wasn't really going to talk to Elyssah. No, she had much more important matters on her mind.

Reaching her destination, she held her hand up and knocked on the wood of the door.

"Who is it?" The person answered.

Lacey started upon hearing the voice. It was the voice from her hotel room a few weeks back, the very same. Could it be that it was he who had been giving her guidance? She felt as if all the warmth had drained from her body and she was freezing.

"Who is it?" They repeated.

Lacey returned to the real world with a shake of her head. "It's Lacey. Can I come in?" Her voice was quivering, stuttering.

"I'd much rather you didn't."

Lacey was taken aback. This was not the response she had been waiting for.

"In case you haven't noticed, darlin', I don't much like people."

"I won't take much of your time, I promise." She said quickly.

Why was she so anxious to speak to him? It wasn't as if they had ever really acknowledged each other before. Maybe it was because now was different. Now, Lacey felt sort of aligned with The Undertaker.

Lacey heard him let out a long sigh. "Alright, come in."

She sucked in a breath through her clenched teeth and turned the knob with her shaking fingers.

Her eyes were met with complete darkness. She stood in the center of the small room and jumped when she heard the door close behind her. Lacey couldn't tell where he stood in the room, but she knew he wasn't too far away.

"You're especially jumpy tonight." He pointed out.

It was true, her nerves were on edge. She couldn't understand why, he was a normal every day guy just like everyone else? Or was he. He was the Undertaker, after all.

"Nerves from the crowd, I guess." Lacey lied.

Nerves? From the crowd? Geez, she could have at least been original with her response.

The light suddenly snapped on and Lacey saw that he was standing not two feet in front of her.

"That better?" he said with a small chuckle.

All she could do was nod in response. She was like putty in his hands, and she couldn't understand why.

"So, you wanted something?" he said with a groan as he sat down on the metal chair in the far corner, his eyes locked intently on hers.

Lacey couldn't meet his gaze. If she was like jello now, she would become a puddle at his feet if she looked into his eyes.

"I… I just wanted to thank you." She said, looking down at her hands held before her.

"For what, darlin'?" he asked.

Lacey tightened her jaw to keep it from falling open, he sounded amused!

"For… for… tombstoning… mama." Way to be.

"Ah, that? That was nothing."

"Still, thank you."

A cold silence fell over them. Lacey could feel his eyes on her, waiting for her. It made her feel extremely self-conscious. She felt as if she were under a microscope.

With a small nod, she turned to leave but stopped when he spoke. "Lacey?"

Her hand was frozen over the doorknob, he had addressed her by her name. She felt like a bucket of ice water had been dumped over her head. "Y-yeah?"

She heard him stand and make his way to her. He stood directly behind her, if he took even a fraction of a step forward, their bodies would be touching. Lacey could feel the cold sweat on the back of her neck and her heart beat picked up.

"I know that this whole situation is hard on you, it'd be hard on anyone. But you need to get through it, get on with your life. You need to just smile like you don't give a damn." He shocked her then, she felt his hand wrap around her wrist. "People love you, they'll always be here for you." She turned to look at his face, and her eyes met his.

"I… I gotta go." She said and threw the door open, booking into the hall.

She ran down the hall and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Adam standing at the end of the hall.

She must have looked a real mess then, shaking and covered with sweat. But she needed to go this way to get to her locker room.

Damn him.

He looked like he was dying to say something to her. She knew she had a few choice words to throw his way as well, but she held her tongue and began walking in his direction.

When she was finally level with him, she turned to him. "Have a nice evening, asshole." She said with a wide smile spread across her face and began she walking away. Oh, yeah. She was smiling like she didn't give a damn. And, you know what? It felt good.

Smile like you don't give a damn About the consequence Just say anything

We say summer holds such wonderful things


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