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Shinjuku, Tokyo

07:06 JST

29th May 2010

"Rey, you've got to do something!" Mari told the redhead next to her. Rey looked to the red-brown haired girl, and frowned.

"I can't…"

"But, Yggdrasil is going to kill Ryder!"

"Not if I haven't affected time too much…"

"What can possibly change things now?"

Suddenly, a thunder crack interrupted the pair, as the sky opened and the ground shook. A blue opening ruptured the sky, far smaller than Yggdrasil's, but still significant, as some forms descended.

"It can't be!" Kari said in amazement, as Rika, Takato, Guilmon, Renamon and DarkRenamon were gently let down to the ground by the force of the portal, landing safely in front of Yggdrasil.

"Did you miss us?" Rika asked. She looked up to Yggdrasil's final form.

"Whoa…" Takato said in awe, looking up at the size of the beast. "Why didn't he use that before?"

Yggdrasil growled. 'I have to kill them before that happens, that was my reason for not using this form before…' "How did you escape the Digital World?" he asked angrily.

"Well, you were stupid enough to leave a weak-spot in the walls between the worlds, and we simply cut a hole through…" Rika explained. "Easy enough, didn't even need much of my energy…"

"It makes no difference, I shall destroy you…" he declared.

Takato looked around at the fallen, and standing weakly, Tamers and Digimon. "What did you do?" he asked angrily.

"I took out your little friends, all except your little Angel over there who refuses to die!" Yggdrasil complained, gesturing to the dragon biped.

"Who's that?" Takato asked. BlazeDonnermon stood up, weakly.

"It's me, Ryder…and Donmon…" he explained.

"You're…an Angel?" Rika asked.

BlazeDonnermon nodded. "The First…the leader of the Angels…" he told her.

"What are these Angels?" Yggdrasil asked.

"None of your business…" Rika replied.

"None of yours either, when I destroy you…" Yggdrasil replied, charging a ball of energy in his hands.

"Rika, let's draw him into the sky…" Takato whispered to his girlfriend. She nodded, understanding his tactical aim, to avoid damage to those on the ground below, and held her arm to her chest, as he did likewise, their D-Vices glowing and flooding them and their partners with the light of digivolution.

'They have D-Vices!' thought the group in amazement, staring at the expanded devices on their lower arms.


Guilmon Biomerge Digivolve to…Gallantmon Crimson Mode!

Renamon Biomerge Digivolve to…Sakuyamon Amethyst Mode!

Gallantmon and Sakuyamon flew upwards, into the air, Yggdrasil looking up angrily.

"You are not escaping!" he declared, himself levitating into the air, using his wings as he did so. DarkRenamon watched them rise into the air.

"Good luck…" she whispered. She turned, to see Mari and Rey arriving at the park, Calumon on Mari's head, and Rejimon on Rey's shoulder.

"It's Rey!" Kazu said in surprise, noticing her and her partner, not hiding as they normally did.

"And someone who I've never seen before…" Ryo added.

DarkRenamon turned to Mari. "Thanks for talking to me and convincing me of what was truly going on…" she told her.

Mari nodded. "No problem, always like to help a friend…" she told the Kitsune, smiling.

BlazeDonnermon looked into the air, seeing the red, blue and pale blue lights fade into the bright sunlight.

"Donmon, we have to follow..." Ryder told his partner.

"Yeah…" Donmon replied, as BlazeDonnermon prepared his wings.

"Are you going to follow?" Mari asked. BlazeDonnermon looked to her.

"I want to see what happens…I'll try to help, but…"

"Just keep yourself safe, okay…" Mari told him. He nodded, smiling.

"I promise…" he told her, as BlazeDonnermon took off into the air, the orange light pursuing the others, fading from sight.

"Who are you?" TK asked, seeing the newcomer.

"I'm Mari Flynn…"

"So who exactly?" Yolei asked. Mari turned to her and smiled.

"Ryder's girlfriend…" she explained.

"You're Rey, right?" Ken asked. Rey nodded.

"Rey Matsuki, pleased to make your acquaintance…"

"You're related to Takato?" Kazu asked. "Do you want to go out with me?" he added.

"Yes, and no respectively…I already have someone else…" she replied, as the brown-haired teen frowned, and Kenta chuckled.

"Did you really expect her to say yes?" Kenta whispered.

"No, but it was worth a shot…" Kazu replied.

"How are you related to Takato?" Suzie asked.

"Far too complicated and mind-blowing to explain…" Rey replied.

"Who are you?" Patamon asked DarkRenamon.

"I am DarkRenamon, and I am a lone Digimon who will now follow Chaos and Harmony…" she explained humbly and politely, looking up to the sky. "They let me see the truth, along with Mari here, and Takato…"

"Who is this Yggdrasil guy, and where did he come from?"

"It's a long story…" Tai began, as he explained the events of the past few days.

Skies above Tokyo

07:16 JST

29th May 2010

Rika looked down, seeing the clouds below. They had risen so high that the city was now out of sight, and Yggdrasil seemed smaller than the clouds surrounding them.

"We shall bring about your end…" Sakuyamon declared. "For killing so many, you will pay dearly Yggdrasil!" she added, drawing her sword, as Gallantmon raised his spear.

"CRIMSON LIGHT!" Gallantmon yelled, funnelling the energy into the spear and firing it forward at the beast, who roared in pain as it impacted him.

"SPELL OF HARMONY!" Sakuyamon yelled, doing similarly with her sword, and getting similar results, as Yggdrasil flickered.

"It's working!" Takato cheered.

Ryder looked out from BlazeDonnermon, as the battle came into view. He gulped at the vastness of Yggdrasil, and the size of the two megas by comparison.

"ROYAL SABER!" Gallantmon yelled, slashing at Yggdrasil's armour with his blade, Blutgang.

"SHAMAN SWORD!" Sakuyamon declared, doing similarly with hers, as the armour shattered, and fell away, unveiling the form below. Yggdrasil was block-like, his top shaped almost like a star with two points out to either side and a further point out of his unemotional silver face. He removed two pale blue blades from underneath his cracking armour, and held them menacingly to his front. His wings and form became more dull and clearer to see. BlazeDonnermon looked on curiously at this new form.

"FINAL JUSTICE!" Gallantmon yelled, throwing his spear, Gungnir, at the 'God', but it was slashed away quickly, as Yggdrasil advanced with the blades.

"ENERGY BLADE!" he roared, the blade glowing and colliding with Gallantmon. Takato suddenly felt weak, as he and Guilmon were thrown out of their biomerge. BlazeDonnermon and Sakuyamon looked on in horror as Takato, weakened considerably by the attack, began to plummet uncontrollably.

"TAKATO!" Rika yelled, fearful for his safety. BlazeDonnermon was paralysed in fear at what was happening, Takato was heavily injured by the attack.

Yggdrasil smirked, and held out his hands. "ENERGY BURST!" he roared, a blast of energy shooting towards Sakuyamon.

"RETCON!" Ryder yelled, the blast missing. Mainly.

Sakuyamon yelped in pain as she felt her left side impacted by the blast, before herself plummeting as her wings disintegrated into data.

BlazeDonnermon was now completely unable to speak and was paralysed by the horrific scene in front of him, by the Gods Chaos and Harmony being slaughtered.

'But…they're Gods…why aren't they winning? What do I do?' he thought.

Rika felt herself drifting from Renamon, and suddenly noticed she had debiomerged. She quickly grabbed Renamon's hand, and her wings formed on her back, as she swept them back, flying at high velocity down towards Takato, inching closer and closer as she put out her hand to grab him, her clothes ruffled by the wind speeding past her and biting at her skin.

Yggdrasil now looked to BlazeDonnermon, noticing he was watching.

"You are remarkably persistent…no matter…" he began. "With their impending deaths, I shall destroy this world…"

BlazeDonnermon gulped, as Yggdrasil raised his hands, his entire form glowing with data.

"FINAL DESTRUCTION!" he roared, the air ripping past him into a vacuum.

"Takato!" Rika said emotionally, having pulled Takato close to her. Guilmon fell, barely conscious, nearby, hand grabbed by Renamon, who in turn was held by Rika's other hand.

Takato moaned, waking up weakly. "Rika…" he said weakly.

"We're falling…we have to do something…" Rika told him. Her wings deployed, and they began to slow, but she felt them straining against the weight. "I can't stop us all falling…"

"I can't use my wings…" Takato told her. "They won't open…"

"I don't want to die…" Rika told him.

"We're not going to…" Takato decided, pain fading slightly as he became more determined and the adrenaline set in.

"I love you…" Rika told him, pulling him close, as Renamon did likewise to Guilmon. Takato grabbed Guilmon with his other hand, as they ended up falling as a set of four.

"I love you too…" Takato replied, tearful slightly. Guilmon nodded to Renamon.

"Whatever happens…" Rika told him, as their D-Vices glowed and beeped in unison, Guilmon and Renamon beginning to glow.

"What's happening?" Takato asked in surprise, as he began to glow red, and Rika began to glow blue.

"Something ancient…"

"Something that I never thought would happen again…"

"What?" Takato and Rika asked, as they felt energy rush over them.


Guilmon, Renamon, Dual Biomerge Digivolve to…

The light of digivolution enveloped the four, blues and reds swirling as they fell onto each other. A form expanded, golden and growing. A long dragon-like tail formed, white in the middle with gold towards the edges, tapering off towards the end, with a feather-like ending. The white fur ran all the way up the form's chest, to where gold fur began to dominate. A dragon-like gray mask covered the face, with a pair of horns and red and black markings on both the horns and the mask. White hair ran out of the back of the head a short way down the body. Both arms had golden rings halfway along the upper arm, with a red shoulder pad lined with gold on the left, and a purple one on the right. A red bracelet covered the lower part of the left arm, and a purple one on the lower part of the right arm. The bracelets, rings and shoulder pads were all inscribed in an ancient language. Four black-feathered wings rose out of the right side of the body, and four white wings rimmed with gold connections to the body. He/she declared his/her name, in a sextuple voice of Rika, Takato, Harmony, Chaos, Guilmon and Renamon, that somehow also sounded natural at the same time.


Rika looked around in the golden sphere in amazement, blushing slightly when she realised that both her and Takato were naked, excepting their D-Vices.

"What happened?" Takato asked, diverting attention from their embarrassing situation.

"We…biomerged together?" Rika replied, surprised.

"This is the reason why you did not have your full powers…"

"It's not Gods, it's God…singular…we were split at the dawn of time, due to a…disagreement…"

"Hey, the pebbles own all, I told you that so many times!"

"So…we're one and the same?" Rika asked.

"To some extent yes, but at the same time, no. Originally we were, but our latest incarnations are different."

"Puts DarkRenamon in your head into perspective somewhat, doesn't it?" Rika noted. Takato chuckled.

"Takatomon, I feel all funny…" Guilmon said. "This is confusing…"

"Don't worry; it's confusing me too…" Renamon comforted him.

"So what gender are we?" Takato asked.

"For God's sake, please don't start that argument again!" Chaos warned, panicking.

"This is…strange…" Rika said.

"I think we shouldn't use this power that often…" Renamon suggested.

Rika and Takato nodded. "Yeah, it's a bit confusing..." Takato replied.

"Powerful though…" Rika added.

"Rika, are you ready to fight back, because I sure am?" Takato decided, punching his fist into his hand.

"I know you're not ready…"

"Huh? How?"

"We're the same being Takato!"

Takato chuckled. "This will seriously take some getting used to…"

Goddramon looked up, towards Yggdrasil and the storm brewing above.

"The First Angel needs our help, and it's time to make Yggdrasil pay for his crimes!" Rika declared. Takato nodded, and Goddramon flew upwards.

Yggdrasil looked down from his summoning of his destructive blast, as did BlazeDonnermon, still paralysed in fear, which faded when he saw what was approaching, to be quickly replaced with confusion and amazement.

"What the…?" he cursed.

"No...this is exactly what I was trying to prevent!" Yggdrasil said in anger.

"Yggdrasil, you will pay for the murders you have caused…" Goddramon declared, in a voice that was both male and female, and seemed to work perfectly. The voice was imperative, commanding, and yet caring at the same time.

"Rika? Takato?" Ryder asked, bewildered.

"Both…" Goddramon replied, smirking.

"No…way…" BlazeDonnermon replied in shock. "Wait a sec…Goddramon…that's who the Angels were made by…"

Goddramon nodded. "And you are their leader…" he/she replied, smiling.

BlazeDonnermon nodded. Ryder looked to his D-Vice. "Goddramon, Vaccine Type, Super Ultimate Level, attacks God Flame, Summon Amon and Summon Umon. The God of everything, with the power to create and destroy using the bracelets on his arms, well beyond his normal move set."

Goddramon looked to Yggdrasil, hatred in his/her eyes. "You will now be destroyed…GOD FLAME!" he/she roared, a hugely powerful flame being released from his/her mouth, and burning Yggdrasil, cancelling his final destruction move. Yggdrasil growled, and held out his hands, summoning energy.

"ENERGY BURST!" he roared, the blast of energy careering towards the dragon, who lifted his/her arm. The blast suddenly disintegrated, and Yggdrasil growled, raising his sword, which glowed with energy.

"SUMMON UMON!" the dragon roared, his/her right bracelet glowing as a great gold-handled sword formed in his/her hand, a burst of energy in the shape of a blue dragon shining along it as it formed.

"ENERGY SWORD!" Yggdrasil yelled, the swords clashing, and both of Yggdrasil's swords being shattered.

"Now it ends!" Goddramon declared, raising his/her left arm, as the bracelet glowed red. "SUMMON AMON!" he/she roared, as a burst of energy in the shape of a red dragon was released, before it formed a huge red destructive blast, colliding with Yggdrasil, who roared in pain.

Goddramon smirked, as BlazeDonnermon cheered.

"It's you who's the fake God!" he declared, as Yggdrasil shattered, breaking into huge amounts of data, which burnt away into nothing as the powers of Chaos took effect. Goddramon and BlazeDonnermon breathed a sigh of relief.

"We won…" Rika said.

"About time too…" Ryder added. "That was so cool…and this really does change everything…"

"Yeah…" Takato replied.

"Renamon, I've noticed something!" Guilmon said excitedly.

"What is it Guilmon?" Renamon asked, the continual switching of voices being even more confusing than when it was a normal biomerge, or the two incarnates on their own.

"The bracelet of Umon, Creation…it's similar to your glove!" he told her. Goddramon's eyes widened as he/she looked closely at his/her right arm, now held out in front of her.

"You're right…" Renamon replied.

"The Power of Creation is sealed within the right bracelet, and the Power of Destruction within the left…"

"Harmony and Chaos…"

"Yeah…" Takato replied.

"Takato, this is the most insane thing we've ever done…" Rika told him.

"What, more insane than that?" Takato asked.

Rika blushed. "Well, maybe…" she replied. Takato chuckled.

"What the hell are they talking about?" Ryder asked Donmon.

"Beats me…" came the reply.

"Can we really show everyone this form?" Rika asked.

Takato frowned. "I guess not…it'd blow their minds, maybe for now it's worth them not knowing…"

"The Angels should know eventually, as for those other than them, it's up to you who you decide to let see your form…" Ryder told them. Goddramon nodded.

"Takato, this was fun…" Guilmon said to his partner.

"Yeah, maybe we can do it again sometime…" Rika added. "Maybe make it more interesting…" she then added, grabbing his hand within the sphere suggestively, as it faded in a burst of gold light and they were replaced by Rika, Takato, Renamon and Guilmon, the incarnates with wings outstretched and holding their partners.

"Time to go back down to Planet Earth…" BlazeDonnermon said to them. "It sure isn't up here…" he added, noting the unbelievable nature of the events he had witnessed.


Shinjuku Park, Tokyo

12:31 JST

29th May 2010

Peace returned to the city of Tokyo, as Takato and Rika sat peacefully on the steps outside the hideout. She sat on his lap, and he had his arm around her waist. She rested her head on his shoulder, eyes closed most of the time, breaking the silence only to pull him into a kiss. Renamon and Guilmon sat nearby, silently enjoying each others company.

"It's so peaceful now…" she said, the sounds of traffic and life returning to normal filling the skies.

"Yeah…hard to believe what happened only a few hours ago…" Takato replied.

"What happened a few hours ago?" Mari asked, as she arrived with Ryder, holding his hand. Donmon followed

"Um…nothing…" Takato replied, Rika silently chuckling at his clumsiness.

"There was a battle, wasn't there?" Rika asked.

"Yeah, I suppose…what happened up there anyway?" Mari asked Ryder.

"They fought Yggdrasil, and they won…" he told her, smiling.

"Good, because that battle would've had serious costs otherwise…" Mari replied.

"Did you go to see your apartment?" Rika asked, changing the subject. Mari nodded.

"Yeah, it's great…so, I'm staying with him now…" she replied.

"Everything worked out well…life seems so much better now…" Rika replied. "I hope it always stays this way…" she added.

"Well, I'm off…" said Rey, arriving with her partner on her shoulder, and adjusting her time travel device, while at the same time finishing a piece of Guilmon bread. "Takato, thank your mother for the bread…" she replied. "It's on your tab…" she added.

"You really are like Rika…" Takato replied.

Rika and Rey looked at him. "Huh?"

"Never mind…so, are you leaving now?" Takato asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, I'll be back soon enough, but I can't stand staying around for too long, otherwise I'll be a year older when I return, and I know how bad that would be…" Rey replied.

"See you then…" Rika told her.

"Good luck…" Rey told Rika, tapping the button on the dial, and vanishing in a flash of light, leaving the others to reflect on her.

"I'm sure we'll see her soon enough, and hopefully find out a lot more about her…" Ryder said to the others.

"That reminds me…" Rika noted, reaching into her jeans pocket, and pulling out a strand of long red hair. "We can find out something about her now if we want to…" she told the others, as Ryder and Mari looked on in shock at what she had.

Hypnos, Floor 29, Tokyo Metropolitan Building

13:29 JST

29th May 2010

"So you think that it'll show us something?" Janyuu asked. Rika nodded, handing him the red hair. Rika turned to face Takato, Ryder, Mari and Henry, who they had stopped to pick up en route to Hypnos, along with his father, not working on this particular Saturday. Their partners, where applicable, stood near them or on their heads and shoulders. Rika walked back into Takato's arms, and they awaited the result.

13:39 JST

29th May 2010

"We've got the results back…" Riley told them, opening the doors to the control room. Rika nodded, and walked into the room, the others following.

"What results do you want to compare them against?" Yamaki asked.

"Try mine, Rika's and Ryder's…" Takato replied. Yamaki nodded, and drew the results up onto the screen.

A gasp followed by a silence befell the group, as they stared at the new pattern. It was similar to Rika's or Takato's, a pair of DNA strands, surrounded by ADNA. The thing was, there were ten strands of ADNA, far more than on Ryder's, who was known to be an Angel.

"What's different with her?" Ryder asked, frustrated slightly. "What on earth is the difference?" he continued.

"She's definitely got something different with her, it's clear…" Rika noted. "But what is it, what could possibly make her different to the other Angels?"

"She doesn't exist yet…" Takato pondered. "There must be a reason…"

"Time will tell, I guess…" Henry replied.

"Oh, I'm sick of time being so slow…" Terriermon glowed. "Ryder, speed it up will ya!"

"I can't do that…" Ryder replied.

"You're so useless!" Terriermon complained. Henry chuckled.

Nonaka Residence

08:01 JST

3rd July 2010

The morning air seeped into Rika's room, as she slowly awoke from her long slumber. She glanced at her D-Vice, nearby on the floor, and moaned in response how early she had woken up, preferring to sleep in until ten o'clock on Saturday morning.

'I guess Takato does get annoyed with waking me up early…and my angry reactions…' Rika thought, glancing to Renamon nearby, sleeping. Rika climbed out of her futon, and Renamon woke up. "Good morning…" Rika said, standing up.

"Morning…" Renamon replied.

Rika suddenly felt nauseous, her throat feeling sore and ill. She felt like she was about to throw up, something that Renamon noticed with surprise.

"Rika, are you…"

Rika had already run down the corridor, bursting into the bathroom and barfing into the sink. Renamon quickly followed, pausing outside the door as Rika's sister and her partner approached her drowsily.

"What's wrong with Rika?" Kristy asked the Kitsune, still in her pyjamas and with Kudamon following. Rika ran the tap, before exiting the bathroom.

"Kristy, tell Mum that I am never eating her cooking again…" Rika said angrily.

Kristy looked on with a look of confusion. "O…kay…" she replied, before hearing a doorbell.

"Takato's here…" Kudamon noted. Rika nodded, and walked along the hallway to the front door of their house.

"Morning Rika…" Takato greeted as she opened the door.

"Morning Honey…" Rika replied roughly.

"What's wrong?" Takato asked, noticing her hoarse voice.

"Just threw up…"

"What?" Takato replied.

"Thank my mothers awful cooking…"

Takato smiled. "Are you okay now?"

"Of course I am Takato; it was just a bad reaction…or simply awful cooking…"

Takato chuckled, as he entered the house. "What do you want to do today then?"

"Same thing we do every day Takato, hang out randomly in the park, my house, even go to Ryder and Mari's place to chat about whatever Angel stuff he's been figuring out in class this week…" Rika replied. Takato chuckled, Mari and Ryder had recently been enrolled in their school, and it was somewhat of a culture change compared to their western schooling, which they both found amusing. Ryder ended up spending most of the time figuring out what the Angel business was all about, and telling them later. There was also the benefit that in their apartment, they normally ended up being able to do anything they wanted, be it watching TV for hours on end, or eat sweets and bread, or watch Guilmon do so until Mari complained about all the wrappers left over the floor.

"Sounds like fun…" Takato replied cheerfully.

"Yeah, well I've got to have breakfast first…" Rika replied, walking around the kitchen and getting out a box of cereal, a bowl and a spoon, along with a glass of water and a bottle of milk, before placing them on the table, and sitting down. Takato sat on a chair next her, as did Kristy, who also gathered her breakfast. Rumiko and Seiko soon joined them, and Renamon stood, ever present but silent, against a wall nearby, Guilmon sitting on the floor near her. Kudamon sat on Kristy's shoulders, as they began the morning's conversation.

"I don't see what's wrong with my cooking!" Rumiko argued.

"There must be something wrong with it, I was sick for God's sake!" Rika argued back.

"Maybe you put in too much of something dear?" Seiko suggested to her daughter, who frowned.

"Maybe…" Rumiko replied, sounding thoughtful, but at the same time keeping her thoughts that Rika was wrong.

"Hard to believe that it was only five weeks ago when we went to New York, and then the Digital World…" Takato said to Rika, changing the subject.

"Wasn't exactly the best holiday ever…" Rika said back to him. "Up until we ended up in the Digital World, it was good enough…" she added. Takato nodded in agreement.

Guilmon's Hideout, Shinjuku Park

08:21 JST

3rd July 2010

"It's been a quiet month hasn't it…" Takato noted, as they sat on the steps near the hideout. The city was peaceful as ever, with bioemerges only occasional, and Rika felt somewhat better since her nausea had subsided. Guilmon was currently chasing Calumon and Kristy in a game of tag, Renamon watching from a tree and quietly cheering for Guilmon to win. Rika once again sat on Takato's lap, his arms around her waist, while Kudamon sat quietly on the roof of the hideout. The giggles of Guilmon, Kristy and Calumon were the main source of noise, besides Rika and Takato's occasional talk, but most of the time they simply appreciated the pleasure of each others company on the quiet summer morning. The air was crisp, and the heat of the day had yet to make it humid, so it was a pleasant morning as well.

Guilmon ran headfirst into Kristy, as Calumon leapt out of the way, and the human and digimon fell on their backs. "Calumon, stop doing that!" Kristy complained.

"Yeah…" Guilmon added, rubbing his sore nose.

"If you're going to keep injuring each other, I'm going to stop you all playing tag…" Rika told them.

"What are you, my mother?" Kristy asked, annoyed.

"Okay you two, we don't wanna fight…" Takato said nervously, before recalling the last time he said a similar sentiment three years ago.

Rika and Kristy both hmph'ed, and turned away from each other. Kristy walked away through the trees in the park, Kudamon following. Takato glanced back, hoping that the pair wouldn't get into any more trouble. Takato glanced to the D-Vice on his wrist. The previous few weeks had told him that it was virtually identical to Ryder's, as was Rika's, but there were a few things different. The most obvious difference was the glossy finish and the red tint, or blue in Rika's case. There were a few more subtle differences in the programs, and the device seemed to be designed to withstand the stresses of the powers their owners held as being one of the components of Goddramon, something that their previous D-Arcs were clearly unable to do.

"Takato, I never got my chance to tell you something…" Rika began, looking up and making eye contact with Takato.

"What is it?" Takato asked, smiling.

Rika smirked, her voice becoming angrier. "You destroyed the Orb of Harmony; I could've used it for so many things…I am so pissed off with you…"

"But…I saved our lives!" Takato pleaded back.

"I know, but it was still stupid…" Rika replied, pulling him into a kiss. "Try to be more careful in future, okay?"

"Sure. Whatever happens…" Takato said.

"Don't say that!" Rika replied quickly.


"Every time you say that, something major happens!" Rika replied.

"Sorry…" Takato replied. A scream resounded through the forest. Kristy's scream.

"See what I mean?" Rika told him, as she stood up, and ran in the direction of the scream, Renamon, Takato, Guilmon and Calumon soon following. Their D-Vice's burst into beeping, signalling a bioemergence, as they ran. The D-Vices automatically switched to their full modes, as the Digital Field came into view, covering the playground that featured a still-damaged dinosaur.

"Kristy, are you okay?" Rika called into the mist, after putting her sunglasses on, as Takato pulled down his Goggles.

"Yeah, a Digimon appeared and scared me, that's all…" Kristy replied, Kudamon now on the floor in front of her, the pair of them having moved away from the geyser in the middle of the Digital Field, which was now dominated by a large spherical grey blob. It had two short arms with red gloves on the upper part of its shape, and a pair of brown boots on short, stumpy legs. It had a band-aid on its front, and a dumb expression on its red eyes and mouth on the top of it. Takato raised his D-Vice, as Guilmon analysed their foe.

"BigMamemon, Data Type, Ultimate Level, attacks are Big Smirk Bomb and Heavy Dive" he read off the screen.

"Kudamon, are you ready?" Kristy asked.

"Yes Kristy…" her partner replied.

Kristy summoned a blue card. "Rika, I'm dealing with this one all on my own!" she told her sister spitefully. Rika looked on, speechless and annoyed, as Takato drew her hand into his. "DIGI-MODIFY…Matrix Digivolution Activate!" Kristy called.


Kudamon Matrix Digivolve to…Qilinmon

"Go get him Qilinmon!" Kristy cheered to her partner, the mythical creature nodding in response.

"BIG SMIRK BOMB!" called the bioemergence dumbly and throwing a bomb at Qilinmon.

"QUICK SPEED!" Qilinmon called, appearing to do nothing as the bomb exploded, destroying him. BigMamemon cheered, being completely unaware that he had simply destroyed an afterimage. He was suddenly rammed from behind. "RAMMING HORN!" Qilinmon called, smashing BigMamemon to the ground, before leaping into the air and landing safely on the ground nearby.

BigMamemon stood up as Qilinmon turned round. "HEAVY DIVE!" he yelled, leaping with his large form at the ultimate that was his foe. Qilinmon was crushed by the weight of his foe, and Kristy looked on fearful.

"Qilinmon!" Kristy called out fearful, attracting BigMamemon's attention, as the bomb turned to her, standing up off the squashed mythical beast.

"Leave my sister alone you freak!" Rika called, the bomb's attention turning once again, this time to the redhead.

"BIG SMIRK BOMB!" he called as a bomb impacted the ground. Takato leapt aside, and Rika was thrown to the ground by Renamon, the blast throwing them both over. Takato quickly stood up, turning to see Rika.

"Rika, are you okay?" he asked.

"Of course I'm fine…" Rika replied, vexed.

Takato turned to BigMamemon. "For that, you're gonna pay!" he yelled. "CHAOS BLAST!" he yelled, a blast of red energy flying from his hand and hitting the bomb, who roared dumbly in pain.

"HYPER RADIANCE!" Qilinmon called from behind BigMamemon, an aura released as his wings began to flap, the powder-like energy burning at BigMamemon and destroying him. Qilinmon absorbed the data of his foe, as Takato rushed to Rika's aid, Kristy doing likewise for Qilinmon, who shrank back to Kudamon.

"Kudamon, are you okay?" Kristy asked.

"Yeah, thanks…" Kudamon replied, Kristy pulling him into a hug.

"I was so scared there…" she replied. "I let you get hurt by not accepting help…I'm so sorry…" she added.

"It's okay…" replied the ferret.

"Rika, are you sure you're okay?" Takato asked, as Renamon helped the redhead up.

"Yeah, I'm fine…only bruising…that's all…" she replied, looking into Takato's eyes.

The same memory crossed both of their minds simultaneously.

"In about five or six week's time, you will be injured in battle. Go to the hospital straight away; don't listen to your inner thoughts telling you that everything is okay…"

The words of Rey rang so true in their minds, as they realised what had happened, and their eyes widened, each knowing what the other was thinking.

"Okay then, let's get moving…" Rika told him reluctantly, unsure as to the significance of why she had to go to the hospital.

Shinjuku General Hospital

08:57 JST

"I came as quick as I could, is Rika okay?" Rumiko asked, as they stood in the Accident and Emergency wing of the hospital, Seiko alongside her. The Digimon had been allowed in, at the insistence of Rika.

"Yeah, she's just being checked over…" Takato replied, as they all took their seats.

08:58 JST

Dr Imai smiled to Rika, reassuring her. "The X-Ray came out fine, it only appears to be some external bruising, nothing major…" she told the redhead. "It should heal up soon enough" she added.

"Thanks…" Rika replied.

"Anything else you need to mention?" Dr Imai asked.

"Well…" Rika began. "I was sick this morning; I put it down to my mother's food, but…"

"One second…" Dr Imai said, a realisation dawning on her face. Rika looked at her bewildered as she exited the small room. Rika sat on the edge of a white-quilted bed, and she glanced around the room. It was a typical doctor's surgery, nothing particularly of interest to her. She glanced to her D-Vice, looking at the time and her partner's status. Renamon seemed to be fine despite similar injuries; she had decided to stay outside rather than to intrude on the doctor's mind, given that she could be seen out of the corner of someone's eyes.

Rika sighed. Rey seemed to have a reason to tell her to go to the hospital today, but she was unsure why. Rika had had worse injuries and not gone for medical attention, what made these particular injuries so significant?

Then again, the Doctor had just interrupted her and left the room, and knowledge of TV hospital dramas and TV shows in general told her that that was not normally a good sign. Dr Imai soon returned, an unsure expression on her face.

"Sorry about that, I've been pondering something. Could I have a urine sample?" she asked Rika, who looked at her with a look of bewilderment. Rika nodded unsurely.

09:04 JST

Rika once again sat in the room, having given a sample to the doctor, who was currently analysing it. The request had came as a surprise, and was confusing. Her injuries were clearly external, why did she need a urine test?

Dr Imai returned, a concerned look on her face, as she held a clipboard with Rika's chart on it.

"Well…I got the results back…"

Rika looked up, curious as to what she was about to say.

"Rika…I'm not sure how to say this exactly…"

"What is it?" Rika asked.

"You're pregnant…" Dr Imai replied.


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