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Chapter 1: Captured

How long does it take to kidnap someone?

If done perfectly and conditions were right, it would take 15 minutes max, 10 minutes if no obstacles arose, and 5 minutes if luck was on your side.

But how do you kidnap a kunoichi?

These are woman that are trained in the deadly arts of seduction and of the sword. No man wants to trifle with these kinds of women.

But what if that kunoichi was also trained as a medic?

The last thing Sakura remembered was coming back from a two-week mission in Rock Country. She had been called away from Konoha to take care of Rock's local villages due to a serious epidemic outbreak from poisoned well water. It was a sabotage attempt to kill their Leader, but luckily Tsunade received the plea for help two days after it was sent. Sakura was instantly sent out to take care of the problem.

Sakura was sent out so quickly that no other Shinobi were assigned to accompany her. Rock needed a medic and Sakura was the only poison's specialist available.

Her kidnapping was immeneint.

But what really got her going was the fact that she was tricked with a genjutsu. She was particularly good with this jutsu and it irked her to no end that she was kidnapped with it. The jutsu she was hit with was unique all together. The jutsu caused the person trapped within the mind trick to think that they couldn't move any part of their body. With this in mind Sakura couldn't move her arms preventing her from performing the release seal "Kai."

It had been 7 years since the attack on Suna, 7 years since she fought an Akatsuki member and won, and 7 years to realize that Sasuke would never come back. It took 7 years to prove that she no longer was a hindrance.

Now at the age of 22, the long remembered little girl named Sakura Haruno was gone. She said goodbye to the long pink hair, the teary eyes, and the feeling of worthlessness. When she turned 18 she already established the rank of Jounin.

Sakura learned at the age of 16 that if she wanted to become faster and stronger, she had to do it on her own. Tsunade, the current Hokage in Konohagura, was the one that helped her bring out that hard work and determination.

Kakashi helped her from time to time only due to her persistence in wanting him to train her. He finally took her seriously when she broke his broken jaw. He realized that he wasn't dealing with the little genin but a grown woman who was becoming a promising Kunoichi. From that point on, he included Sakura into his life and allowed her to treat him whenever he was wounded.

Sakura knew that she was kidnapped due to the constant up and down motions her body kept doing. She was still fighting off the after affects of the genjustu and…. something else. Judging from her position, she knew she was being carried on someone's shoulder due to the round feeling object that kept ramming into her stomach. But something else was causing her pain. Something was running into her stomach and hip but it was at an angle. Her hip and stomach burned, becuase the thing that she was laying on was eating her hip. Each time her body went up and down it brushed up against the unknown object and her skin felt like it was being shaved off.

But this constant feeling of weakness troubled her. It felt like all of her energy was draining out of her. But what was causing it?

She had experienced a fair share of chakra reducing amulets and jutsu's but this was different. This thing was literally taking her power as well as a piece of her.

Her kidnapper was smart enough to bind her wrists and ankles together. They also took the liberty to blindfold her. Her wrists were bound behind her back while the back of her hands faced each other. Her ability to perform seals no longer accessible. This meant that her captor knew how to handle fellow shinobi's.

Suddenly her captor paused and launched themselves off the ground. It felt like they jumped into the air. Once Sakura tensed her captor tightened their grip on her thigh. The pressure that was applied there would leave some kind of bruise. Sakura took note of the size of the palm that squeezed her thigh, giving her the hint that her captor was a rather large male.

Sakura focused on her charka levels but the unknown item kept breaking her concentration.

Her mind focused on the invisible system that ran through her body, which represented the power that each and every ninja needed in order to, live.

Her concentration was cut short due to her hip brushing up against the unknown item again. Her wound throbbed while at the same time her energy and chakra were being sucked out of her.

Her captor jumped higher again, the extra power in the jump caused her to brush even harder against the item.

That was when she felt them, as her hip brushed up against the item she felt what was slowly gnawing away at her. The protruding items felt like teeth.

Sakura's jaw tightened from the movement. Her body shifted again and this time she could feel every single individual object from the item. But they weren't teeth, they felt like scales.

Sakura froze from the late realization. Scales? Sakura felt her pulse freeze from the thought. Sharp scales that could tear human flesh as easily as shredding paper. Only one thing could do that and that one thing was tied to a certain someone.

And that certain someone was tied to a certain group. And that group was known as Akatsuki.