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Chapter 25: Repercussions Part I

The familiar sounds of passing cars and yelling street vendors floated through the stillness of the room. Warm sunlight had fallen onto her eyelids as sleep slowly lifted from her body. Sakura rolled onto her side as the dull throb and pain of a hangover pounded in her ears. Pain had twisted and fanned across her temples, reminding her of the escapade her body endured the previous night. A deep breath filled her as she continued to lie in the large bed. However, the familiar spicy and masculine scent of Kisame didn't register in her nose but an unfamiliar and equally masculine scent. Alarm and panic filled her as she refrained from going rigid with unease. Apprehension slowly filled her as she carefully cracked an eyelid open.

A lone jade eye fell on dark grey curtains and a black dresser. Furniture that was overpriced and defiantly masculine. Furniture that was ascetically more pleasing than her current bedroom furnishings. She continued to take in her surroundings until she heard the bedroom door twist and click open. A single pair of footsteps carefully approached the bed. The occupant then silently sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to acknowledge their presence. Jade eyes at first squinted and then focused on the blue eyes that could only belong to Jujiro Komoto.

(The previous night)

Sakura found herself pausing in her work, micropipette in hand, as another spasm of anger flickered through her consciousness. A swirl of emotions and thoughts of anarchy flowed through her mind as she fought to not recall what happened back at the apartment. Anger simmered as well as confusion, but then there was the presence of some other misplaced emotion that she did not want to identify. Anger snapped.


She threw the lab tool in her hand into the station wall. Beads of agar gel, glass slides, and dishes shattered onto the floor.

All she wanted to do was to release the complex cluster of intense emotions within her. Sakura felt like throwing something, cursing, or shrieking if it would be the only way of releasing that anger. When she heard the sudden click of a closing door behind her, everything went silent.

"And I thought I had anger problems."

The woman was surprised her shoulders didn't tense at his comment and presence. Sakura was too preoccupied to deal with Komoto's sudden appearance in her lab to question his intentions. In fact, she should not have been surprised at his visit because it was becoming routine for him to say his farewells if she was working late.

"I would advise that you keep your comments to a minimum Komoto. I have not had the best of evenings."

Something within her twitched at her cold and scathing tone. There was a slight pause in her male companion before he walked up beside her and gingerly picked up her discarded micropipette.

"I can tell. But who am I to judge," he replied as he carefully began picking up her messy workstation. He glanced over at her with twinkling eyes. "I've been known for throwing entire containers of agar gel across the room."

Her eyebrows rose at the remark.

"But I'm kidding of course."

Sakura's lips had a difficult time not forming into a slight smile. She released the breath she was holding and found herself suddenly drained and emotionally confused. She brought up a hand to cover her eyes as she fought to control what dignity she had left after such an outburst.

Komoto leaned against her workbench while facing her, micropipette rolling gently in his outstretched palm. He lifted his blue eyes from the instrument to regard his female colleague. Her hand dropped from her eyes as she wearily glanced about her destroyed workstation.

"Care for a drink after…?"
He gestured towards her destroyed workbench. Sakura internally wanted to refuse the offer but found her head dipping down in a 'yes' response.

Memories from the previous night came back in flashes. Cleaning up her workstation, going to a light infused bar, having a couple of drinks, walking back, another kiss. . . .

Sakura could feel the alcohol tingling in her system as she walked beside Komoto. She had taken his arm sometime that night, either for support or to prevent herself from walking back to her haunted apartment. She didn't want the emotional reminder of what had transpired at that location.

"It is not medically possible that you are still awake after how much you drank back there."

A girlish giggle escaped her. The arm she was holding slipped around her as they treaded over the uneven cement sidewalk. He was equally intoxicated. But Jujiro Komoto could hold his liquor, one thing she greatly appreciated in any man.

"A good healthy buzz, Jujiro."

Sakura found her cheek subconsciously rubbing against his shoulder.

A memory of her trying to out drink her Shishou flickered to the front of her mind. She was younger then, and stupid. Sakura had spent the majority of that night purging her stomach of its liquid contents and lying passed out on her Shishou's bathroom floor. Her stunt made her sick for two days, in addition to a lingering hangover that lasted for about a week.

"So it's Jujiro now?"

Komoto had turned to face her, his warmth leaving her side. His blue eyes wide and shining. Sakura found herself blinking at the question. Silence floated between them, she didn't know if she was supposed to answer the question. It must have shown on her face because he only smiled at her confusion.

"How long were you planning to call me by my last name?"


Again Sakura found herself blinking at the question. She really couldn't give him a straight reason besides 'Oh, I'm trying to distance myself from you because you are a psychopath.'

She found her eyes moving sideways, away from his gaze.

"Well, I—"

She felt a hand skim under her jaw causing her to look up. In that instant, she felt the soft pressure of lips against her own.

There was boldness in that kiss as well hesitancy. She could feel him go slightly rigid at her lack of response, but Sakura found herself returning the kiss. Her body responded and replied to the invitation before her mind caught up with the suggestion. Jujiro pulled away, lips slightly parted as his eyes searched hers.

Sakura released the breath she was holding to find her hands fisted in his coat. A cold wind swept around them, but the alcohol and Jujiro's body heat warded off the evening chill. She could feel her heart thudding in her chest as she felt Jujiro pull her slightly closer to him.

"Tell me if I should stop."

Sakura closed her eyes and ducked her head. She could feel Jujiro's fingers slightly tighten at the back of her head. He had somehow woven his fingers through her hair. Her emotions continued to tumble as she felt him withdraw his fingers from her coral strands. Passion, pain, duty, and betrayal all flickered and danced through her consciousness. She needed to continue this charade of pursuing and false pretenses.


Her eyebrows furrowed as she swallowed. She was just tired of pretending. Tired of having to play a part. A part of her just wanted to give into her human emotions and feel human. To be able to feel what it's like to be cared for and feel that raw powerful hunger of lust. She lifted her gaze upward as she raised up onto her toes while pulling on Jujiro's jacket to catch her lips on his.

Everything else after that was blanketed in passion and warmth. Sakura hadn't thought about the repercussions, but allowed herself the luxury of being a woman. She was able to revel in her gender and sexuality. Sakura wanted to ability to feel someone against her in passionate lovemaking and enjoy the electric spasms when every neuron fired at her orgasm. She didn't just want to pretend and act during the coupling but enjoy the ability of being joined with a man.

Sakura just allowed herself to let go.

Let go of every responsibility towards duty in her one act of selfish passion.

Shinobi not only swore their fealty to their country but their bodies as well as their minds. Every action and thought has to be calculated to benefit the country they supported and followed. There are no emotions of pity, love, and sympathy. Any such emotions will compromise their mission and jeopardize their lives.

Many shinobi have had difficulty separating their moral and ethnical consciousness. It's not uncommon for female shinobi to be the first to break from the emotional strain. Women are biologically accustomed to their emotional cognizance. However, it does not mean that male shinobi are the better warriors. Many a male ninja have been subjugated to sexual acts that lead them to question their sanity and sexuality. Being a warrior is not always painted in the honorary colors of ones country. There is blood hidden in those colors and it's the brave and dedicated that continue to serve.

Sakura would deal with the effects of her decision when it needed to be addressed.

Kisame silently fastened his jeans as the silence of the room wrapped around him. Outside he could hear the street vendors and catcalls. The obvious signs of the red light district, but he had been down those dark streets numerous times that he almost didn't hear the distinct street noise. It was well into the afternoon but he had no later obligations or deadlines he had to currently attend. Itachi was expecting a message from him within the next few days, but he would be only disappointed with what little new information he was able to gather.

He heard his companion shift in the bed behind him, but that didn't falter his movements. He heard her sit up to silently watch him.

"Contact you in a couple of days?"

Pearl eyes glanced at the woman before slipping on his jacket.

"I will call you."

He did not need to have Ren calling him anymore than she was currently. He also did not need to have her constant lingering stares and touches. He pocketed his cell phone from the bedside table as the woman slipped out from under the sheets to pick up her discarded clothing. He did not say another word to her as he passed her and left the apartment building.

Ren knew that he wasn't much for talking and had grown accustomed to his silence. His thoughts continued to wander in a mindless darkness as the shark swirled about his anatomy both physically and sexually pacified.

His steps made their way towards the apartment. Eyes made continuous sweeps to increase his global awareness about the people and sounds about him.

Three women and five men. The nearest alley was twenty yards facing towards the east. Running through the alleys should be avoided if possible due to many high vantage points. Two dealers across the street, both armed.

Being constantly aware of his surroundings was a dance and routine well worn and perfected during the course of his existence. Kisame ran a hand through his hair as he crossed another street.

"I think you like it long"

He found himself inhaling at the memory. The dominant side of him shrugged off the episode with male indifference, but the shark strangely had flicked its tail in slight annoyance and possible interest? Kisame exhaled the breath he was holding. His eyes followed a string of prostitutes lining the side of the street as he thought these thoughts. But he didn't dwell on them as he continued walking.

Kisame rolled onto his back, again feeling the large bed void of its female occupant. Sakura's increased workload was causing the woman to spend more time between her research and various hospital related duties. There were days when she would return back to the apartment smelling of blood, antiseptic, and other human secretions. But he never openly stated that she reeked of death but gave her space to find her equilibrium.

He had only seen glimpses of her really in the last week. Often times she left the apartment in a rush and always appeared nervous in his presence. But he had other things to consider besides the lack of a female occupant in their shared apartment.

Itachi had met with him a handful of times since they moved to Amekagure and their last meeting did not sit well with the Missing Nin.

Itachi informed him that civil war was breaking out among the borders of various nations, regardless of its shinobi or civilian affiliation. It was still currently unknown who was leading the charge but Kabuto was desperately trying to gain favor in Madara's eyes. His forces were beginning to coerce migrant groups into the joining the cause against Shinobi nations. Now, it was rumored that the Five Great Kages were meeting to discuss the plans and execution of this war.

Kisame sat up and made his way towards the dark kitchen. Whatever Jujiro Komoto was working on in alliance with Kabuto was going to aid him in this brewing onslaught. Sakura had better discover his intentions and research soon.

They were running out of time.

The front door clicked open. Kisame paused in the middle of preparing his morning meal. Soft but uneven footsteps migrated towards the bedroom, announcing Sakura's arrival.

Kisame was silent opening the bedroom door once he completed his morning tasks. Pearl eyes landed on the mass of pink hair sprawled across the comforter. Sakura didn't even stir as he quietly began preparing for the day. Her nurse scrubs were puddled onto the floor as well as a pink lace bra. He kicked the offending garment towards the laundry hamper and continued his task of getting dressed.

He slipped a clean t-shirt over his head but found his gaze lingering on the sleeping woman. She had chosen to sleep on his side of the bed; he didn't know if he should be content or annoyed with this realization. He could tell from simply gazing at her that she wasn't getting enough sleep and that the stress of work was beginning to show on her face. Subtle blue grey circles were starting to form under her eyes. Her face looked slightly haggard even when she slept.

His footsteps went towards the closet to retrieve one of his various jackets. Cell phone was safely stored in a pocket and a number of kunai were hidden on his persons. Pearl eyes again were drawn to the woman sleeping in the bed.

Kisame found his lips forming into a thin line as he continued to watch her. A mix of unknown emotions circled through him. But before he could identify any one of those emotions, he simply turned and walked towards the door.

That was when he smelled it, an unfamiliar scent.

He paused in his step; his hand hadn't even turned the doorknob when his sensitive nose registered the scent.

It came in small whiffs. It was almost subtle but the more that he concentrated on it, the more apparent the scent became.

The scent was warm, spicy, and male.

Kisame unconsciously found himself inhaling. The scent was indeed masculine and it all permeated from Sakura.

Kisame slouched further into his seat as his dark eyes continued to dance about him, mentally monitoring the movement of individuals. He did not know why he was at this particular coffee shop; perhaps it was because he was partial to their house drip coffees and pastries. He did not know. It possibly could be due to the fact that from his current vantage point his dark eyes could watch Sakura without giving away his position.

Kisame nodded towards the waitress refilling his coffee cup. The girl only glanced at him with slight panic before quickly retreating back to her workstation. He was starting to notice that more women, especially within the younger age bracket, were starting to take interest in him. This started when he began walking under Sakura's jutsu. This, however, greatly annoyed him.

Again his dark eyes returned to the woman across the street. Sakura was eating her lunch at a café across the street from his location. She had this innate ability to tune out everything around her, which could explain how she did not register his presence earlier.

He should have trained her more on global awareness.

She was silently reading a textbook while twirling a pen between her fingers. Every now and then she would drink out of the coffee cup or scribble something into the textbook pages. Her long coral hair was collected at the back of her head but she continually played with the strands around her temples as she read.

Kisame drank from his cup as he continued to watch her. Even from a distance he could tell she was fretting over something. Sakura leaned back in her chair to glance about her. He shifted in his seat, thinking that she finally caught onto his presence. But the woman didn't even spare him a glance as she continued to gaze down the street away from his position. She brought up a hand and pulled her hair out of its ponytail. He saw her expression shift and become strangely somber. Kisame narrowed his eyes at the sudden change in expression, but that melancholy expression instantly vanished when a man sat down at the Leaf's table.

The man was a foreigner. He was tall with a medium build. Kisame could not tell the color of his eyes but judging from his facial hair and general appearance, he was clearly older than Sakura.

He watched the man drape an arm on the back of Sakura's chair, his expression smiling and jovial. Again an emotion rolled through him seeing this interaction. His dark eyes flicked over to Sakura but found her expression light and smiling.

This caused him to narrow his eyes. He watched the male sweep Sakura's coral strands away from her forehead. Agitation flickered through his being as he watched.

The two individuals continued to converse over a small meal and Kisame remained ever vigilant. Sakura continued to regard the man with an expression Kisame couldn't place. It wasn't admiration or respect. Her expression was warm and smiling.

It was adoration.

More days passed and Kisame was finding that his attention was continually being wavered at the thought of Sakura. He was irritable and constantly agitated. These emotions were mostly spurred by restlessness. His restlessness was partly due to the lack of physical activity and lack of intel. Kujo did his best in providing him information but they were all too few and he didn't trust the rogue red head. Sakura was not providing him with any insight to Komoto's plans because of her schedule and constant absence in the apartment.

When his restlessness became unbearable, the primal need to kill and hunt would surface. On those days, he was fortunate enough to find himself face to face with a rouge shinobi who thought it would be easy pickings to mug a lone traveler. How they thought wrong.

Kisame was having one of those days when trouble seemed to find him. He didn't try hiding the smirk that had flickered onto his lips as the seven men surrounding him cautiously circled his lone figure.

There was no need for voices or monologues in the shadows of the alley. Blows were exchanged against bodies and bone. Kisame found his body welcoming the poundings and bruises as his blood lust continued to rise. The bite of the blade that pierced his side only climaxed his urge to kill and destroy. When the red cleared, he found four corpses at his feet while the remaining three struggled to leave the feral creature before them.

His thoughts continued to wander as he made slow steady steps back towards the apartment. He was mentally preparing himself for the long task of caring for his wounds.

He heard her movements before he swung the apartment door open. Sakura was in route to the bedroom but her steps faltered seeing his injured form. She didn't ask questions as her jade eyes took note of his condition before continuing her route towards the bedroom.

His thoughts were in a muddle as he sat himself in one of the breakfast bar stools. When his eyes connected with hers, unidentifiable emotions swirled about him. Instead of staring ahead while Sakura worked on him, he found his gaze never leaving her. It remained silent between the both of them as Sakura's cool fingers began searching his wounds. She asked an occasional question but otherwise remained silent.

His eyes continued to watch the woman tending to him. Sakura never once caught onto his gaze, but remained focused at the task at hand. Silence floated down between them minus the occasional exhaling from either the man or woman. Kisame allowed Sakura to take off his shirt to look at the knife wound, but again didn't say anything.


His lips thinned into a line as he stood, again allowing her to pass her hands over his torso and back to look for further injuries. Her hands stilled seeing the puckered knife wound, but she didn't comment on how he acquired it. He watched her lips purse slightly before she continued with her medical administrations. Healing chakra hovered over her palms as she carefully began mending the broken skin.

Something continued to swim about him as watched the young woman in front of him. Her brows furrowed slightly as she concentrated on her task. He had seen her to do this dozens of times, but it was if he had just discovered this habit. She inhaled and carefully exhaled before releasing her chakra flow.

Again his eyes watched her as she turned towards her medical kit to gather up a roll of gauze. Her hands delicately selected her tools but it wasn't the only thing that Kisame noticed about his female companion. He shifted in his seat. His movement caused Sakura to pause slightly. It was a brief pause, but the tension of her shoulders gave away her hesitancy.

She turned back towards him but she ignored his watching gaze. Again she placed her hands on him and gently rolled the bandage over the sealed puncture wound. Dark eyes watched her work, now noticing the curve of her cheek and jawline. Kisame's eyes widened slightly.

When did she start wearing makeup?

A dark brown, almost black, powder subtly framed her eyes. Her lashes, which were a darker shade of pink, were now black and curled upward further defining her vibrant green eyes. He wasn't sure if he liked this cosmetic discovery. He was used to seeing her plain and natural. A surge of emotions flickered through him, which caused him to move his gaze away from the woman in front of him.

Sakura paused slightly in her work.

"I'm sorry."

His gaze returned to watch the woman. Although her gaze never met his, he could feel her anxiety and unease. He saw her clench her jaw before slowly meeting his gaze. He felt something stir within him when her eyes connected onto his.

Her eyes reflected her anxiety but there was another emotion he couldn't place. Again silence drifted down between them. Kisame found this urge to reach out, but he stifled the impulse. His unease went unseen when he moved his gaze away.

"Don't worry about it."

But he was only lying to himself.

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