-A Drabble.-

"Should we wake them?" A boyar asked in a whisper. "Only if you want to be impaled." Another boyar answered in a whisper. "And besides, The prince is enjoying the company of his bride." The boyar continued whispering. The other boyars nodded in understanding. They would leave Prince Vlad and his bride alone. The prince held his bride closer and she snuggled up closer to him. The boyars left in fear of the prince waking up and being angered by them being in his chamber. They closed the door silently and went their separate ways. Vlad held Anette closer as he dreamed. He dreamed of Anette as his beautiful wife cradling their first child in her arms as he held her close and smiled at his happy family. He smiled as he dreamed and held her closer. Anette dreamed as she snuggled closer to Vlad. She dreamed of being a bride. Her mother and father's words echoed in her mind. She opened her eyes and looked at her sleeping fiance. She smiled and kissed his cheek gently. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, her lover's strong arms holding her close.