Unforgivable Crime

kyle was eating strawberries n front of the orphanage. he liekd strawberries because they were delicious and juiciy. his friend reala liked strawberries too but she was dead. but this story isnt about reala. back to kyle, he was eating strawberries when suddenly he heard the gate open. he wondered who it wa sbecause his mom was asleep with the fever

"who is at my gate" said kyle with a mouth full of strawberries

"RAAAAAAAH" game from the gate and the sound of the gate beign shattered was hear. the gate came flying over the house and landed on kyles bowl of strawberries. suddenly a blue haired man burst through the orphanage and kyle was feared.

"KYLE! I HAVE COME BACK TO KILL YOU" he yelleded. barbatos had returned. kyle dropped his strawberry

"i will kill you again" yelled kyle and he pulled out hsis word and charged. barbatos drew his axe and flew into the air.

"how did you learn to fly barbatos!!!" said kyle

"i took flying lessons in HEEEEELLLLL" he shrieked as he swung at kyle. kyle dodges and struck barbatos with the hilt of his sword

"YOU WILL PAY! RENKUSOUHAJINRETSUKEN (death burst ground shaking wave axe for you guys who dont know japanese)" kyle was hit directly by this fearcesome attack

"damn he is too strong" said kyle. barbatos laught

"is that all you have! pathetic" you are a weak noodly armed fool, you know that, KAIIYARUUUUUU" he said as he punted kyle out of cresta and chased after him. kyle landed head first and fell knocked out

end chapter one