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Story One


Tigerpaw hid in the bushes, both startling amber eyes fixated on a pale ginger coat.

"What are you looking at?"

Tigerpaw spun around to meet the cold eyes of his father and mentor, Thistleclaw.

"Father!?" Tigerpaw yelped.

Thistleclaw snarled and looked into the bright blue sky above his head.

"Why must I be cursed with such an mouse-brained son? Dreaming about she-cats all day-long when he should be hunting for his Clan!" Thistleclaw yowled dramatically.

Tigerpaw flicked his gaze to the ground guiltily.

"I apologize father,"

"I suppose you should." Thistleclaw muttered in disgust. He stepped past Tigerpaw and looked at the group of apprentices his son was gazing at.

Standing in a circle and landing were Redpaw, Runningpaw, Mousepaw, Lionpaw and Goldenpaw. Thistleclaw drew back his head with a snort.

Tigerpaw looked up and quickly brought his head back down.

"Tigerpaw, listen to me, you'll never amount to anything if you gaze at she-cats all day! Do you understand? Nothing! She-cats are no good, you hear me?!" Thistleclaw shouted.

Tigerpaw brought his head lower to the ground still, and he was now aware at the curious eyes of his peers watching the bushes where his father and him stood.

"Especially that Goldenpaw! Tigerpaw do you hear me? Her blood is filthy with kittypet stink!" Thistleclaw yowled, pointing out the fact noone had forgotten. Goldenpaw's grandmother was a kittypet thrown out of her towlegs den, when she was pregnant with kits.

"Yes father! I understand!" Tigerpaw shouted, fighting back tears. Now many cats from the clan had been watching them.

Thistleclaw lowered his head so only Tigerpaw could hear. "You'd better." Thistleclaw turned around and walked away holding his head with every step, it was very apparent he found pleasure in humiliating his only son.

Tigerpaw turned to face the clan and found no surprise when their faces twisted in surprise. The last thing he caught sight of before he ran into the woods was Goldenpaws face, with a single tear dripping down it, turning away in shame.