Harry Potter and the Betrayal

Chapter 15

Harry had already left, he room was empty, but he found a scroll with his name on it, he opened it and despite himself he smiled, what the letter said was true,

Hey Sev,

I knew as soon as you would read the letter I gave Dobby for you, you would come here, do
not know why, I just know you would. I want to give you something as, a thanks for being there for me and being who you are, not letting fame get to my head, I guess you were really the only person that cared for me, if I had moved in with you, you would have taken the cloak and made me be back before curfew. For the thanks I give you the information to Voldemort's private stores, there are two, good luck and goodbyeHarry,

Severus picked up the paper and began reading what was on it; he was in awe of what he read.

Gretna Green office, password to lab, 'lord of all'. Salazar's chamber's under the school myrtles bath room go to the snake on the tap and say "Salazar's domain pureblood" that's one of the two ways to get in. I just hiss open for the sink to go down, being a Parseltonuge and all, next opening is "Salazar's chamber snake" and the last one to open the opening of Salazar Slytherins mouth is "Open the greatest of the Hogwarts four, it will open you don't need to be Parsletongue to open it, don't tell anyone, Salazar only wants his heirs to have it. He was never evil just misunderstood.

Biggest one, Riddle Manor you know where that is, password is Gindelwald it is probably the best one, and one of the Death Eaters knows the password for that one, better get to it soon.

Good luck, Harry.

Severus eyes were wide open, that was like mentioning a Pirates ship to a Pirate, Severus had never been there, but knew there was impossible to find things there, basilisk venom and skin teeth and eyes, all powdered.

When he got to the last part his eyes were literary bulging out of his eyes, his eyes were that round that you would think house elf's had normal eyes by the end,

P.S there is a basilisk in the chamber all ground up. Use no magic, if its pure you will get more for it, as well as most potions need it pure, other wise the potion will explode, I've already got half of it, well sorry I have to go, I have an appointment with Gringotts bye.

Severus decided to run for Gringotts for Harry, he could not have been more foolish if he had tried, he had just lost the one person that had loved him and that he loved back, and for what because he thought that Harry had liked Neville, what an idiot he had been.

Neville and Ginny's new house after wedding

"Here is the present from Harry," said Ginny as they looked through them they were not going on there honey moon this week, Neville and Ginny carefully opened the letter and read it out loud before he jumped to his feet, Ginny hot on his heels.

Dear Neville,

I could not have asked for a more courageous man to marry my sister, and she is that everything but blood, I'm sorry I wont be around much, but I will write every now and then, take good care of her, both of you mean so much too me, also remember there are still Death Eater wannabes out there as well as real Death Eaters, he would not have used them all. I give you this potion, as a token of love for both of yours if anyone deserves it you do. I just wish getting my parents would have been as easy as it was to get yours,

This potion clears the after affects of the Cruciatus curse, made by Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Neville Longbottom. You gave me the plants and Severus helped I just brewed it. Here is the recipe with the paper as well as two potions, give Severus the recipe thanks Neville, and it takes up to two days to work

Good luck,

P.S Ginny I give you a collection of things I had in my vault that would include a beautiful dress that will be your size a necklace broach, bracelet, rings and earrings, hope you use it for a special occasions, there is also a necklace that has a red phoenix and onyx gem stones for their eyes, its got protection charms shields and others things on it, wear it always.

They went straight to St. Mungos and gave the potions to his parents, remembering Harry wanted him to give it too Professor Snape he got an owl to deliver it to him, the owl delivered it and took of, the potion recipe was currently waiting to be opened at the owl shoot basket. Where the owls leave the letters at the Dungeons and fly back out, leaving the mail for the people to get them.

Back with Severus

He ran from the school, and right passed the startled people who had came back to the school after graduating who dodged out of the way, a habit they had picked up, now they knew he was a hero and was not bad at school anymore people had began respecting him for all his years of spying.

Although the Gryffindor's still hate him, mostly because Ron and Hermione hate him, but they started Following Neville they began realising what he had done for the war.

He managed to catch Harry after getting the wrong person twice, he then Portkey'd to his rooms, Harry was about to attack when he realised who's rooms they were in, shaking his head he asked, "Why did you bring me here?" asked Harry wearily as he sat down on the couch sitting comfortably against the couch.

Severus got a couple of glasses of wine and put it down, for them do drink and something to distract him for a bit, he drank the entire goblet before filling it again, something he did when he was nervous. Moreover, he then just let what he wanted to ask out bluntly.

"Did you mean what you said in the letter?" asked Snape a blunt edge to his voice,

"Yes every word" said Harry as he watched Severus get his mail from the owl shoot. His eyes widened he had not questioned what Harry had asked those questions for, now he knew why, and he was going to get recognition for a potion he had no clue that had been invented, as well as a third percent of it.

"Why add my name to it?" asked Sev then "You could have had it all to your self" said Sev.

"I have all the money I need, I don't need anymore, I'm doing it for Neville mostly he deserves what he has always wanted, his family. Anyway I'm not taking credit for something I didn't do, or didn't do myself anyway," said Harry shrugging his shoulders as if it meant nothing to him.

"Why didn't you take the potion ingredients yourself?" asked Severus curiously

"Gods, why would I want to, not that I haven't I have actually got lots of potion ingredients, that I took from Voldemort's stores I've been to all three, but I didn't take everything, knowing you would have liked some too, so I left over half of it, you are the potions master after all" said Harry throwing his hands in the air.

Severus just nodded, he had more money than the Malfoy's now, before Harry had gotten out he had nothing, now he had everything, Harry had done something Dumbledore didn't, got him his money back, freed him of his life of servitude, and made him rich as well as famous. Recognition for what he had, had to do for most of his life.

Severus could not keep his hands to himself and kissed Harry full on the lips, Harry never having kissed anyone apart from the one kiss Cho Chang had given him, but it didn't take him long before he was mimicking the man's actions the kiss was bittersweet full of need want and love, soon they had to come up for breath, breathing heavily he put Harry's head under his chin and said after he had gotten his breath under control.

"Would you help me get the ingredients please?" he asked Harry. He was looking forward to seeing what else was there, when his breath returned.

"I will go with you, bit I am still leaving, I want nothing here, I need to get away before I really hurt one of them, or kill my dogfather or his pet werewolf" said Harry,

Severus made a decision there and then, many years later he will be thankful he did, or his life would have been nothing if he had not said what he said there that night, "I will come with you, but I will be taking my potions with me, Ok that ok with you?" asked Severus Hogwarts had been his home since he was eleven but he could not stand it if Harry left without him, he needed to move on, the Death Eaters most of them were gone, and he could now live his life and that's what he decided there and then that he would live his life. That he would follow Harry were ever he went.

Together they walked out of Hogwarts passed the wards, not listening to Sirius shouting for him, or the shouting of Hermione and Ron, shouting that Severus was using him, that he should be with his real friends, that he was going to be the next Dark Lord, with that comment Harry had spun round and attending on punching the fuck out of the red head arse, but Severus stopped him dragging him over the apparating point and apparated them both to Riddle manor.

It was there and then he realised why Harry wanted to leave, if they say comments like that all day, they would be dead within days. No wonder Harry said he would kill them, making comments like that, all he could think was 'they are hypocrites the lot of them, if they are staying around then I definitely want to go'.

They got the ingredients into a black bag that Severus used to gather and buy his potion ingredients, after three rounds of apparating and getting all the things of the labs which included all the cauldrons phials ingredients as well as books.

Most of the books were impossible to find, totally rare fact completely rare, it's priceless, which Severus handled with extreme carefulness, he was giddy and nearly dancing on the spot in excitement. He had the rarest books ever and had the rarest and potions they could never get. After five hours of packing the ingredients up and all, they finally finished, and with a pop, they were gone, only to have apparated to Hogwarts.

They made there way back down to the dungeons, only to be intercepted by none other than Headmaster Dumbledore, asking them to come up to his office, with a sigh they both went, he needed to hand in his notice, he was after all quitting, and Severus could not wait too see the headmaster's face when he tells him.

"Ah, Severus, Harry tea? Lemon drop?" asked Dumbledore,

"No" snarled Harry wanting nothing more than leave this office,

"What can we do for you Headmaster?" asked Severus, Severus at this time of year usually is quite and subdued it's when his contract is renewed; he was always worried he had no place to stay, and that's what the headmaster liked about it the most.

"Can you tell me what happened in the final battle a month ago please?" asked Dumbledore nicely, but you could see anger in his eyes at being spoken to like that by Severus.

"No I will not headmaster, I don't have too, the people who have to know got the truth from Neville, I don't think you will get an answer from him" said Harry with a smirk and watched as the Headmaster got agitated, and angry with them.

Not getting an answer from Harry he looked at Severus and asked "Severus what happened" demanded the Headmaster, but he knew he would not get an answer talking to someone like that, but patience be damned, he wanted answers and he wanted them now.

However, as predicted Severus didn't answer, he was thinking how he could have missed all the signs that the man was manipulative, and it was a Gryffindor that had uncovered him, what Slytherin was he? If he didn't see the sighs of manipulations? Ah well.

"Headmaster I'm just coming to say that I quit" said Severus as he walked out, Harry trailing behind him, leaving a stumped angry wizard behind all Dumbledore could think was 'how dare he? After everything, I have done for him. This is how he thanks me! By quitting the first time he could'.

Severus and Harry walked down to the rooms they had left there things in Harry looked for Dobby and asked the elf as well as Winky if they wanted to work for him both happily saying Yes to there new Master. They helped Severus get his things packed; Harry already being packed helped him.

Harry said "Dobby take some things to the new house please" he asked after telling the elf were to go he apparated away with a 'pop' then the other elf was not far behind 'pop' she too was gone, Severus and Harry left the dungeons and there old life behind in choice of a new one, that they could and would spend together.

Unfortunately, it was not to go as they hoped people were waiting in the entrance hall for them that would include Colin and Dennis Creevy people who had tormented him at school, only driving him insane by following him around everywhere, and making him temporary blind with that camera! Rolling his eyes he tried to get away from the tugging and pulling hands but couldn't.

Especially the hands of Colin Creevy Harry having enough especially when Colin said,

"Please forgive me Harry, I will make it up to you, I promise".

However, Harry flung him away, he went flying across the entrance hall, everyone who heard what Harry said had to agree it was true,

"Get the hell off of me, you obsessive little celebrity stalker!" Harry growled Harry. (That sentence is not mine it belongs to reap what you sow I just love it I just need to have it here!)

"Please forgive me," begged Colin from were he sat huddled on the floor,

"I need to apologize –" he said as he tried to get up,

"You need a psychologist!" Harry retorted, getting away from the crowd, with a pop they were gone, leaving there old life's behind, to start over, to have a life they had always wanted, they were leaving the country, were people had heard of Lord Voldemort but didn't know what the fuss was about because it had not been there war

The End